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  1. Thanks so much, this forum has always been incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, I am the only student and I've been made very aware of the fact that lawyers are short on time and not to be bothered unless absolutely essential. Again, this is not to derail the conversation. I guess I, along with obviously many other people, feel touched by this conversation and wanted to ask for advise specifically to articling.
  2. Not to derail this this thread (and perhaps mods should start a new one on this topic if they feel it best) but is there any way someone can relate this advice to articling specifically? Obviously, the feelings mentioned apply but with the stress of not really understanding the work I'm doing.
  3. can this somehow be made into a "Toronto neighbourhoods" type thread. It would be very helpful for those of us who will be moving to the city but haven't yet lived there...
  4. Just got a custom briefcase from Henry Tomkins leather. I can't recommend him enough. Very reasonable prices, excellent quality, and a pleasure to deal with.
  5. Just curious if anyone has taken trusts with Wiseman or knows anyone who has. Any insight would be appreciated as RateMyProfs doesn't have much information.
  6. First year if law school at uOttawa. I'm just thinking ahead to when I graduate...
  7. I'm in my first year and as of right now, I would love to work at a corporate, downtown Toronto firm. I'm just curious as to what the split is between lawyers practicing litigation as opposed to solicitor, more transaction type law? Additionally, are there areas of law which have a larger concentration of lawyers (e.g. tax, securities)? Obviously, my preference will be informed by what I enjoy doing but any advice would be helpful in determining questions like whether to be involved in a moot etc.
  8. #6. In as of this afternoon.
  9. Can anyone speak to the number of spaces left in course registration?
  10. They just changed my uzone status to reflect the fact that I accepted their offer to remain on the numbered waitlist, but they didn't send me an email or any other correspondence.
  11. 3.00 GPA 3.6ish L2 LSAT 158 ( I was testing much higher and assumed I'd get that when I posted in a previous chances thread) MA
  12. Thought i'd jump in to provide more info. I've been placed 6th on the waitlist. I'm really not sure if there will be that much movement on the list as it was complied later than most years.
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