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  1. Skweemish

    Is it fun?

    Well I was pinged mostly because I'm a dork but now that I'm here I feel like I should contribute. So, I'm articling right now. Basically this is the year-long apprenticeship all baby lawyers have to do to grow up. I can tell you, at this very moment, I am not having fun. In fact, this has probably been my worst day yet. However, I can also tell you that I genuinely enjoy my work, and getting my hands dirty with a new file. It's a bit of a mixed bag, obviously. I don't think my fellow articled clerks are having as much fun as I am, but I'm a pretty easy to please guy.
  2. Skweemish

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    May I ask why?
  3. Skweemish

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

  4. Skweemish

    Suits For Men

    That was all correct and also all useful (I'm starting articling in Toronto in July haha). Much obliged!
  5. Skweemish

    Suits For Men

    More a general men's fashion question, anyone have any advice on a decent overcoat? I've been looking but I've had INCREDIBLE difficulty finding something nice that fits (average height, frame not dissimilar to a skeleton).
  6. Everyone has already said the same shit as I'm about to, but here goes anyway: I didn't get selected for a moot, and I'm gonna be a litigator. Hell, it was the Bowman Tax Moot, and I'm going to be a TAX litigator.
  7. Note, while I have a BSc it is in Psychology so take my answer as mattering less. The answer was "I was too stupid to get into Grad School."
  8. Skweemish

    UNB vs DAL

    I can comment about Dal re: RA positions. Mid-write edit: apparently I'm commenting on way more than that. Go figure. So every year, every official RA position gets posted, and a bunch of people apply. This is how most people get their RA gigs. Some people (myself included) just get their name known by professors and end up getting offered a job out of the blue. I think there tend to be 20-40 jobs per year for RAs? But there are other non-firm based options to earn money. Also, you are absolutely able to apply for RA gigs outside of the law school, though those jobs are a bit harder to find just by nature of not being associated with that part of the school. If it matters any, UNB is a fine school. I have friends there, and they are very happy - and in significantly less debt than myself! If you want to stay in Atlantic Canada, UNB is a great choice. I lived in Fredericton for 4 years, and don't regret a moment of it. UNB also has less choices to be made for courses. You pretty much get set on a "here is what you'll need to know to be a lawyer" path from the get-go. Dal is (theoretically) more free-form (after first year), but realistically you're going to force yourself to take the shit that is on the Bar anyway. All the same, there is a greater variety. We just added a new Criminal Appeal Practice course! So that's cool. I'm also pretty sure UNB does have an OCI process that includes the big National firms, but could be wrong.
  9. Skweemish

    Some Articling Advice needed

    Hey all, So I am rapidly approaching the end of my last term at law school, and both myself and couple of friends of mine are thus far position-less. I've tried going to networking events (there is a family law mixer coming up that I'm weirdly excited about, never saw that coming) and making cold calls and.. well, nothing's happening. So, advice. I'm from the Maritimes, going to Dal, and want to stay here. My fiance lives here, and is midway through her PhD. I pretty desperately want to be a lawyer, but I'm kinda losing steam here. Any advice, anecdotes, whatever, would be appreciated. I've gone digging through the forum but I've found nothing is more useful than advice directed at you personally.
  10. Skweemish

    Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    I thought we named them after the Pleiades!
  11. That sounds brilliant. My civil procedure professor tried his damnedest to get us to engage with the material. He even had us bill time. I think this would be better.
  12. Skweemish

    Handling students

    VERY late seeing this, but I want you as a boss.
  13. Skweemish

    2018/2019 Ottawa Articling Recruitment

    Ah, such is life, I suppose.
  14. Skweemish

    How important is a school reputation?

    I'm just happy people remembered Moncton exists.