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  1. MissJE

    USask vs Dalhousie vs TRU

    Considering TRU has been around for 7 years already, I think this anecdote tells me a lot more about that particular lawyer/firm than about TRU. There are plenty of TRU grads working in top firms in downtown Vancouver. The alumni map has only recently gone live as they work on getting more info from grads, so keep in mind that the sample size is currently a very small portion of TRU grads, but based on the current percentages (and my own personal knowledge of where students have gone), Vancouver is one of the two most common cities for TRU grads to article in.
  2. MissJE

    Interests Section

    fwiw I didn't list interests on my resume for 1L OCIs and I didn't get any interviews, but for 2L OCIs I included interests and got several interviews. Coincidence? Perhaps. I did get asked about all my interests during these interviews and others though. I decided to list 3-4 things and put short descriptions beside them. So for example, for travelling I put that I lived in western Europe for a time; for reading I put my favourite book series; for sports, what kind of sports I played on a regular basis, etc. My interests were very cliche and generic-sounding, but since they were my genuine interests I made them more unique by adding the explanations. Interviewers seemed to like that.
  3. I did law school in BC and am currently articling in AB. The Career Services office at my school did info sessions for students who were interested in articling in BC, AB, and ON. Other provinces were on an 'as needed' basis so don't forget to utilize your own career service office when you get into/start law school. p.s. don't forget that there is a 3rd option in BC - TRU is a great law school for many reasons, a host of which can be found by going through my own content on these forums
  4. MissJE

    Imposter Syndrome

    I know a lot of people who felt this way especially in law school where it seemed like everyone around was more accomplished or had more experience or better grades or more volunteering experience, or more education, etc. What I found was that as much as you feel like this, probably the majority of your peers do too so you're not alone. It's strange to feel like you're always competing, but you're not sure what everyone's score is so you just assume it's higher than yours. At the end of the day, you got into law school for a reason so it doesn't matter why everyone else got in. You do you, that's all that counts.
  5. MissJE

    Student AID BC VS Scotia LOC

    Be aware though that any BC loans you take might reduce the amount of your PSLOC you can receive. CHECK WITH YOUR BANK!!
  6. MissJE

    Is it fun?

    Without going into my personal thoughts on the majority of this post, I'd simply say, why not talk to some of the lawyers at the firm you work at and ask them these same questions? Maybe you can shadow one of them or go for coffee and have a frank discussion about what kind of law they do and what they enjoy about it and what they hate about it. I personally love my job, but that doesn't mean I don't love my weekends too and talk with my co-workers about being excited for the weekend. Anyway, good luck OP!
  7. MissJE

    Housing 1L

    Kijiji and Craigslist are the most common online listing sites for apartments. Also, if you haven't already joined the Class of 2021 Facebook page and the TRU Law Black Market Facebook page, you should do that now. Good places to find roommates and upper years who are leaving their apartments or renting out ones they bought will post on the black market page. Also, Kamloops is quite small so even when something is "far" from campus, it's not usually not really too far. Depends on what mode of transportation you plan to use. The public transit system is apparently fairly reliable and plenty of buses stop on campus. If you have a car, most neighbourhoods are 15 minutes max from campus.
  8. This is definitely something that only the admissions office can answer with any certainty. Even if another student had taken that exact program and been told in this cycle or a previous one that it counts/doesn't count, the admission requirements and practices change from year to year. You're correct that they are currently busy with admins and applicants, but if you're planning to potentially take this certificate in September, then I'd suggest calling until you get an answer.
  9. MissJE

    Travelling for OCIs

    I traveled to Calgary from BC for OCIs. Applications are mostly done online through the ViLaw website and you just select the city/cities you're looking to apply in. Generally, the career service offices collaborate together with the participating firms to schedule interviews for students from various schools and cities. At TRU, students selected for interviews were given their list of interviews directly from the career services officer who had already scheduled the time slots. I have classmates that traveled to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and/or Toronto for OCIs.
  10. MissJE

    Question about articling in Victoria

    pm'd you
  11. MissJE

    Housing 1L

    Definitely more become available in August. BC has a 30 day notice requirement so you'll find that more rentals will become available after the 31st. I know I panicked a bit when I couldn't get in to see places since I went out to Kamloops on the August long weekend, but there were plenty of people who found places in August. Also, Kamloops is small so don't discount places like the north shore . I lived in Library Square and there are currently several other law students still in that building. It's a quick drive to campus or if you don't have a car, the bus goes right by the building and right to campus. From what I've been told, the public transit system has been pretty good in Kamloops in recent years and bus passes are included in tuition. Also, if you haven't already done so, join the incoming class Facebook page. There's usually other law students looking for roomies if that's something you might be interested in. Also, there are more upper years on there than regularly check out this forum so you might get more advice and faster. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1328407917305473/ Good luck!
  12. MissJE

    Housing 1L

    To my knowledge most students just paid their rent over the summer months to secure their place and avoid the inconvenience of moving every year. However, there were definitely some who found landlords willing to do 8 month leases. There's no harm in speaking with a rental manager/landlord about it even if an ad says 1 year lease required. Landlords in Kamloops seem to love renting to law students and some are willing to waive or reduce summer rent just to secure a mature student renter for 3 years. Plus in BC, like most provinces, there's a 30 day notice requirement for moving out of a rental so you'll likely see a big jump in places available for rent starting in September with a variety of lease requirements after August 1.
  13. MissJE

    Advice regarding where to stay

    These condos are literally down the hill from campus. Not a great location for walking imo since the hill is so steep but that's cuz I hate exercise. Plenty of students walk from that area while others drive. I know at least one previous law student who lived in this building. A friend of mine actually bought there and lived there the full 3 years during law school. It seemed to be a decent building and she didn't have any real complaints to my recollection. The building itself was very nice inside and besides regular condo building noises, it seemed quiet.
  14. Here's the links to the TRU Law Awards and the General TRU Awards pages. Not all awards require specific applications. I believe, but am not certain, that all fall awards are distributed in October and winter awards are in February. The law awards and the university awards are at different ceremonies on different days though. I don't know about entrance scholarships in particular though I believe they are included in the fall awards. https://www.tru.ca/law/students/awards/law-awards.html https://banssbprod.tru.ca/banprod/bwyfagui.p_select_type
  15. There's something about having an anonymous stranger disagree with a statement I made regarding my own experience that really grates me. Perhaps you meant to say, "I've had a different experience"? In any event, imo there is a difference between a lawyer sharing their own experience and offering words of wisdom to uninformed or overly eager prospective law students who haven't yet done complete research on what being a lawyer could really be like, and telling that same prospective law student that they shouldn't pursue law because they're are not the right "type" of person. As if there's a finite description of the "right type". I gathered from OP that these conversations somehow involved a discussion on this given the content and title of the post, but I could be wrong. I'm not sure what makes any lawyer think that it's their responsibility to warn prospective students away from law. Help inform them, sure. Offer to mentor them, even better. But a bit of rose-coloured glasses (probably) never hurt anyone who was thinking about a career as a lawyer.