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  1. Hi everyone! I've seen similar questions posted here before, but I am hoping for more specific examples of the type of jobs students get in the summer after first year. I know that the status of first years at McGill is 'lower' than first-years at other law schools in the eyes of big law firms -- and therefore it is unlikely to get a job in the legal field after first year -- but I am curious what people end up doing and how much the faculty assists students with finding summer jobs in general.
  2. As someone who was in a (somewhat) similar position last year, I thought I'd offer some insight. I received an offer to do a one year MPhil at Cambridge shortly after being accepted at McGill last year, and spent a lot of time trying to decide between the two. I ended up taking the Masters offer, and after looking at this forum and reading the deferral information from the faculty page, I decided against applying for a deferral. So while I unfortunately can't offer insight into whether the deferral will be successful (+timeline, etc), I can tell you that after applying again this fall I was accepted quite quickly. So, if you don't receive the deferral, I wouldn't take that to mean that the McGill Law door is closed. As a Cambridge student though, I must strongly advise against pursuing anything to do with Oxford...
  3. Accepted as of yesterday! I had my french interview in the morning and received my letter in the afternoon. L2 GPA: 3.72, LSAT 164/160 Undergrad from McGill, working on a MPhil in the UK. Good luck to all those waiting!
  4. No worries, I've posted them in this thread before. 3.5 cGPA in a McGill Honours program 160/164 LSAT References from one prof at McGill and another at Cambridge ECs are pretty strong: was an editor at a few McGill Publications, lots of volunteering in environmental/social justice groups, a position with an on-campus political organization, etc.
  5. Turned down my offer at the deadline (today). Was considering applying for a deferral, but the chances of approval seemed low given that I am taking the year to do a masters, and not for family/health reasons. Will likely reapply next year. Hopefully one of you will hear back soon as a result! Good luck to all still waiting.
  6. I mentioned this in the "accepted" thread, but I also felt really horrible after my French interview. I answered all of the questions in English, and there was one question that I had to come back to. I was also very nervous. While I obviously don't know how this will effect your individual application, I think you can take some comfort in knowing that a bad interview -- or at least the perception of a bad interview -- doesn't necessarily preclude a successful application.
  7. My posts were actually coming from the undergrad side -- I did my B.A. at McGill from 09'-13' I didn't realize there was the same type of divisiveness in the law faculty -- can you give some examples?
  8. I think thats absolutely true...there is very little moderate political activity at McGill (look at the number of SSMU GA's that fail to gain quorum) and I think this is mostly due to the polarizing effect of radical groups. Most undergraduates don't care about student politics because they equate student political engagement with #manifencours
  9. Maybe you've already read this. But for those who haven't, this is a great article that generally outlines the culture of activism at McGill and its many, many pitfalls: http://www.mcgilldaily.com/2014/11/everything-problematic/
  10. In as of this morning! GPA: 3.5 (Honours history from McGill) LSAT: 160/164 LORs: One from a McGill prof and another from a professor overseas. ECs: Environmental organizations and a few editor roles with McGill undergrad publications. I had my interview on the 6th, and honestly didn't think it went that well -- was pretty thrilled to get an acceptance. I was given until April 29th to decide. Good luck to all still waiting!
  11. I declined my spot at my appointed deadline (yesterday). Good luck to those still waiting!
  12. Very valid points. I agree with (almost) all of them. But you missed a crucial aspect of what I was saying. I agree that the situation given to your year was difficult. I agree that increasing the number of students would be bad. You were forced to choose between two negative options. My point was that there were -- and are -- other options for protesting increased tuition that aren't a) agreeing to a tuition increase or b) increasing enrollment, both of which are ultimately detrimental. These options are obviously ambitious and idealistic. Lobbying the government of Alberta, or the University of Alberta, to allocate their funds more wisely would not be an easy feat, especially when it is competing with coursework. So, would I have chosen to vote for the hike? Probably. Will I choose to go to a university where I'm forced to make that choice? Probably not.
  13. But, what is more troubling is how current students didn't fight these increases. Last year, students were apparently given the choice to support the increase in tuition or support the faculty allowing more students in. Because the students were apparently afraid of over-saturating the faculty and, eventually the jobs market, they voted in favour of the hikes (which would only effect them for two, one, or zero years, rather than three for us). In my mind, this is a false dichotomy -- the students could have protested to the government (or University) that more funds should be allocated to law. I'm worried that this exact same false dichotomy will be presented to us.
  14. It actually could be even MORE than that (although only hypothetically). The AB government may move to remove all caps on tuition. This would effectively mean that post-secondary institutions could raise tuition at their whim, without having to consult the government (as the U of A faculty of law did before this most recent hike). While this is obviously unconfirmed, its undeniable that Alberta is in a tenuous financial position, and more hikes could come over the duration of a three-year degree. http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/student-leaders-worry-about-reports-of-eliminating-tuition-cap
  15. When she asked "why McGill?" I responded that its because I want to be close to Schwartz's smoked meat...she didn't laugh quite as hard as I hoped.....
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