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  1. Check with each institution you are applying to. I went to three different colleges before I finally went to Uni and I know each school I applied to looked at alllll my grades. Anecdotal yes, but I hope it helps !
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys. For me, I am fortunate enough that debt really isn't an issue. I was leaning towards staying at the U of A as my family is there. However, an individual lawyer we know and trust (who went to McGill) said an Osgoode degree would set you up for life, open up more doors, and is worth it as Bay Street, NY and even going back to Alberta would all still be available.
  3. As per the title, I have narrowed down my choice to these two schools. I know the old adage goes 'go to school where you want to practice' however, I do not know or care where I practice as it stands right now. Moving is nothing new for me (7 cities in 5 years) and I honestly did not even think I would get into Oz, so with saying that, is Bay street a possibility? Thanks in advance everyone.
  4. Accepted this morning ! CGPA 4.0 LSAT 155 in queue since November 22
  5. Haha nah, there are a lot of individuals like me, not much identifying info at all !
  6. I'm from Canada originally, and with Trump lowering the amount of H1B visas and my atrocious LSAT, the cost benefit of an American law degree (as with my lsat, I would not get into a T-14) there is zero reward of me mortgaging my future on a degree mill from the United States hoping I will be able to pay off my student debt in 25 years.
  7. Been in queue since Nov 20th LSAT 155 CGPA 4.0 B2/L2 4.0 EC's-very good, NCAA student athlete, year of professional sports, thesis presentation in Washington DC Best of luck to everyone waiting like me !
  8. http://www.top-law-schools.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7240 Memorize the above link. From TLS. Took me from -19 to -4 on test day.
  9. Got in last Friday, cGPA 4.0 LSAT 155 good luck to everyone waiting !
  10. Hey all, just got the email Friday ! Was so excited I forgot to reply back! B2/L2/CPGA: 4.0 LSAT 155 Absolutely ecstatic, cannot wait ! Best of luck to everyone !
  11. Hey guys, just received my LSAT score, was wondering what my chances would be at the U of A, really dont want to rewrite, working three jobs, can't afford to quit either of the three. Thanks ! CPGA/L2/L3/ 4.0 LSAT: 155
  12. Honestly, it depends, generally I am at an 18-19 for RC LR can vary from 13-21 some days and games goes from 13-19 (answers correct)
  13. Hey all, going through some tough times studying for the September LSAT. I have been studying since march, got a diagnostic of 133 (I know) and am now scoring between a 151-155. As we speak, I have 20 credits to graduate, and have a 4.00 while taking 6 classes a semester, playing varsity athletics, and volunteering as a peer tutor in my school. I know I obviously need a higher LSAT score to get where I want to go, and am wondering if it wise to renege from my original plan to take the September LSAT, just focus on finishing my degree and studying for the LSAT, then taking the next December LSAT in order tog et my goal of 165+. I would rather not waste my time. 2 years of my life studying for this test, but clearly, it looks like I have to. What do you guys think/suggest? For studying, I have a tutor where we meet 5x a week, then I pt and drill from powerscore packets. I just seem at a loss of what to do...
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