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  1. FWIW: I wore a skirt to my bar call last month with bare legs. Pretty sure no one noticed or cared. I very rarely wear pantyhose with skirts/dresses unless it's cold outside. Whether or not I have clients or I am gong to court don't factor in. caveat: I don't practice in ON
  2. My office is an association of professional corporations so the lawyers have an arrangement to split the cost of overhead including mortgage, staff, office supplies, utilities, etc. The split is based on a variety of factors, but each lawyer keeps what they bring in over and above their portion of overhead.
  3. Most landlords I've dealt with or heard other's have dealt with are happy to rent to TRU Law students. I'd recommend checking out out the TRU Law Black Market FB page where some alumni will post rentals. Also, the class of 2022 FB is a great place to find roommates or advice from some upper years. https://www.facebook.com/groups/283399711783953/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/555730584915526/
  4. Those aren't entrance scholarships, so no they haven't been given out already.
  5. Plenty of graduates from both schools end up in Calgary. You wouldn't be giving up any opportunities to practice in Calgary by going to TRU. However, the difference in tuition alone would make me choose Sask over TRU in the circumstances as you've outlined them even though I attended TRU and am a huge advocate for their program.
  6. As others have said, it's kind of like starting any job. Confirming salary is key. Plus things like benefits, vacation time, etc. may be worth bringing up. For example, does your company pay for benefits or split the cost? will you get paid vacation at 4% on each cheque or will it accrue at 4% so you be able to take paid time off instead? Finding out about the requirements from your particular province's Law Society is also important. As @Ptolemy said, in AB there are forms that you need to fill out. No longer required to send in character references though. I asked questions about a contract when I started because I wanted to protect myself if for some reason, my office changed their mind about hiring me. Essentially, the documents required by the Law Society included one that my principle had to fill out so it gave me the same feeling of security as having a contract.
  7. TRU Law Black Market page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/283399711783953/?ref=bookmarks Please, please answer the membership request question.
  8. This kind of scenario has been referenced as "hybrid" parenting in the case law.
  9. I like these shirts from RW & Co. I have them in probably 8 different prints. Only issue is they do tend to wrinkle which shows more in the solid colours.
  10. I found law school less busy and less stressful than working full time. I'm fairly certain I stressed a lot less during 1L exams than some of my younger counterparts. I was previously a manager at a private medical clinic and having to deal with a large staff and high demand clients was much more stressful to me than doing readings, attending class, etc. I wasn't as rusty as a student as I might have been though because the year before law school, I took full time university courses in the evenings on top of working full time during the day. Transitioning to law school involved some stress but for me it was more so due to moving to a new city and having to make new friends as an adult.
  11. These stats seem to be in line with some other previous accepted students. However, you need to take that information with a grain of salt. TRU is truly holistic and they will look at the whole application and likely will compare it to other similar applications. TRU generally looks for a very diverse class so just because a bunch of other students with the same or similar stats got in, that doesn't guarantee anything. They don't want a whole bunch of students who appear identical on paper so they will look to your ECs, reference letters, personal statements, etc. to inform their final decisions.
  12. It's also a good idea to keep an eye out on Facebook for the new class page for other students looking for roomies. Doesn't look like the new class group page is up yet, but each year the upper year students will create a Facebook group page for the incoming class where accepted students can meet and ask questions of upper years. The name of the FB group usually takes the form of TRU Faculty of Law - Class of 20XX.
  13. I turned 30 a couple months into 1L. By then, I already had a solid small group of friends ranging in age from 22 to me at 30. I threw myself a big 30th birthday party and invited pretty much every law student I had met at that point. Had a pretty decent turn out. About 15% of my class were 30+ in 1L. For the most part, it doesn't seem to matter much how old everyone is. However, there are some things that can be a bummer. For example, any summer law jobs funded by the Canada Summer Jobs program restrict students 30 or older from applying.
  14. (1) The on-campus food options are unfortunately limited, but they have made some improvements as to longer hours especially during exam season. The campus pub is open the latest though I'm not certain of their hours. (2) There are quite a few atms on campus. In Old Main where 90% of law students spend their time, there is an atm by the starbucks on the main level and and atm up the main stairs and in the hall past the first food place. Various other atms throughout campus. (3) There is the "old gym" on campus that does intramural sports, but I think the weight room there is restricted to student athletes. The tournament capital centre is where most students work out since it's pretty cheap. There's no commitment so you can just pay month to month as you like. (4) There's also Harper Mountain which is a bit closer to Kamloops, is a bit cheaper and caters to less experienced skiers/boarders. Plenty of students go out to Sun Peaks and Harper regularly. (5) The B median curve allows up to a max of 15% of students to get As in a class that is 18 people or larger. There is no obligation for a professor to actually give out that many As though. The full grading policy can be found here. Hope this helps!
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