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  1. Thank you for this information. It's nice to see it clearly laid out in a more official way.
  2. That would make sense then (size issue).
  3. Would that distinction really hold between the 1st and 2nd round? I mean, getting into UofT before March makes you a keener, pretty much. (No offense intended. I mean keener in a positive way.)
  4. Thank you very much! This was helpful having a recent example. I don't mind moving my accounts to Scotia.
  5. Hello, I'm going to soon be going in to negotiate terms for a LOC. My 1st choice is Scotiabank based on what I've read on this website. Is it prime + 0.5%, or prime + 0.1%? Any other terms I should be aware of? Payment of the principal only begins after the 1st year of articling? Stipulate that the 100k can be used within the 3 years of law school, and that I do not need to spread it out for my year of articling? Anything else I should know? This is just what I've picked up based on the reading I've done here. I'm in Ontario by the way. What have people faced in regards to what they may try to get you to agree to, but that ultimately you don't need to? I understand that with good credit I do not need a cosigner. Can anyone recommend someone specific to talk to about this at Scotiabank? Toronto would be convenient. edit, conversion to a loan 1 year after articling, and the interest rate not rising at any point? Are these also standard?
  6. 7Sage for AR. I'd skip Powerscore for AR unless 7Sage doesn't work. Powerscore Bible for LR. I didn't really find anything helped me for RC (but I also didn't look for much) other than reading the most common advice on the TLS Forum (Top Law Schools Forum). I would register there. They're more helpful for information regarding how to prepare for the LSAT. I wouldn't buy the Powerscore workbooks. I'd also try to study by yourself before enrolling in a class, if you have the time to determine if solo study works for you. I'd also recommend taking a diagnostic (taking a sample LSAT according to the test day regulations, so timed, no more than the one break, etc).
  7. That is actually an incredibly good point. Best point I've seen all week, perhaps the entire month. A great point, maybe the greatest? (((I am kidding, OP. Don't fret, just wait until tomorrow. As someone who is also going through the admissions process and worrying about things, I empathize. But there's nothing to do now. I hope that's comforting.)))
  8. I can't decide if this would feel better or worse than receiving no call at all.
  9. Do you think fewer than that percentage will be able to become patent lawyers due to the difficulty? Also, do you mind answering how many hours you think many engineers work to make comparable incomes to lawyers?
  10. Because I also really enjoy my hobbies, and think I'd like a healthy relationship. But I do agree on the enjoying what you do part. I wouldn't go to law school if I didn't think I was at least as likely to enjoy being a lawyer as I would any other career I could conceivably do.
  11. Dentists are probably the coolest though. 30ish hour work weeks, big bucks... My god, it sounds incredible. And you can freaking go to Australia or the USA (NZ and Ireland too) and get into some easy program (although it would be expensive, but not overall considering the payout), then come back Canada. It's a much easier process than coming back to Canada with a foreign med degree. Sure, they discuss saturation issues, but they still fare really well. And if you go to the boonies, you still get paid well, not like a lawyer.
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