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  1. Do you have some areas/buildings to recommend looking at for renting?
  2. Anyone have an educated guess of how many spots it'll move down the non-resident list?
  3. Yeah, I'm with you. Feel like I definitely could have done better. But they were a little less straight faced/I tried to make them laugh because I felt so uncomfortable with it, Hah. Next week can't come soon enough!
  4. Might be closer to a 3.7 on a 4.33 scale with drops.
  5. Got accepted this morning as well! Had my interview for Dal an hour later so waiting on that first before accepting UNB. GPA ~3.6 LSAT: 159 No connection
  6. I'm 9/120. L2 ~3.6 LSAT Average is 158
  7. Yep, me too! L2: 3.62 LSAT- 157, 159 (so 158)
  8. I feel you. Dal is one of my top choices and I just want to know if I've made it! Considering emailing to ask for an update but I don't want to be one of those people. Haha.
  9. I'm sitting at 1 so I'll let you guys know when movement starts!
  10. Sorry, I got overzealous. Haha. Index is 75.556 for those who are interested in where it starts.
  11. Yeah, I'm with IPH. Probably just letting everyone know to keep waiting and stop bugging them. They will answer our questions in June. Haha.
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