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  1. Usually they leave a message and ask you to call back. In my case, they kept calling until I picked up (late in the admission cycle).
  2. There is zero notice and the call switches to French as soon as you say that you’re the person they’re trying to reach. I highly advise you reach out to the admissions office with an updated phone number for you if you’re expecting to be tested at all. I am totally fluent, as mentioned before, and worked in Montreal for a French company. Wasn’t expecting it and I received the call at 8 a.m.
  3. I’d say there are about 35-40 now that the class has grown to 180-190
  4. The questions are absolutely not confidential, and there are already a bunch of posts about this from the past on this forum. The exam has not changed since Zimson's post in 2009:
  5. I was asked, "what are your expectations from the law program," "what's the most recent book you've read in French," "where did you learn French," "why did you apply to McGill Law." I am bilingual and still had the exam, and wrote about my bilingualism on my cover letter and CV. It's conversational, it lasts 5-10 minutes, and then it's over. In my application year I heard back within 48 hours that I had been accepted. Good luck- it's not a big deal, and the questions can be answered in English or French without hurting your chances (so long as you understand correctly!).
  6. Rumour has it that several of the sisters have gone up to 1900 this week
  7. I completely agree. My mentality going in was much less heavy than those who hadn’t worked for many years. It’s much easier to put things in perspective when you’ve gone through employment processes before.
  8. I’m of the opinion that all recruitment should be done before the fall semester begins the same way it goes in the US
  9. Allow students and firms to rank each other like is done in the US so that OCIs are split a little more evenly Allow firms to tell students if they’ll be calling at 5 so when you get on the train to go home there aren’t people crying when they don’t get a call next to people joyously laughing and smiling Help to cover travel expenses for students coming from out of town Those are a few thoughts I had so far
  10. I got my confirmation today and offer letter today so others should be coming in soon I imagine
  11. It’s a really strange beast this whole process. The firm who ended up giving me an offer didn’t even offer me an interview on the third day. There’s is zero predictability I’m glad it’s over. Don’t want to do it again, and certainly feel for those who have more to do in order to secure employment. .
  12. Went into this thing with 3 OCIs- 1 in firm- 1 offer! Obviously happy, but you can’t predict how it goes. Congrats to those who were successful, and big-ups to everyone else who went through this process. It’s a sort of broken system but my case may also be future proof to those that if the fit is right, you’ll find the right place.
  13. I’ve got to disagree with you there, pal. Sure we’re pay for an extra term if we decide to do it in 3.5 instead of fast tracking it and doing it in 3. The benefit- there are people at McGill who are able to do 3 recruitment cycles by thinking they’ll do it in three years, strike out at in firms, do the recruit again next year, strike out or get a job, and if not do it again. That’s not something folks at Ontario schools get to do.
  14. Or be a Quebec resident and pay 4K a year. There’s a reason I only applied to one school!
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