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  1. At UDM yes in Windsor no. Just have the case summaries on you + the textbook and you’ll be fine it sounds scarier than it actually is
  2. I reread the post, must have skimmed it I see that now. I don't know how to begin to approach that topic as articling is more of a learning experience. Articling students don't bring on clients and don't have the skills to manage files by themselves. From the perspective of the law firm, its cheap labour and provides principals with a relief to focus on more pressing tasks that mundane tasks they can pawn off to the students.
  3. Bay St = 65,000 - 70,000 per annum (meaning take whatever your monthly salary is, and multiply by 10 not by 12, since you're only working 10 months) Non-Bay Street = anywhere from 0-60,000 Perks: Some firms will pay for your articling fees, cell phone plan, metro pass, etc.
  4. Ultimately the tunnel crossing the river between Windsor and Detroit is one lane only. Nexus or not, everyone has to go through the tunnel. And man many times the tunnel gets backed up, so make sure to leave accordingly. Once you cross yes its advantageous to have Nexus but as long as you leave enough time you’ll be fine with the regular lanes.
  5. On paper sure but if you’re 11 days and the extra day was due to being sick and your firm doesn’t care... are you going to report yourself? Practically speaking it doesn’t happen.
  6. My firm looked the other way and didn’t count it as the 10 days. I’d imagine technically it counts as part of the 10 days but it’s up to your principals direction how they ultimately handle it.
  7. You guys don't have the write a Bar exam though right? I'd trade that for ane xtra 2 months of articling
  8. I think we're taking two different approaches here. In an ideal world, I agree with you. Although articling isn't on part with a medical residency working 80-100 hours per week, it can certainly be taxing and a person needs to be able to relax from time to time to maintain their focus. I also think they should scrap articling altogether. The experience widely diverges based upon the firm a person lands at. It is not well regulated and it forces people to effectively run through a "rat race." X stayed until 11 PM today? I guess I should too. Y took on the last 3 projects, I need to show that I'm busy as well etc. Not to mention all the unpaid articling positions which totally screws with a person. Given the state of the legal market, I think law schools should follow Lakehead's example - incorporating mandatory practical components to the legal education curriculum would provide students with the hands-on experiences they need to graduate law school and be ready to hit the ground running asap. Lakehead graduates are therefore not required to article because they've already obtained that practical experience. But as articling probably isn't being scrapped any time soon, and as many legal employers are very old-school and feel that as they were over-worked, so should we be in the beginning of our careers, than that's the unfortunate reality we are in. So yes, I stand by my original argument. Is the situation perfect? No. Want to get hired back? Hustle like you've never hustled before. And that includes minimizing time-off.
  9. I found a really cheap charcoal one at Banana Republic which turned out to be really long lasting and a great all around suit. Tried DKNY (two suits) and the pants ripped on both. Ultimately if you can afford it, custom is absolutely the way to go though.
  10. Agreed, a reasonable firm would understand a bad flu, death in the family etc. But in terms of legally - there is no requirement to do so.
  11. Unfortunately the ESA doesn’t cover articling students. It’s the Wild West really. So unfortunately there is no allotted paid or unpaid personal emergency leave. I agree there should be though above and beyond the 10 days off everyone gets.
  12. Articling is a period when you need to “man up.” Long hours? Suck it up. Lots of projects? Smile and keep hustling. Asked to do mundane tasks? Sure no problem. That’s the attitude you need to have during articling if you want to get hired back/want a solid reference. Using time off - unless it’s absolutely necessary I wouldn’t use it. That said a lot of firms close down over the Christmas/new year period so if you’re thinking of doing a week long all inclusive type trip I’d time it around then so you don’t actually book off too many extra days off.
  13. Try the following articles: http://precedentjd.com/meet-the-expert/meet-securities-lawyer-kathryn-fuller/ https://canadianlawyermag.com/article/what-do-corporate-lawyers-do-anyway-2105/
  14. Let me get this straight. I got two kids who’s freedom is on the line. My career. And your biological clock is ticking? No tell me what else can we pile on to this case???
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