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  1. celli660

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    You're right, sleepwalking through undergrad and getting As is the same as sleepwalking through law school and getting Bs.
  2. celli660

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Yeah, mmkay, except that I had classes within the same institution where I literally had to get a 98% to get an A and 100% to get an A+ while other classes the A range was anything over 82%. It really very much depends on the program and school. I had to struggle to get B+ average in my undergrad and have literally no problem maintaining the same average in law school. Although, I was working 30+ hours per week throughout undergrad and I only work 15 - 20 hours per week during law school.
  3. celli660

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Yeah, you're going to likely have a harder time getting in than doing average at law school, but only because the LSAT is a hurdle you have to jump through. Otherwise, there's nothing harder about getting b+ average in undergrad than getting a B average in law school. Depends on your undergraduate program I guess.
  4. celli660

    Remedies Notes

    I usually tape halved garlic cloves to the bottom of my feet. My grandma told me that cures everything.
  5. celli660

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Something like 40% of applicants get into law school every year. Yes each school might only let in 10% or whatever of the applicant pool, but a tonne of those applications are duplicated at other schools. You might have one applicant apply to one school or to all 17(?) schools. I catch your point that it's thousands, but really law school isn't that special or difficult. There are far more competitive programs out there for much more unique fields.
  6. celli660

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Okay, but criminal clients don't know how well you're "doing" any more than business clientele.
  7. celli660

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    I fully disagree with you. Most clients, even the really sophisticated ones, have no idea whether you're doing an amazing job or a terrible job and 9/10ths of client satisfaction comes from the warmth, trustworthiness, and client engagement that lawyers express to their clients.
  8. celli660

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Funny thing about that. When I was in undergrad, I was quite a bit older than the kids in my classes, I started my BA at 25 and felt like an old man in classes with high school students. I had responsibilities, full-time work, etc etc. and I would chit chat with the students in my classes and people I met at the pub at university and it dawned on me that most university students are living on far more largess than even the people putting them through school. What I mean here is that the average student is earning, as an example, $15k per year in part time wages, whilst having their entire needs budget fulfilled by someone else. Often, while the student factually gets by on a much more meager income than their parents, the comparative discretionary spending levels are much higher in the university student's household than their parents' household.
  9. celli660

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    I went to U of S and U of C and I can absolutely say that I preferred U of S, wish I hadn't moved home, but part time work and family and friends are pretty hard to scoff at.
  10. celli660

    Thoughts on DIY legal.

    Speaking of which, I was reading a client's minute book the other day and found references to an act in the consent to act as director that had been repealed for 10 years before incorporation. Blew my mind that the accountant that incorporated was so out of touch.
  11. celli660

    Paying for Law School

    You guys are silly. Put the 18k into an RESP for yourself, OSAP will not consider those amounts when looking at net assets and you can pull the money out at no penalty to pay for school.
  12. celli660

    Using LOC to pay off OSAP??

    This question is entirely dependent on the OP's circumstances. I would never ever pay off my student loans with my LOC because as a parent with three dependents (including wife) I am eligible for a 65% reduction in payments through repayment assistance, even at 85k per year. Anyone considering paying off a government loan with LOC should seriously look into what their expectations and work life are before pulling the trigger on porting your gov loans to a student loc for saving 3% on interest. I'll also add that the LOC interest rate is deceptively low if you're also receiving the "insurance", which can be up to 2%. They usually tell everyone to get it because it rarely gets used, students are in fact ineligible for the coverage, and it's increasing their bottom line by up to 50%.
  13. celli660

    Dollar value of an articling student?

    I just cannot believe the "articling student equals costs to a firm" line to be true. Big firms are paying their articling students 70k including benefits for 10 months or about 84k per year, let's add another 30k for associated "expenses" that they would otherwise not have. So you have a student costing you 100k as a line expense and you're telling me that between the 2500 hours you make them work, you're not billing them out for at least 700 hours at $150 per hour? Give me a break. It's even more plain and simple for a sole practitioner or small firm. I know of so many soles that have 2 or 3 support staff doing all their work, the same kind of work that could easily be done by an articling student, but they would never hire a student because students expect more than 40k per year and no personal development. It's not about whether they turn a profit or are net contributors to the firm, it's whether you turn a lower profit on the articling students instead of your higher profit employees.
  14. celli660

    Dollar value of an articling student?

    I would say that you have this entirely backwards, which is to say that even though lawyers are not idiots and they are in business to make money, a vast majority of lawyers are terrible business people who wouldn't recognize an opportunity for their business unless it was shipped to their door and wrapped in cash.
  15. celli660

    Calgary Salaries

    You might try asking someone from a law firm, or a law firm recruiting agency (ZSA or Pekarsky & Co) out to lunch in exchange for the information you need.