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  1. McGill confirmed online for fall
  2. As noted, I'm starting in May albeit virtually
  3. My boutique is going forward this way
  4. McGill's version is that you can P/F up to 48 hours after taking the exam
  5. This guy is basically the best thing to have happened to McGill and when he left there were a lot of collective cries. I'm jealous that you have him guiding your ship during this voyage through rough seas. He's absolute tops, and he is wonderfully empathetic and understanding. Wish he was still with us at McGill.
  6. Have you been getting beautiful emails from Dean Walters? Had him for constitutional at McGill before his move back to Queens and he is just the absolute best email writer.
  7. Our admin literally said in their email they were updating us so we wouldn’t have to wait until Monday when the dean speaks. That’s about as close to niceness as it gets!
  8. The curve still applies though to everyone that takes the exam Also, I’m poised to get some high grades but I’m just gonna S/U that whole thing. Seems harder to ever have to explain why I S/U one class and not another.
  9. I'm sure McGill would have rather issued hazmat suits than actually change the format of exams and classes.
  10. I actually find this point more concerning, especially in McGill's context, because they allowed 40,000 undergrads to return from reading week and only waited until the provincial Medical Officers made an announcement to students to stay home. What I saw in the US was a degree of independence and caution from universities that McGill did not share in regards to social distancing. True. Whether they actually looked for US public health guidance is probably moot, but I'm certain they looked for guidance on the logistics of shutting down. We don't really exist in some northern bubble and McGill is a member of the Association of American Universities which may have informed their choices a bit once they actually did choose to close the doors. Indeed, the Faculty of Law at McGill took measures faster than McGill University administration generally which tells me that they were in some way following the guidance of other institutions and not just provincial health authorities.
  11. I disagree in McGill's context and maybe University of Toronto's to an extent? I think McGill will follow the lead of US schools just by virtue of the breakdown of our class, where people come from, and the fact the faculty considers us more "international" in nature. McGill also has P/F options built into the curriculum but they're highly restricted in usage. The response of US schools hasn't been to introduce a P/F option because of the American professional or legal environment. The letter from the dean of Berkeley law is clearly a much more empathetic approach to the realties of the global lives of students over the next few months and that is why students are advocating for P/F options. Top US schools were the first to close weeks ago and Canadian schools followed through just last week. I am certain they are looking to our neighbours down south to inform some of our decision-making.
  12. I'm guessing this is going around at many schools. I totally agree with what ufaalberta said. To be equitable, the decision probably needs to be taken by all law schools in Canada and not just one or two. Considering many American schools are now also switching to P/F, I think Canadian universities will follow the lead for better or for worse.
  13. McGill has canceled all classes for two weeks (until 30 March) with no plan to take these lost weeks online. Not really sure what the point is to put one week of classes online after that since our finals begin after that (?). As of now, all finals are take home / online. The admin doesn't want to go pass / fail from what I can tell, but they also acknowledge that many students are in a tough spot right now. They're clearly worried that the "prestige" of our program will suffer.
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