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  1. Results have just been released. Best of luck to all!
  2. Similar to Rinsky above! I'm bilingual and didn't get interviewed. Grew up speaking both English and French at home, attended fully French and French immersion schools and then an English-speaking university, have held jobs in both fully English and fully French environments, etc. In terms of EC's, I've held multiple leadership positions in different organizations/campus groups throughout undergrad and usually balanced 2-3 part-time jobs. Got a few awards/scholarships (related to academics and community involvement) and conducted an independent research project in my final year. Nothing that really stands out, honestly. My referees did know me quite well though, both from class and different EC's - which I assume led to stronger letters. Not sure it matters, but I spent considerably more effort on the PS for McGill than the other schools I applied to.
  3. Got the email a few hours ago! Ahh so incredibly excited right now. Good luck to everyone! LSAT: 171 and cGPA: 3.85
  4. In as of yesterday as well. In queue from Dec. 3rd, I believe. cGPA: 3.85, LSAT: 171
  5. Yep, just received mine today! I'm located in Toronto as well.
  6. Got the call on my cell. (Although I'm not even sure if I put down my home number.)
  7. Hm, that is odd. I'm definitely glad they did in my case - seeing as I hadn't been expecting acceptances to be going out already and likely wouldn't have bothered calling back. Although I suppose I would have found out soon enough!
  8. I'm really not sure at the moment, unfortunately. Either school would work quite well for me. I think I'll have to visit the different campuses to help me decide.
  9. Actually, I found out I got in through a voicemail this morning!
  10. In as well! Couldn't log in to InfoWeb until today and just found out Stats: cGPA - 3.85 and LSAT - 171
  11. Oops, by letters, I really meant the personal statement.
  12. Got the call as well. Ahh. LSAT: 171, cGPA: 3.85. Fairly strong letters and extracurriculars. Good luck everyone!
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