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  1. A professor from my undergrad with whom I had taken 10 classes and I knew would write a stellar letter. The other was from a prof from my MA who I knew well. Both professors had me to a sort of biographical sketch of how we met, the qualities that they might have seen from my work, etc. When I began to choose references I remember a friend telling me that you should always get references from the people who know you best and can write to your strengths regardless of their “prestige.” I think in this case it helped that both people knew me very well.
  2. Probably around top 25/30% at McGill
  3. Got an OCI for one New York firm
  4. I’d register in the English section and then you can keep French open during add drop. Maybe check both sections out and see if there’s a prof you like more.
  5. Everyone I know quite likes Prof Narain. Plus if I’m right, I’m pretty sure her final is a take home which some people (including myself) really enjoy.
  6. I just want to say- I got rejected at the end of my undergrad and did an MA after. I realized that the MA I did would not lead to the work I wanted to do, and so, more than three years after applying the first time and after finishing an undergraduate degree, and after finishing an MA, I’m at McGill now entering my second year. It’s hard not to be disappointed and it’s easy to stress about all the alternatives, but I do feel like things work out. Take the time you have now to get to know yourself and really focus on what’s going to make you happy at the end of the day while in university. I may be in the minority here, but having lots of life experience before getting into law school has also made law school really, really easy compared to other things I’ve done and has helped me to be a little more relaxed than some of my classmates Keep your chin up! Things always work out.
  7. Pretty much exactly that... I think in my letter I had mentioned having strong ties to professors and students in my BA and MA and had enjoyed a close relationship with both groups
  8. I’m a lowly 1L, but I got my interview in April. All of the questions above were asked^ except I was also asked about my expectations in regards to dialogue between professors and students. They asked me questions that had verifiable answers based on my CV, so make sure you have a look over the documents you submit Weirdly, I had an interview and am totally fluent in French and mentioned it explicitly on my CV and letter of intent- heard back the next day I was in. Only applied to McGill and was ready to join a touring cruise band if I hadn’t been accepted. Luckily I’m not playing the ukelele on the Carnival Triumph these days.
  9. Just got the email today after having the French interview yesterday morning. 3.74 CGPA BA Honours from McGill MA in International Affairs. No LSAT Good luck to everyone else still waiting- it’s my second time applying so I encourage all of you not to lose hope.
  10. Guys, if I make it past midnight tonight without getting rejected it means I made it further than when I applied in 2015!
  11. I’m still ready for review as well- from my experience last time I applied I was rejected end of April, but I do know people who have also gotten in around the same time.
  12. Still waiting as well- got rejected in 2015 on April 20 so kind of resigning myself to that same fate this time!
  13. For students who have been accepted, what was your deadline to accept or decline the offer?
  14. I also went to McGill and the withdrawal without refund is usually October 31 (for the fall semester)- which is 8 weeks into the semester. It also shows as a W, same as if you withdrew within the three weeks you mentioned which is the period for a refund. That’s the reason (when talking to a few people who work in admissions at other universities) to briefly discuss why you withdrew and when in your statement.
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