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  1. I felt like I did absolute ass on my Public law final (didn't even answer 1 or 2 out of 10 questions) and I ended up with a B or B-.
  2. This is a fantastic post - well done OP for having the guts to ask this question. As high performers it is unfortunately the norm that many of us beat ourselves up over things that ultimately end up always working themselves out. I've been in your shoes and it's reassuring to know other people have felt this way as well. As you grow more and more competent in your role, you'll make fewer and fewer more obvious mistakes, though mistakes will still always be made.
  3. Thanks. Have you heard of this ever happening? I guess I'm sure it has but I'm very new in my career so I haven't
  4. salary could actually be a bit lower at firm 2. firm 1 is 100k base + bonus which includes a portion of whatever I bill(i'm a junior for background), firm 2 is 110k base and I keep nothing of what I bill but am entitled to a bonus at the end of the year. As such I can't really claim money is better, it's all the other things. Which I guess is still a strong reason to consider firm 2.
  5. Got laid off due to COVD a few weeks back. Received an offer from another firm and accepted very recently because I was stressed given the economic circumstances. Start date is TBD. Salary is very high for my year of call and practice areas are almost what I want but not quite. The firm is not very well known and I am concerned its reputation would impede my ability to work for a more desirable firm in the future that reflects my aspirations. Found out yesterday I got an interview with another firm I had applied to a month ago. It is in many ways my dream firm. Practice areas are ideal, mentorship would be much better than first firm, location is better, reputation, etc. I want to proceed with the interview process with the new firm and see what happens. In the off chance I receive an offer, I'm not sure what I should do. I think reneging an accepted offer looks terrible and I'd be burning bridges for sure. I also found the first firm through a recruiter and would likely therefore be burning bridges with her and her agency as well. Tough situation, would love to hear everyone's thoughts.
  6. The problem I'd have with that is burnt bridges. I interviewed with a firm previously who made it clear that they didn't want to be used as a stepping stone and hoped that if I elected to take the offer, that I'd stay for the long term. Obviously there's no time length clause in the contract or anything, but I personally would feel bad jumping ship after 6 months if something better came calling, though I'm aware this happens all the time. I'm only saying this because I'm in a similar position as OP.
  7. having lived in both (now a resident of toronto) Onterrible does not hold a candle to BC. BC has cleaner air, the mountains are on your doorstep, a much more laid back culture, and plenty of diversity in the population to go around. I'll make my way back out there as soon as I can.
  8. This is amazing - do you mind elaborating a bit on your life style, how much you spend/have spent on rent in the past 5 years, etc.
  9. lol calls us all arrogant dicks because we disagree with him. cool story bro. Anyway, what you're saying doesn't make sense really. "If you get into the UK and can't get into Canada, no biggie, roll up your sleeves and go for it". Really? Why not the "roll up your sleeves" attitude with regards to getting into law school here in Canada? Why does the roll up your sleeves bullshit start with going to the UK for school, and not working hard to get into a Canadian school? Are Canadian law schools really that hard to get into these days? Anyone with a damn pulse can get into TRU, Lakehead, or UNB. It really isn't that hard anymore to go to law school in Canada. If you can't muster a 3.5 CGPA and hit a 156 on the LSAT, well I don't know what to tell you really. I echo what everyone else on this thread has said in terms of what a bad idea it is to go the UK for law school if you're intending on coming back here. Don't do it. End of story.
  10. Yeah, don't listen to this. "Everyone is struggling to find an articling job anyway'. Says who? Everyone I went to school with, and I graduated in the last year, has found a job. Literally everyone. If you go to the UK, you will forever be walking around with stigma, and it's hard to shake that off. My firm simply chucks applications from foreign grads out unless they're from top ranked schools as Steve said, but even that's rare. Avoid the UK. Avoid Australia. Please just go to school in Canada, or don't go at all. It's not worth it. You'll struggle beyond measure.
  11. Do.not.go.to.bond. Seriously. Listen to the people here who are far more experienced than you. There's a reason they are saying the things they are.
  12. awesome, 8 is a good number. happy to hear. best of luck
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