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  1. I was a transfer student 2 years ago and just fyi there used to be a club created by transfer students to organize events so you could all get to know each other and share tips etc. but no one was able to take it over after graduation i don't think. if any of you want, once you start school you can email Mya Rimon (main contact person for a lot of stuff at Osgoode) and ask her for the list of transfer students and you can send out an email to everyone with a link to an fb group or a meetup etc. Also, there's a summary bank at Osgoode run by legal and lit and to get the password you need to submit a summary of your own to add to the bank, but since you're transfer students you won't have summaries for any Osgoode courses, so you can email legal and lit (probably the vp internal) and ask for the password to the summary bank and in the past they've given it out to transfer students.
  2. I'm sorry you're going through that. Like other people have said talking to a therapist could be a good option but affordability might be an issue, so I want to also suggest talking to your family doctor if you have a good relationship with him/her. You could talk to them kind of as counselling maybe (some family drs do that) or they might have a social worker who works in their office who you could talk to as counselling covered by ohip, or they could refer you to community resources for counselling. the social worker in their office might also be able to help you plan moving out etc.
  3. All my info is just anecdotal, but I would agree about the business law workshops with Davies (i applied and didn't get it, and also generally have heard that they're popular). Idk that i would agree about Parkdale since I remember last year there were further calls for applications going out in the summer saying that spots weren't all filled by the applicants in the winter. I think that volunteering at Parkdale once a week with the commissioning clinic is maybe competitive, but doing the intensive where you work there for the entire semester i think is a bit less so since a lot of people maybe don't want to give up their entire semester of courses. I also think that the one where you do an international human rights placement is competitive but i forget what it's called.
  4. In my year acceptances (i think) began going out mid-July, which was after course selection (but Osgoode has quite a lot of course offerings and some courses are offered more than once per year so it wasn't that big of a deal i don't think).
  5. i got my email today :))) thanks everyone
  6. Thanks everyone! There is a class award for this class, guess I'll just have to wait and see if I hear anything haha. Also just wondering if anyone has heard anything about any awards (discretionary, class, grad)? If anyone does hear maybe they could post here just that the notifications have gone out? Just curious so I'm not just waiting when actually they've gone out already.
  7. yeah the course i'm asking about does have a prize that's listed on the osgoode website, it's a small-ish course, just wondering (i think 25 people ish).
  8. Anyone heard anything about discretionary / class / grad awards? Also, if you get an A+ in a class does that mean you got the highest grade and will likely get a class award for that class (assuming there is one)? Thank you!!!
  9. don't have experience with that prof (i took it with williams, which was not great but fine lol) but i would definitely strongly recommend business associations in general. it used to be required but isn't anymore, but i think it's pretty foundational and the concepts definitely show up on the bar and i think generally in lots of areas of practice. and like i said before: evidence (i took it with davies/goddard who were great).
  10. To give my advice (I just finished 3L at Oz), i don't really know about each of your individual chances, but I have a friend who had a C in torts and a mix of otherwise good grades (not straight A+s) and got a 2L summer job at a bay st firm. also, even if you only get a few OCIs, i only got 3 OCIs and 1 in-firm and ended up getting the job from that in-firm, so it's not the end of the world if you don't have too many. you can even look at the silver lining that you'll have more time to prepare for the ones you do have. my advice though in general would be to apply broadly.
  11. would strongly recommend evidence, it was very interesting and i also think it's useful.
  12. I can throw in my two cents. I did 1L at Western and transferred to Osgoode. I did my undergrad at UBC. I think that Western's law building is pretty from the outside (nice brick), but inside is underwhelming. Osgoode's building is nicer, and so is UBC's in my opinion. I'm willing to bet so is UofT's but don't know about other schools. HOWEVER - the building was nice enough and it didn't negatively affect my time there. there were always more than enough electrical outlets and i never had any negative issues. i wouldn't call it ugly. it did its job. i was comfortable going to class there, studying in the library there, meeting with profs there etc. it good classrooms and a chill area in chambers and also a like student hangout room where there's a pool table and there are couches. and it has a cafe. i don't really know what to say about it, i don't think that western's law building is something that would entice you to go to the school just on the basis of that (though idk if that should ever be that big of a factor) but i also don't think it should be a negative or dissuade you from going to western in any way.
  13. haha okay that is also true. that's kind of been my mindset about working during the school year. i worked a lot during the school year in undergrad, which definitely affected my grades, and at the end of the day it was like i earned 2k over the year, which was helpful but idk if it was worth almost not getting into law school over lol. and yeah i guess this will only be 6 weeks. thanks for your input.
  14. yeah that's what i was thinking. after hearing everyone's advice i'm definitely gonna decline the full-time job, but yeah i think i'll try to see if near where i live i can get a 1 or 2 day a week part-time job like in a cafe or clothing store or something, which like i probably won't be studying 24hrs a day 7 days a week anyways so i think it should be ok / i can always just quit if it's too much lol.
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