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  1. À partir de quelle heure peut-on se résigner à ne pas recevoir l'offre de son cabinet préféré?
  2. J'ai été convoqué mercredi pour un déjeuner avec DeGrandpré aujourd'hui. Pour Davies, je n'y ai pas candidaté, donc je ne sais pas
  3. Hi! Thx for your answer. When was your interview? Was it one of the members of your panel that called you directly?
  4. Hi! Did anyone received a call from McCarthy?
  5. Has anyone from UdeM heard from BLG?
  6. Yes, I got a call last week on wednesday from McCarthy... but I'm not sure they call per university.
  7. Gowlings and Dentons send refusals today.
  8. Today, Blakes and Woods send refusals. Blakes by letter, Woods by email...
  9. Hum Davis too on the first day? Like Davies Ward and co? Their names are definitely too similar...
  10. Hi everyone! I thought we could recapitulate who called and who didn't and who sent refusals at this point, from what I personally know or just heard : BCF : called, send refusal letters Bélanger Sauvé : nothing Blake Cassels & Gradon : called Borden Ladner Gervais : called and sent refusals emails Clyde & Co : nothing Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg : called Davis : nothing Dentons : called Fasken : called Gowling : called and send refusal emails DeGranpré Chait : called and send refusals emails Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon : nothing Lavery De Billy : called McCarthy Tétrault : called McMillan : called and send refusals emails Miller Thomson : nothing Monette Barakett : nothing Morency : called Norton Rose Fullbright : called, no refusal Osler Hoskin & Harcourt : called, no refusal Robinson Sheppard Shapiro : called and send refusals letters Smart & Biggar : nothing Stikeman Elliott : called some, no refusal Woods : called, no refusal Any addition or error? It's hard to determine if a firm finished already or is still going through the resumes... But I guess for exemple Davies Ward who called early on the 13th, they're probably done... Personally, I didn't get any refusal from McMillan for example, but they send some, I'm hoping they're still going on...
  11. Apparemment, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg a déjà contacté des étudiants et fixé des entrevues...
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