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  1. Ya I calculated about the same, so thats what I figured as well. Although I have read here that they may add some points to the index for factors outside LSAT/GPA. So my masters and work experience could have given me a slight bump. Nonetheless I think its a good sign for others waiting for acceptances and for all my splitters out there. haha Good Luck to everyone.
  2. November 30th. Went to review a couple weeks later.
  3. Got the acceptance call today! 3.31 gpa with drops 169 / 97th LSAT Kind of surprised I got an acceptance from UVIC so early. I also have a masters where I got a 3.9 gpa, might have been a positive factor.
  4. Accepted! 3.43 L2 (self calculated) including a year from my masters degree 169 LSAT Will likely be accepting!
  5. Thank you for the kind words sunnyskies, genuine consideration means a lot. Yes I feel like I have a good shot at some other schools, as I have a 3.93 gpa in my masters degree, which will help with the schools that consider those marks. Just wanted an honest opinion about UBC. Again thanks for your thoughts, and I hope you succeed at UBC!
  6. I calculated my index to be 90.6 76.3 average and a 169 LSAT From browsing around the board it seems like I would get rejected, but it also seems like the admissions index can vary a little bit. 90.6 seems pretty close to to 92 - 91.6 index acceptance from last cycle, when talking about precent differences lol, but some here make it sound like miles away Guess it depends how much you value the cost of applying as well. But what do you think? worth the long shot?
  7. Graded (ie not pass/fail) Masters degrees are calculated in their last2 GPA. https://lawschool.ualberta.ca/prospective-applicants/juris-doctor/faq
  8. I asked admissions a similar question. They gave me a very comprehensive answer, which would take a while break down here. I'm sure if you ask they will provide adequate answers to your questions. Regardless, they told me they would convert my UofT percentage grades into their GPA bands, which look very similar to the second chart you posted. Actually I'll just post what they sent me, as this GPA conversion confusion for all of these schools is quite maddening. There should be more transparency!! 4 Point Grading Scale UVic Law Admissions 9 Point Grading Scale University of Victoria Letter Grade Percentage Range % 4.33 9 A+ 90 - 100 4.00 8 A 85 - 89 3.67 7 A- 80 - 84 3.33 6 B+ 75 - 79 3.00 5 B 70 - 74 2.67 4 B- 65 - 69 2.33 3 C+ 60 - 64 2.00 2 C 55 - 59 1.00 1 D 50 - 54 0.00 0 F 0- 49
  9. lol so if i take the ubc 4.33 scale and apply my u of t percentage grades - my gpa goes from 3.22 to 3.37... but I have no idea if they convert percentages from my transcript or grade points, I guess I can ask adcoms but I dont even know if thats an accurate chart for what I'm trying to do lol thanks for the help anyways guys
  10. Hey I have calculated my OLSAS GPA with drops to 3.22 I have a 169 LSAT Which puts me with pretty marginal acceptance chances But from what I've read I might get a boost when converting my GPA from the 4.0 UofT scale to the Uvic 4.3 scale After considerable looking I haven't found a way to calculate a 4.3 GPA Does anyone have an idea how to do this? Thanks for any help
  11. 3.01 CGPA I was asking about Alberta specifically, going to apply to Windsor in Ontario.
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