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  1. lawapplicant2015

    Changing Articling

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to update you as to what happened! I ended up staying with my prior position. It just felt right and after reading everyone else's point I was reassured. Thank you all!
  2. lawapplicant2015

    Changing Articling

    Thanks for the responses everyone, I truly appreciate it. I agree with a lot of you guys on your points, but still stuck on what I should do. I do not want to burn bridges, but I also don't want to continue to practice in an area of law which is of no interest to me. Also after speaking to a few people at the current position, it seems as though a hire back in a real slim to none chance, whereas the second firm has told me that they do indeed hire articling students back.
  3. lawapplicant2015

    Changing Articling

    I just starting articling 2 weeks ago at a PI firm that is a hefty commute and the pay is low (lower than minimum wage). Just this past week I got offered another articling position that is closer to me in terms of location, a better paying job and is in the field of law where I see my future. Is it bad if I leave my current articling for this new position that was offered to me? Just wanted to hear some opinions.
  4. lawapplicant2015

    Still no articling job.

    Thanks for the tips! I will be sure to address them for any future positions.
  5. lawapplicant2015

    Still no articling job.

    I know they're opposite, but can't one have interested in both? I have had many PI interviews and have used the stories that you mentioned in your post. I guess all i can do now is figure out where I am going wrong and keep applying.
  6. lawapplicant2015

    Still no articling job.

    Exactly! I am for the most part looking to stay wherever I article and have been applying to places I have a genuine knowledge and interest in.
  7. lawapplicant2015

    Still no articling job.

    Well I took a lot of business/corporate classes during my three years at law school. On the other hand, I took classes such as Insurance law, medical malpractice so I am also pretty familiar with a lot of the PI.
  8. lawapplicant2015

    Still no articling job.

    I am more interested in PI, corporate, but honestly anything at this point is a plus. I have been applying in Toronto mostly, but I have also been applying all over the GTA, KW region, London area I have received feedback, but most of them were "you did fantastic, but unfortunately not the one we chose." , so not really any critical feedback per se.
  9. lawapplicant2015

    Still no articling job.

    Yeah this website does help and it also makes you feel like you aren't the only one. Yeah im applying broadly and all over Ontario which I feel is being open. So I guess I will keep applying and hope for the best!
  10. lawapplicant2015

    Still no articling job.

    I have been cold emailing firms, big/small/sole and nothing yet. Still hoping I can get something before the years end. Average is about 78%, did a few extras, but I just feel like nothing is coming out of it.
  11. lawapplicant2015

    Still no articling job.

    Hey guys, graduated in June and still haven't gotten a position (i know, sad). I have had a ton of interviews but nothing as of yet. Is anyone in the same boat or willing to share some insight into something similar they've experienced?
  12. lawapplicant2015

    Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    I don' think this is an option in your first year.
  13. lawapplicant2015

    Debating between a few US schools? Help!

    Hey guys, I got into the Dual Program so although I lose my deposit at my American school I was going to attend, I guess it worked out!! Thanks for the advice.
  14. lawapplicant2015

    Accepted 2015 JD/JD

    Just Accepted an hour ago via email from Stephanie Winbigler! Most likely will be accepting!