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  1. Accepted couples weeks ago from the waitlist! Been lurking these forums for like 4 years so it feels pretty epic to finally be able to post my acceptance. Will be attending and already paid my deposit (had until July 12th to accept)! I was originally waitlisted on April 26th and was told I would be notified by the end of June/early July if a seat becomes available. Found out via email back in April that I was #29 on the waitlist but then I was told via phone a few weeks ago the waitlist was re-arranged and I actually was #17. And then suddenly they accepted a handful of us within the top 20. Not sure how the process works but I'm just happy I'm in! Never give up folks! Stats: Top LSAT: 151 Last90 credits: 76% (so 3.33 ishh roughly) Last60 credits: 80% (so 3.67 ishh roughly) Strong references, Excellent ECs, Special Consideration Applicant. Msg me for any questions or details I have a pretty crazy (in my opinion) underdog story that I wouldn't mind sharing through personal message on how I turned things around and managed to get in if anyone is interested!
  2. Hi! Is that 2.95 with drops or no drops? (and was that 2.95 also same at UofM or higher since they also drop 30 credits). Congrats again!!
  3. That's totally what I thought too! However when I spoke to one of their reps on the phone (inquiring this specific thing) she did mention that the average and top score shouldn't be far apart (which if that's the case damnittt for me haha). Maybe that's something they say like if it comes down to two applicants, the one with top score of 163 (but two other shitty scores) vs one with only one score of 160 maybe they'll choose the latter?
  4. Hi, this is a general question but can anyone share their experience with having their worst LSAT score being their second score? And redeeming themselves with a third score? I'm currently in that situation and although majority of universities claim they look at all LSATS but utilize the top for admission purposes, there are still some (like Queens, and Calgary) that are so vague it's hard to guess how they'll base it. I've even called them and it was still vague (Queens said something like "we use the average to file it statistically but the average and your top score shouldn't be too far apart..lol what..) Looking for personal anecdotes/experiences! Thank you in advance.
  5. Hey Congrats! Do you know what your Manitoba Adjusted GPA would be? or was 3.17 your AGPA ? Cheers!
  6. Hey, so the reason why I wonder is because let's say hypothetically, the sum of my credits (converted to U of M scale) are 120. There is a difference if I divide it in # of courses OR # of 3-credit-chunks . If I did let's say 120 earned credits/29 courses (2 of which happened to be worth 6 credits) then that would be an AGPA of 4.13 (awesome) . But on the other hand, if I did 120 earned credits / 31 (3-credit chunks because 2 of those 29 courses are valued at 6 credits) ; then that drops it to 3.87.
  7. When you average it, to get your AGPA, do you divide it by number of courses (4 courses) or number of 3 credit chunks (5) . I guess basically my question is do I divide it by 4 or 5? For that particular example..
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with calculating my AGPA. I have a a few courses that I received 6.0 credits for, and I'm not sure how to calculate courses that are worth 6 credits. For example, in one course I got an A+ in, and I'm not sure if I count it as a 9 ( because A+ = 4.5 ; 4.5 x 2) or as two separate courses that I got 4.5 and 4.5 in each. Here is a quick example: Example 1: Course 1: A (3 credits) = 4.0 Course 2: B+ ( 3 credits) = 3.5 Course 3: B+ (3 credits) = 3.5 Course 4: A+ (6 credits) = 9 (4.5 *2) (?) 4+3.5+3.5+9 / 4 OR do I calculate it like this: Example 2: Course 1: A (3 credits) = 4.0 Course 2: B+ ( 3 credits) = 3.5 Course 3: B+ (3 credits) = 3.5 Course 4: A+ (6 credits) = 4.5 Course 4 (Again): "" = 4.5 4+3.5+3.5+4.5+4.5 / 5 Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Congrats! Is your 3.2 after drops or before drops? (UNB drops 25% lowest grades if you did a 4 year undergrad) Just Curious
  10. Hi everyone, I have a quick question in regards of the February LSAT. I've taken the LSAT this past September and I am planning on taking it again in February2017. My question is do you think law schools, that accept the February lsat, will wait to see the result of that feb2017 lsat even though there is already an lsat on file(my sept2016 one)? Obviously on my OLSAS and all other applications I made sure to mention I am taking an lsat in February 2017 (I also am going to personally email them just to let them know again) but so does that mean my file will be considered "incomplete/pending". Or will they automatically assess me since the September lsat score is already on file and I have completed my undergrad last year so maybe there is no point waiting for me... I am not taking the December lsat for various reasons (I am not ready for it, I want to ensure my practice score is consistent before taking the lsat, just got a new job so I'm figuring things out, etc etc). This whole law school process for me is a step-by-step one and I am not rushing things, which is why I want to see how February goes. Thanks for the help!
  11. My photo also doesn't completely fill in the thing on my printed LSAT Ticket. I'm not too concerned as I will be bringing literally 5 pieces of ID and also my SIN number which matches my Ticket. I also I as well look exactly like the photo in my printed ticket (obviously).
  12. Hi wow congrats! do you mind sharing your stats Best of luck!
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