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  1. Would you mind PMing me too? I'm currently a MAG articling student
  2. i'm articling with MAG right now and i just checked in my email and last year they didn't reach out to me after the initial hiring period until early May when they emailed to set up an appointment to come in and fill out some hiring documents before i would start.
  3. I took a vacation after the end of exams in 3L. i started studying May 1, which a lot of people told me is the latest you should start studying for the bar exams (but still acceptable). ofc it's different for each person and depends on your study style and how confident you are with the exam materials and your test taking skills etc etc.
  4. thanks so much for your input everyone, i really appreciate it. i'm going to talk to my principal this week and as was suggested will just raise it as a discussion before making a formal request, and i'll see what she thinks and we can talk it through, and then i'll go from there.
  5. I'm articling for the government (don't want to disclose too much for fear of id). I was wondering if any of you could offer any insight into getting accommodations during my articling year. I don't want to disclose too much (and similarly don't want to disclose too much to my employer for fear of stigma) but my family dr has suggested that I ask my employer if I can receive accommodation in the form of working from home 1x/week. This is something counsel at our office are allowed to do but not articling students. This would really really really help me to better manage my health symptoms and appointments. And my family dr is willing to provide documentation verifying this. First of all I'm nervous that my employer will say no. Second of all even if they do say yes I'm worried that it'll affect my reputation and chances of hireback or reference letter, or even general reputation in the legal community. edit: also just for info i'm thinking of first bringing this up with my principal (who's really nice), and getting her feedback and then eventually it would be our director or the office manager who would approve it. Any insights would be much appreciated - thank you!
  6. forgot to quote your post but see my answer above ^
  7. the extra time is determined by the accessibility office based on your disability, and you can talk to them about what you think is reasonable. it's not a blanket accommodation for anyone with a disability who's at osgoode. it's individualized. there are also other accommodations, like being able to write in a separate room, having flexible deadlines, and getting access to recordings, etc. the people at the accessibility office are really helpful and will discuss everything with you to make an individualized plan. this is their website: https://accessibility.students.yorku.ca/ i would recommend making an appointment with them to discuss. also, i think they do it like you get X extra time per hour, so if you got an extra 15 minutes per hour, that would be 45 minutes added onto a 3-hour exam, for example.
  8. i also just want to add that getting a mental health diagnosis from my family dr was soooo helpful for me and i regret not doing it sooner. because of opening up to my family dr and getting that diagnosis i was able to be referred to a social worker in my family dr's office for ohip-covered therapy sessions, learn about a lot of community resources, see a psychiatrist and get on meds that help a lot, see my family dr for mental health check-in appointments, get referred to an ohip-covered therapy group at camh, get accommodations in law school, and get a grant from osap for people with disabilities. in my experience it hasn't affected my LSO applications or anything to do with me being a lawyer, and it's been really helpful.
  9. ok in my personal experience it hasn't had any effect at all. i'm almost 100% positive that it doesn't, and the only reason i'm adding the caveat of the almost is because i'm an articling student and i'm scared to ever say anything 100% for sure lol.
  10. I can't say for sure but not as far as i know. i have a mental illness diagnosis and didn't have any issues submitting my LSO documents in 3L. i'm an articling student now and it's never come up as an issue for me.
  11. hey everyone! i'm a recent Osgoode grad and just wanted to get the word out here about some of the mental health services that are available through Osgoode since I feel like not everyone knows about them, and I personally only found out about a lot of these in my last year of law school. since i'm a paranoid articling student i'll just add that i'm not guaranteeing that any of this info is accurate and if you're in crisis you should call 911 and visit your nearest emergency room. There's a helpful (non-exhaustive) page that i helped L&L put together that you can see here: http://www.legalandlit.ca/mental-health-resources/. some things I want to highlight (links and further info for all of these + many other amazing resources are on the L&L page linked above): 1. you can get free counselling (doesn't have to be academic related, can be about any personal issues) from social workers who work at Osgoode. You can book the appointment with them on MyCareer and can see them multiple times. you can talk to them about anything you want. you can just use the sessions to talk to them about your issues, but they can also refer you to resources outside of osgoode, and also let you know about the services available within osgoode and york. 2. our Greenshield Insurance covers $50 per therapy visit, for up to 12 visits (so $600 total). 3. accommodations - you can talk to Mya Rimon about this for an initial consultation to get info, and you eventually register through York Student Accessibility Services. accommodations can mean extra time on exams, but also lots of other things too (i.e. flexible deadlines, access to lecture recordings from profs who don't publicly record them, writing your exams in a separate room). you also don't have to use your accommodations if you're granted them, so if you think you might have an issue you can just get permission for the accommodation but it doesn't mean you have to use it. 4. Appletree Medical Centre in York Lanes - you can go there if you need to see a walk-in dr and i personally haven't been there but i'm pretty sure u can bring up mental health concerns to them like u would to any dr and you can ask for a referral to a psychiatrist. they used to have one on staff and might still. non-Osgoode specific 1. this one i wish i'd known about since undergrad - you can get a grant from OSAP for having a disability, which includes mental health disabilities if you have a doctor's diagnosis. you can get a general grant, and then you can also get approx. $2000 per semester to use for therapy. 2. family doctor - if you need a family dr in Toronto, a lot of hospitals have a family medicine team and will accept anyone who lives in their catchment area. hospitals that do this are St. Joe's, Toronto Western, St. Mike's, and Sunnybrook. All this info is on the L&L website but i just wanted to 1) publicize that link since it's a bit buried on their website and 2) highlight some things that were particularly helpful for me.
  12. I was a transfer student 2 years ago and just fyi there used to be a club created by transfer students to organize events so you could all get to know each other and share tips etc. but no one was able to take it over after graduation i don't think. if any of you want, once you start school you can email Mya Rimon (main contact person for a lot of stuff at Osgoode) and ask her for the list of transfer students and you can send out an email to everyone with a link to an fb group or a meetup etc. Also, there's a summary bank at Osgoode run by legal and lit and to get the password you need to submit a summary of your own to add to the bank, but since you're transfer students you won't have summaries for any Osgoode courses, so you can email legal and lit (probably the vp internal) and ask for the password to the summary bank and in the past they've given it out to transfer students.
  13. I'm sorry you're going through that. Like other people have said talking to a therapist could be a good option but affordability might be an issue, so I want to also suggest talking to your family doctor if you have a good relationship with him/her. You could talk to them kind of as counselling maybe (some family drs do that) or they might have a social worker who works in their office who you could talk to as counselling covered by ohip, or they could refer you to community resources for counselling. the social worker in their office might also be able to help you plan moving out etc.
  14. All my info is just anecdotal, but I would agree about the business law workshops with Davies (i applied and didn't get it, and also generally have heard that they're popular). Idk that i would agree about Parkdale since I remember last year there were further calls for applications going out in the summer saying that spots weren't all filled by the applicants in the winter. I think that volunteering at Parkdale once a week with the commissioning clinic is maybe competitive, but doing the intensive where you work there for the entire semester i think is a bit less so since a lot of people maybe don't want to give up their entire semester of courses. I also think that the one where you do an international human rights placement is competitive but i forget what it's called.
  15. In my year acceptances (i think) began going out mid-July, which was after course selection (but Osgoode has quite a lot of course offerings and some courses are offered more than once per year so it wasn't that big of a deal i don't think).
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