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  1. J'ai re├žu mon offre d'admission le vendredi dernier. 3.7/4 CGPA McGill B.A
  2. What are my chances? 3.70 CGPA, No LSAT (Quebec resident), average ECs (legal internship, political party involvement), average letters (one from a dean), average PS (I'm assuming that my letters and PS are average).
  3. Hi, I have a couple simple questions regarding the TFI test that anglophones have to take to get accepted to Quebec's civil law schools. 1) Do all civil law schools require passing the test? 2) Do you take the test once you are accepted (conditional acceptance) or are you supposed to take it before you apply (like the LSAT)? 3) How difficult is the test? I'm an anglophone but i've lived in Montreal my whole life. I struggle with speaking and writing without making mistakes, but I understand the language almost perfectly. How much preparation is recommended? Thanks for the help!
  4. I plan to minor in french to become perfect at the language... I think it's a good idea, especially since I plan to apply to McGill and civil law schools.
  5. In your opinion, what are the best Arts majors that prepare you for law school? I plan on doing political science but I'm debating between philosophy, history and economics as my 2nd major (I find all three interesting so i can't decide, leaning towards philosophy at the moment). Also, if someone does 1 major and 3 minors, do you think that law schools will look at them negatively because they didn't do 2 majors or honours? Ideally, I'd love to do a major in political science, minor in history, minor in philosophy and a minor in french, but I'm afraid that it will look like I slacked off. By the way, I'm the one who posted the McGill vs Concordia undergrad question a while ago and if anyone is wondering....I chose McGill.
  6. Refused a few days ago. 32 r score. No big deal, I will re-apply with better stats and more knowledge after my B.A!
  7. Nope, not me. Still no answer.
  8. Hey everyone. So I think there's a chance they will consider my application, and I will probably be asked to have a French interview. Does anyone know what kind of questions they ask? And how good at french they expect the person to be? Thanks!
  9. CEGEP, and ok! I have a 32 r-score, do you think I would be accepted? Only issue is that my French is weak.
  10. Hey all! I'm considering a last minute admission to UdeM. Do you know if they require letters of refence or a personal statement? Can't seem to find it on the website. Thanks!
  11. So i was accepted into Concordia's Honours In Political Science program! Now i'm still waiting for McGill and I'll have to make a tough choice....
  12. Trust me, I've had enough of that fun in cegep lol. If I can handle the work, with all of the EC's i'll also do, i'll probably end up partying a bit.
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