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  1. I worked in one of the clinics during my 1L summer (and volunteered there during the year). PM me if you want to chat.
  2. Ultra Vires 2L Recruitment Report is online http://ultravires.ca/2016/11/recruitment-special-feature-bay-street-hiring-like-way/
  3. You should be in at UoT. If anything, make sure you have some answer to the "why Canada" question in your PS.
  4. I suppose they might be more likely to get candidates who have reserved a spot for their firm, perhaps despite multiple earlier offers.
  5. OK, then I don't know where you get the idea that UoC/UoA are distinct in that regard. Those are the same eligibility criteria used by the student clinic at the University of Toronto, for instance. http://downtownlegalservices.ca/our-services/criminal-division/
  6. Well, for provincial offences maybe...though Osgoode does have the Fair Chance Project. But certainly other schools, including UoT, have (partially) legal aid funded student clinics that allow students to have carriage over criminal files and run full trials/appear in court on behalf of clients.
  7. Yeah, they sent them for UoT at the end of day 1 (Thursday pm). It definitely put a fair number of people (and maybe also the CDO) on edge by Friday.
  8. UoT CDO says no, though they don't have a 100% accuracy record.
  9. With those numbers, you will almost certainly get in. I would make mention, if briefly, in your personal statement of why you want to live in Toronto/Canada since it likely won't be immediately apparent. Also, if you and your fiancee meet the common law marriage requirements, you will qualify for domestic tuition at UoT.
  10. 8/23 applications, from boutiques to full-service "Sister" firms UoT, pretty even mix of Ps & Hs (winter semester stronger than fall semester) Relevant 1L summer law experience Moderate but selective networking, but I will add that I received OCIs from every firm I visited.
  11. Technical point: If I'm not mistaken, all of the 1L clinic application deadlines at UoT have passed.
  12. Few things about the UV data you cite: It represents only the formal 2L recruit It represents only Toronto hiring
  13. If/when you accept UoT's offer officially, follow the instructions posted on its website for new admits. Until then (and if you are waiting to hear from other schools), you're still considered an applicant, you need to submit fall grades by Feb 1.
  14. No. 11 http://www.law.utoronto.ca/newadmit/firstyear
  15. There is one more smaller wave after Feb LSAT scores are released.
  16. I understand the sentiment, but don't think it's entirely accurate. If you were to compare the supposed P/H/HH distribution (55/35/15--ish, in 1L, at least) to, say, the C/B/A (20/60/15) distribution at Osgoode the P/H & C/B percentages are almost flipped. http://obiter-dicta.ca/2014/01/06/and-may-the-curve-be-ever-in-your-favour/
  17. Does/how does your general advice shift in the case of UoT where there are only P/H/HHs to be handed out?
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