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  1. Hi, Considering you posted this Oct 2018, is it safe to assume you already wrote the exam? If so, do you mind providing some insight on the structure of the exam? Specifically, as to whether the exam strictly touched upon information provided in the study materials or did it ask questions where the answer can only be found if you had the corresponding statute/guideline/rule etc with you? Thanks!
  2. Hi HarryPotterForLife, I decided to not purchase the videos. I heard that the materials supplied by the LSO should be sufficient. hope this helps
  3. Hello, I am considering purchasing the Emond exam prep videos for the P1 exam. Before I make the decision to do so, I want to make sure it's worth it. Can anyone who has had past experience with them provide some feedback as to the quality of the videos. Were they informative and helpful? Do they cover the subject in depth or simply gloss over it? Did the videos compliment the study materials or are you better off without them ? Any feedback is much appreciated!
  4. Is it possible to work in the legal field in the Ottawa region without being fluently bilingual in french and english?
  5. Hey guys, sorry if someone has already asked this. Which prep books do you think is the most useful ? and if I want to take any prep courses which company would you recommend - if you recommend taking the courses at all.
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