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  1. Normal day in 1L for myself: Im a night owl and do my best work later in the day. So I usually wake up, go to class and work on assignments/read til about 5 or 6 pm, then go home, take a few hours to relax, eat etc., then usually do a few more hours of work in the evening before I go to bed around 12 or 1. As far as workload, its fairly heavy compared to what you might be used to in undergrad but it is manageable if you generally keep up with the readings when you arent busy with papers in March/November. Grades are averaged to a B for each class, except your thematic which is a B+ average. Class sizes: Your small group class (crim or torts) and your 1105 thematic are about 20, and then everything else is about 70 or 80ish. 1) I cannot echo what others have said above louder. Relax and enjoy the heck out of the summer. 1L can be a grind, especially the 1st semester, so relax and recharge beforehand. I dont think reading law beforehand wouldnt be of much use, your profs test you on what they assign you to read. 2) Theres a textbook facebook group, which can be awesome and save you a few bucks. I wasnt able to buy any used books (new editions.. ugh) and I spent $775 in first semester, $100 for January. So ya, buy used where you can. 3) Dont worry about it til September, theres a club days where alot of the clubs set up tables in Fauteux. Theres also information sessions for different groups early in the year, so youll have that opportunity. I agree with what Nutty said that the Nelligan moot is a great experience and you will learn a ton. Its a great way to get experience doing oral submissions and writing a factum before it counts for marks, and I had quite a bit of fun working through the argument and the process.
  2. I started looking at apartments in earnest at the end of June and found a great place without much effort. Currently live in centretown and I love it. Great location for everything you need or want to do, hardly drive anywhere. Also, its far enough away from school to get away from it a bit without it being so far as to be a hassle (20 minute walk/15 minute bus/walk) but obviously this changes a bit depending on how far into Centretown you are.
  3. @desh1516 Congrats on earning an entrance scholarship! There are other bursaries and scholarships available, the best answer to that question would be to go through infoweb and look at the financial aid tab. Id imagine itll look fairly slim now with the time of year it is but I know it fills up with lots of both merit and needs based bursaries available with different criteria. If I remember correctly from when I was applying for bursaries before I arrived, there are bursaries available for upper year students as well as first year (needs and merit or combination of both). Not sure about how many there are relative to entrance scholarships.
  4. @grishamlaw I dont have that data either unfortunately, and Im definitely not the best person to ask as a 1L who hasnt gone through the job hunt yet, but Ill try. Through anecdotal evidence from speaking with upper years, the market doesn't seem too saturated, most of the ones Ive spoken to are not overly worried about landing positions. Grads end up pretty well everywhere, some enter private practice in the Ottawa/Toronto market and others have been able to take advantage of Ottawa being the nation's capital working for DoJ and other government agencies. But again, this is just based on conversations Ive had and not anything substantial data-wise. Sorry Im not more help!
  5. Hey everyone, I remember someone posted a similar thread around this time last year and I appreciated the opportunity to find out what UOttawa was like from a 1L's perspective, so I figured Id pay it forward to you all as you decide which school is best for you. Ill do my best to get back to you quickly, but it might take a few days law school being what it is. Other than that, if you have any questions feel free to post it here or you can DM me if you prefer. Im happy to help!
  6. Just got notified via email. 78% average with drops LSAT 165
  7. Accepted today. OLSAS cGPA: 3.14 L2: approx 3.7 LSAT 165 Great ECs, no Sask connection
  8. In!!! Still surprised due to low GPA. OLSAS cGPA 3.14 LSAT 165 Great ECs and (I think) Good LORs, regular applicant. As a regular lurker, thanks to everyone who posts to this forum. You've been an irreplaceable resource since I started considering law school.
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