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  1. Did they tell you the amount or did you have to ask?
  2. Would the salaries for most of the litigation or insurance defence firms that are participating in the recruit be the same? If yes, does anyone know their apprx articling salaries?
  3. I have an interview with one my top choices on Tuesday morning because I could not schedule them in the monday morning/afternoon slot that they had suggested. Would I be doing too much in trying to change one of my monday morning interviews to an earlier time and seeing if their (the firm I scheduled for tuesday) originally suggested time is still open? I want to make sure they don't think I am not interested or don't already find the candidates they want by monday. The problem is I don't even know if either of the firms would have the ability to change the times so I don't want to email them then say nvm original time is fine if the changes don't work out. Am I overthinking or should I try to make the change?
  4. How relevant is the time and day of your interview in the articling recruit? I know in the 2L recruit having a Tuesday noonish or even morning first interview meant you pretty much had zero chances. Is this the same type of idea in articling? Or do they care less about interview time and 2nd/3rd interviews?
  5. I’m actually pretty much booked. Don’t even know where I’d schedule them. I’ve called them a bunch of times and even emailed and haven’t gotten any responses. Pretty weird.
  6. If we haven’t gotten a call from a firm we got an itc from is it time to call them ourselves?
  7. I know there is a rule about not taking a course that at some point overlaps with another, but has anyone ever had any experience with Osgoode actually kicking students out of such courses? With classes being online and many not even being live, there aren't as many issues with taking a course that overlaps. So, just wondering if anyone has any experience with how strict the school is with this?
  8. Can anybody who's been through the January portion of ELGC give some details on what to expect? Like what are the general topics? How do the case studies work? and whether we can chose our own essay topic or if its given to us? Thanks
  9. On the topic of emails and slow replies, has anyone gotten their proof of enrolment yet?
  10. Are we only allowed to park in the parking that we asked for in our application? Or is it more of a go to which ever outdoor parking has a spot?
  11. If I sent a scan of the signed tenancy agreement before the deadline I was given to a Donna should I be worried that she has not responded yet? I sent it on Friday and haven’t gotten a response (today is the deadline to respond to the offer).
  12. Did you ever get a response to your preference? I checked out chambers a week ago and know where I’d like a room, but don’t know if I can just email them and say this is the one I want.
  13. Speaking of chambers, is that recruitment email stilll the way to get a tour? Also, do you get to chose the floor, street side, etc before going into a unit? Didn’t see any option when applying.
  14. Did you get this when you applied for the permit or around the start of the semester?
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