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    LSAT scores and offers of admission

    Hey murdoch, thanks for the response! Just in case anyone else needs an answer to this question: I called the Osgoode admissions office and they too have assured that an offer of admission will not be rescinded once made.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering whether law schools will rescind offers of admission based on your LSAT scores. I wrote the LSAT twice, once in September (160) and once in December. I'm considering cancelling my December score since I'm not confident that it would be a significant improvement on my September score (if an improvement at all). I was accepted into Osgoode recently, and I haven't received the mailed admission offer yet, so I don't know what the conditions for the offer are (or whether they would be in any way related to the release of the second LSAT score). I was gunning for UofT so it seems my options are to: 1) Cancel, and essentially give up on UofT 2) Keep the score, and (possibly?) jeopardize admission to other schools. I'm really uncertain about #2 and whether law schools would retract an offer of admission based upon your second LSAT score. So, my questions: 1) If I were to get a score on the December LSAT much lower (say, 150) than my September one, would that affect any current offers of admission? 2) If I cancel my score, would it affect any current or future offers of admission? As in, would schools rescind an offer of acceptance if my December score is cancelled? Or, would it look bad to have a cancelled score? I don't think so, but I wanted to see if anyone had a clearer answer to this. Other info: with regards to my score on the December LSAT, I am pretty sure I scored somewhere within the range of 155-165. So even at the high end it's not particularly competitive for UofT, but it would be an improvement over my first LSAT score. Anyways, I would really appreciate any advice you guys can give me. Thanks!