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  1. Hey guys - just declined my offer. best of luck everyone!
  2. do you guys know if theres another one ? - not for the 1000$ but just because I want to go check it out ... not sure which offer to accept yet.
  3. For real!!! U Ottawa is 500 before june 1st....
  4. Got the 200$ deposit as well !! cGPA : 3.7 - Honours political science concordia Not sure if I will be accepting, Good luck to those still waiting!
  5. Hi guys- I just have an overall question and I dont know who to ask.... Im debating between doing 3 years of common and 1 extra year of civil - or 3 years of civil and one extra year of common - what are the pros and cons- I`m not quite sure where I will want to practice... Thanks to whoever that feels like helping out!
  6. In as of yesterday ! French common law. 3.69 on 4.3 No LSAT Fairly strong EC's and LOR Congrats to everybody that got in
  7. Thank you! - I will have to wait and see....If a 3.75 is competitive for McGill....I dont see why it would not be for uLaval....thank you for your response!
  8. So technically if I apply from a political science degree with about 3.75 on 4.3 - I wont be accepted ? - this gives me around a 28 according to their chart.....I dont get how even someone with a 4.3 on 4.3 in poli sci wouldnt be assure a place ? - because based on the chart that would only give the person a 30 CRU average.....confused
  9. I just called them to ask when we should expect to get any sort of information - the woman said she do not know and that they send out offers everyday.
  10. University applicant - still no news....
  11. Hi guys! Got my acceptance recently. 3.7 GPA on 4.3 Best of luck to all of you
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