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  1. Toronto (this is distinct from the Crown Attorney Office positions btw - not sure if there was confusion)
  2. ITC from Crown Law Office - Criminal
  3. I can't quite remember exactly what they said when they called, but I remember they started speaking in French right away and said something along the lines of asking a few questions to test my French abilities. So it would seem as though you may not have been called for the 'French' interview - but don't take my word for it. There are a number of other reasons they could call besides the French interview, for what it's worth. I think we're all under the impression that being called for an interview means at the very least that your application is being seriously considered, but seeing as though I had my interview back in January and have yet to hear anything, there might not be any guarantee at all. It's hard to say how many more offers will be sent out from now until April 1st (the first deadline for accepting offers), but I'm getting the sense that anybody waiting on a response won't hear back until more spaces are available, or at least later in March. Which would be unfortunate for me, as I'll have had to accept at UofT by then. Hope that helps! Best of luck to you with the rest of the process.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, the only requirement is that the course you complete is equivalent to an "Intermediate II" level. Most universities will offer a course exactly like that I believe, but I'm not sure about any external ways of going about fulfilling that requirement. Congratulations by the way!
  5. Hey there. I posted this a while back in the Accepted thread about my French interview, so I'll just repost it here for your reference. Hope it helps!: "I had my French Interview today. I'm from Toronto, so it appears as though they are now starting to look at out-of-province candidates and non-fluent bilinguals. I did immersion throughout elementary and high school, but haven't taken a French course since, so I chose to answer all the questions in English. I literally got the call as I was about to get on to the subway, so I panicked a bit trying to find a quiet place to be able to hear, let alone understand, the questions. I had no problem with comprehension, but having to communicate over the phone doesn't make things any easier. A little stressful, but she said I did fine, so we'll see! Based on past years, I think I got the standard questions (i.e. "Describe how you studied French", "Talk about the last thing you read in French", "Explain McGills approach to bilingualism", "How will you strategize to learn the complex judicial terms in French", "What are your motivations for attending McGill".). Again, she clarified that this is a separate process from admissions, so it bears no weight on any decision. My advice: ask to call back on your time, so that you can prepare yourself in a quiet place" Basically, you only have to demonstrate French comprehension, and they don't seem to care much about the content of your responses as long as you generally understand the question. *Then again, I had my interview about a month ago, and haven't heard back, so maybe I totally botched it and all those questions are inaccurate haha
  6. Congratulations to all! Can I ask if anyone's received a conditional acceptance yet (on completing a French course)? I'm starting to think I might not be hearing back because I flubbed the interview...
  7. I was thinking so, but I had my interview about a month ago and haven't heard anything back, for what it's worth.
  8. Congrats! Just out of curiosity, do you live in Quebec/Montreal?
  9. Hah, agreed. At least at McGill though, the cheap tuition rate is slightly offset by having to pay rent, so I'm looking at other ways of justifying going out of province for school. And would the +/-$15,000 overall difference from Uoft to Osgoode be reason enough to make a decision based purely on financial concerns is the question. Definitely something I'm taking into account though. Any more advice would much be appreciated!
  10. Honestly, I'm leaning towards UofT, but I'm a little conflicted, mostly because I live about 10 minutes away from York, so I'd save a lot of money on commuting, let alone the cheaper tuition. UofT supposedly has more prestige, but everything I've heard is that you can't go wrong with either school reputation-wise. But I'd rather be going downtown for school than just sticking around my suburbs, to be honest, hah. Getting into McGill would complicate things even more because I'd really like to be move out, and to be able to do that AND pay super cheap tuition is appealing. But I'm trying not let these little practical concerns be the major deciding factors, have to look more closely at the academic opportunity offered at each school. As for the French interview, the woman on the phone said I did fine! I did French Immersion for 12 years, but haven't taken a course since, and couldn't really speak French proficiently even then, so I answered all the questions in English. Didn't feel like I had a problem with comprehension at all, but I answered the phone in a pretty crowded place so I missed one question mainly because I couldn't hear well enough. It's possible they have questions about my proficiency, so we'll see...hope yours went well!
  11. For what it's worth, I've been accepted to both Osgoode and UofT and still haven't heard...so I'm not sure that has anything to do with how they determine when to send out offers.
  12. Ah, well thanks anyway, wouldn't be able to make it to Montreal for the 19th regardless. Anyone know about anything happening in Toronto? Though something tells me it already happened
  13. I was hoping so! But they did stress over the phone that it was an entirely separate process from admissions and was no indication of the strength of the application, though they could have just been saying that to not lead me on. And hang in there yourself, I took a look at past years acceptance threads, and it does look like there was a big wave in mid-February, so we can hopefully hold on for another week
  14. From the website: "Each year the Faculty welcomes approximately 178 students into first year, from across Canada, the United States and several other countries. Admission is very competitive. The Faculty's recent experience is that the number of applications is about seven to eight times the number of available places (1395 applications received for the 2012 admission cycle, for the 2013 cycle 1270.)"
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