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  1. lol calls us all arrogant dicks because we disagree with him. cool story bro. Anyway, what you're saying doesn't make sense really. "If you get into the UK and can't get into Canada, no biggie, roll up your sleeves and go for it". Really? Why not the "roll up your sleeves" attitude with regards to getting into law school here in Canada? Why does the roll up your sleeves bullshit start with going to the UK for school, and not working hard to get into a Canadian school? Are Canadian law schools really that hard to get into these days? Anyone with a damn pulse can get into TRU, Lakehead, or UNB. It really isn't that hard anymore to go to law school in Canada. If you can't muster a 3.5 CGPA and hit a 156 on the LSAT, well I don't know what to tell you really. I echo what everyone else on this thread has said in terms of what a bad idea it is to go the UK for law school if you're intending on coming back here. Don't do it. End of story.
  2. Yeah, don't listen to this. "Everyone is struggling to find an articling job anyway'. Says who? Everyone I went to school with, and I graduated in the last year, has found a job. Literally everyone. If you go to the UK, you will forever be walking around with stigma, and it's hard to shake that off. My firm simply chucks applications from foreign grads out unless they're from top ranked schools as Steve said, but even that's rare. Avoid the UK. Avoid Australia. Please just go to school in Canada, or don't go at all. It's not worth it. You'll struggle beyond measure.
  3. Do.not.go.to.bond. Seriously. Listen to the people here who are far more experienced than you. There's a reason they are saying the things they are.
  4. awesome, 8 is a good number. happy to hear. best of luck
  5. Those are excellent grades, and super congrats on the A+ in contracts. It really sucks that you didn't do as well as you hoped in Con but oh well. You will certainly have OCI's but I also agree with the first responder that the C+ in an important course may take you out of the running for a few firms. Nonetheless, your grades are mostly superb and I'm sure you'll be fine. Congrats!!
  6. Unfortunately the path that I took to get to bay street is not a common one and I would like to keep it disclosed for clear reasons to do with anonymity.
  7. Lol why are you getting so mad? I'm at a sister firm, and friends with the recruiter here. I know that at my firm, a C makes you very unlikely to get an interview. Should you have A's in the rest of your classes, you're probably fine. Way to take what I'm saying to its logical extreme in an attempt to beat me down with it. Is that clearer for you? Or do you want me to spoonfeed you some more? Also, I never put words in your mouth, so don't do the same with me. You literally said word for word that "people go to the SCC with C's." You should've been clearer.
  8. agreed. no idea where he's getting his info from.
  9. At some firms a C+ does make a difference. For firms who get over 1000 applications, and they do exist, a C can mean your application is getting tossed unfortunately. "People go to the SCC with C's". Haha okay. As for your last question, just because I advise this individual to spend time on his application doesn't necessarily mean I'm telling others to do the opposite.
  10. Your overall average is solid but that C+ in torts isn't. I'm sure you'll get OCI's but 15-20 seems a bit much. I work on Bay street and from what I've heard from our hiring committee, having a C is fine if it's in a less important course, but Torts being a black letter law course isn't in your favour. Best of luck and let us know how it goes. My advice would be to spend a lot of time on your applications this summer, and reach out to potential employers and ask to go for coffee with their summer students and articling students. That way you'll have something to talk about on your cover letters as well.
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