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  1. It was a good course, but civ pro as a concept is boring. That said, if you intend on practicing litigation or will be covering litigation as part of your articling rotation, you should take this course. Come to think of it, I think it would be helpful for the bar as well.
  2. No, but it’s a prerequisite for related interesting courses.
  3. Anyone can forge an acceptance, best to send in fingerprints or a saliva sample.
  4. Hmm, I missed “for the school event” in my comment about the jeans. Must be articling brain. Anyways, dress for the venue and occasion. I wouldn’t wear jeans to the Shangri-La. Better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  5. If things haven’t changed much since I was a newly admitted student, then you have a welcome reception held at a law firm and one held at the school. Dress a little nicer than you would for the law firm and don’t bring a guest. Dress business casual (or even jeans and a nice sweater) and feel free to bring a guest. I didn’t bring one, but others did and it wasn’t a big deal.
  6. Hey, 1. I think August 10 is fine. I expect that to be the standard date for your peers on Bay Street. You could even do a week earlier than that, I don't think that would be too bad. I'm not sure what MAG's timing is, but it would make sense to finish in early august, so you can participate in the articling recruit if you don't get hired back. 2. I'm not sure, hoping someone else can answer this... But I would operate under the assumption you won't get hired back, and then set a reasonable August end date so you can participate in the recruit (and enjoy some time off before school), order your transcript in May/June, etc. That way, if you do get hired back, great. If you don't, at least you're all set for the recruit.
  7. For people who didn't land a position through OCIs, here's a great article written by someone who did, and realized it wasn't what they wanted.
  8. It just sounded like Adrian was union-side, providing consulting to a union (or group of unions) on bargaining, etc. I wasn't subscribing to "right think". I don't see labour & employment law as divided into good vs bad, I think there's good and bad parts to doing work on either side. But I do prefer management-side.
  9. I'm at a mid-sized boutique. No contract yet, though I did receive the confirmation e-mail.
  10. Thanks for the detailed answer! Is it safe to assume you were union-side as a labour lawyer? I am told the bar is pretty divided, so if you start as management-side, union-side won't want you. Also, would you be able to speak to how large Labour Relations work is in Toronto?
  11. I have heard of two people getting interviews. They submitted their applications last week and were contacted this week.
  12. Do they usually go in-house with one of their clients or do they have to actively seek out this position? Also, can I ask what you do in your role? How much of the law do you use?
  13. I'll do Osgoode. 1. The location: It sucks. Keele and Steeles sucks. You're 45+ minutes from downtown (though I should add that the TTC ride is a breeze and they are building a subway, so it'll be even easier soonish). It also feels particularly windy in some places on campus. I'm told they tried to design it after UCLA's campus, not sure if true. 2. Safety issues: I haven't been getting as many e-mail alerts as usual, but safety is a bit of an issue on campus in general. Last year, we received alerts about assaults and robberies in the general Osgoode vicinity (south side of campus near the residences) during evenings/nights. GoSafe can walk you to your car/bus/home, but it can be a hassle to wait around for them. Around the time it got really bad last year, I left campus before sundown or arranged for a ride if I knew I was staying past 7. 3. The tuition: It's $25,000+ this year, folks. 4. The class size: This may or may not matter to some people. You'll get to know your section (approx 70 people) pretty well, and may not meet may people outside of it. Personally, it doesn't matter to me but I do find it weird that there are people in my year I'll probably never meet. 5. The smell in the basement: The basement (and the library's basement) sometimes reek of (what I think is) backed up sewage. It's disruptive and gives some of us a headache. You eventually get used to it. 6. No A- or B- grades: We follow York's grading scheme, and therefore, do not have A- or B- (or C- for that matter) grades. Not a big deal, but I would take an A- over a B+, and a B- over a C+ any day. 7. The e-mails: Because there's so much going on in the building, we get molested with e-mails all day every day. 8. The geese: They're everywhere and so is their poop. I'm going to stop at 8 because some of these are so trite, I think you can tell I'm running out of things to complain about.
  14. I know someone who stayed at UofT during a summer, and it seemed to be very worth it for the price/proximity to most places. He seemed to really enjoy living there.
  15. On Tuesday, I had two firsts, and two seconds and an event. Didn't want to die as much as I did on Monday, but I was still tired. As for the rest of my Monday interviews: one scheduled a second for Wednesday, one dinged me early, and one I didnt like and didn't show any interest in, so that ended quickly.
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