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  1. I've worked in both a law office (as an articling student) and now an accounting firm (as a manager) and the most math I've done was figuring out how many hours I need to bill a day to hit my targets if I take all of my vacation time.
  2. It would be 5e. I'll arrange some kind of group communication thing tomorrow!
  3. I only heard back from two individuals unfortunately I am still interested in running something...!
  4. Personally, I'm a believer in this idea.
  5. I articled (am articling, I guess? For a tiny bit longer) at a tax litigation boutique. So not only a very specialized field, a very specialized part of that field!
  6. See that's the thing I keep saying! I've been applying to those places regardless. Just haven't had much luck.
  7. Hey all, So I am going to be called to the Ontario Bar in June. Huzzah! I made it! Unfortunately, my fiancée is in Halifax. So we have had a discussion, and I will be returning to Halifax. So, I'm looking for advice. See, I articled in my dream field, but unfortunately it seems like everyone interested in hiring someone in that field wants a 2-3 year call. So I'm effectively starting from scratch. It seems like very few, if any, places actually want a soon-to-be new call. MY questions are, I hope, straightforward: 1) how did you approach the job hunt as a new call? 2) did you consider or take on non-lawyer work? 3) what advice do you have for someone who has only worked in a narrow field of law who must now branch out? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Wrong! You also have delicious, valuable bone marrow.
  9. So I graduated from Dal law last year, so I can put some concerns to rest. There are technically four Dal Campuses - the Truro Agricultural Campus, the Sexton Campus, the Studley Campus, and the Carleton Campus. You can forget about every single one of those except for the Studley Campus. The Weldon Law building, aside from maybe the SUB, is the only building you will ever visit. They are both on the main Studley Campus. All of your courses are in the Weldon Law building. You don't have to be concerned about losing that "campus feeling" because you will probably never interact with your undergrad peers at any of the non-Studley Campuses anyway. The Studley Campus is massive, and everything is entirely walkable.
  10. Ok well everyone interested send me a PM - I could make a Discord chat or something and we could figure something out.
  11. That makes two players.. if we get two more I'll run it!
  12. Consider this a real offer, by the way. If you happen to find a couple of folks who are interested, I am always happy to run a short campaign or a one-off to get people interested and familiar with the rules.
  13. 😏 AND NO ONE TAGGED ME IN THIS THREAD?! Unfortunately I will not be in Toronto after articling, but I am always happy to run an introductory session for folks who are interested..
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