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  1. yes they matter. at least for 3-5 years after articling.
  2. no one asked me anything, no one cared. large national firm.
  3. Also, it is fairly common for people to move from small firms to big firms. It happens a lot actually. So don't worry. If BigLaw is what you want, you'll get there - keep working hard, you'll be just fine.
  4. What I'm saying to you is that many OCI firms will recruit articling students in the following cycle outside of the 2L recruit. So you're not completely out of luck in terms of obtaining a BigLaw job.
  5. Keep your head up, many of my friends who struck out for the 2L Vancouver recruit obtained articling positions during the following recruit. With your grades and everything else I think you'll be just fine. Their grades were closer to average and we went to school out of province.
  6. Fair enough. You're simply echoing the general advice on this site which I usually tend to agree with. I'm not really arguing with you - I see the merit in what you're saying. My story is this - I was fortunate to have a few offers. I met with a judge here in the lower mainland who urged me to go to Dal given its reputation. I listened to them and I'm glad I did. My firm for example was impressed that I went to Dal and I know this played a role in me getting the job. Is my personal example enough to outweigh the general rule? Probably not. In terms of networking, I did all the networking I needed to do during my 1L summer when I was back home. I don't know how much I missed out on. Probably a fair bit but oh well. In terms of missing out on learning BC laws, I can assure you that most people will be able to catch up fairly quickly. I haven't had any trouble at all actually. YMMV. Having said that, both TRU and Cal do well in the Vancouver markets too. So like I said, not really arguing with you. OP should be fine regardless of the choice.
  7. 100% agreed. Worked out just fine for me and everyone else from BC at Dal that I know of.
  8. I did nothing and ended up just fine.
  9. I felt like I did absolute ass on my Public law final (didn't even answer 1 or 2 out of 10 questions) and I ended up with a B or B-.
  10. This is a fantastic post - well done OP for having the guts to ask this question. As high performers it is unfortunately the norm that many of us beat ourselves up over things that ultimately end up always working themselves out. I've been in your shoes and it's reassuring to know other people have felt this way as well. As you grow more and more competent in your role, you'll make fewer and fewer more obvious mistakes, though mistakes will still always be made.
  11. Thanks. Have you heard of this ever happening? I guess I'm sure it has but I'm very new in my career so I haven't
  12. salary could actually be a bit lower at firm 2. firm 1 is 100k base + bonus which includes a portion of whatever I bill(i'm a junior for background), firm 2 is 110k base and I keep nothing of what I bill but am entitled to a bonus at the end of the year. As such I can't really claim money is better, it's all the other things. Which I guess is still a strong reason to consider firm 2.
  13. Got laid off due to COVD a few weeks back. Received an offer from another firm and accepted very recently because I was stressed given the economic circumstances. Start date is TBD. Salary is very high for my year of call and practice areas are almost what I want but not quite. The firm is not very well known and I am concerned its reputation would impede my ability to work for a more desirable firm in the future that reflects my aspirations. Found out yesterday I got an interview with another firm I had applied to a month ago. It is in many ways my dream firm. Practice areas are ideal, mentorship would be much better than first firm, location is better, reputation, etc. I want to proceed with the interview process with the new firm and see what happens. In the off chance I receive an offer, I'm not sure what I should do. I think reneging an accepted offer looks terrible and I'd be burning bridges for sure. I also found the first firm through a recruiter and would likely therefore be burning bridges with her and her agency as well. Tough situation, would love to hear everyone's thoughts.
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