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  1. Like I get what you're trying to say but they might be looking at factors that matter like class, race, what university you attended, work experience, languages spoken, etc. so many variables!
  2. Omg congratulations! You will for sure get in!
  3. so, just one person has been able to see where they stand on the wait list? uggh! the wait is too much.
  4. waitlisted today as well cGPA: 3,47 lsat 150, only write McGill grad
  5. I got the same message myself. Unfortunately, I feel like they just say that to everyone who meets the minimum standards. Applications will only gets stronger next year. But please let me know if you get in touch with anyone in admissions and they tell you anything different. Best of luck!
  6. refused last week McGill student, 3rd year. 3.46 of 4.0 150 lsat (Dec, only take) 3 languages, extensive work experience, strong references from tenure profs at mcgill.
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