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  1. LawyerBryant

    JD 5 or 10 years down the road

    I've had friends who went big law , saved money , and left and started their own business totally unrelated to law.
  2. A few questions open to those equipped to handle such questions: do criminal defense lawyers largely charge on a flat-fee basis? do you often experience that your clients are willing to pay or do you often times have to go back and forth with them discussing a reasonable price to charge? do clients ever bail out and not pay you after the work has been completed? are there any measures in place to prevent clients from not paying despite the legal work having been completed? thanks
  3. nothing you mentioned I think makes lawyers obsolete, I think. If people want to be self-reps when facing legal a issues, equipped with technology that presumably helps them prepare themselves as self-reps, that's on them. I find it hard to imagine people, when facing pressing legal issues with serious consequences, would soley rely on themselves + the latest and best legal technology.
  4. Perhaps the worst time to want to go into big law with hopes of a sustainable 100k salary is now.
  5. Very informative video that can be helpful to clueless law students. It's funny in that all these prospective and current law students thrive to get a big law job when they fail to realize the big law model is failing and will be nonexistent in several years , but also that lawyers in big law aren't the main players anymore. Meaning, law students aiming for big law will not only have to compete with other law students for a handful of jobs but also compete with skilled coders and software engineers amongst others. This is because law firms gojng forward will not need even half the lawyers they employ now. Instead they will hire a handful of lawyers complemented with a diverse team of tech/ and math majors since the technology law firms will be adapting going forward to provide legal services will need these individuals to continuously advance the technology but also maintain and ensure it operates at efficient levels.
  6. LawyerBryant

    What is it like to be a U of A Law student?

    How much was tuition this year? I can't seem to find that information available anywhere on the UofA website.
  7. I know it's been said that many proceedings of a crimes committed do not go to trial, but in your experience , how many times have you been to trial? Also, what are the biggest differences in plea negotiations and going to trial in regards to preparation, advocacy and persuasion, and negotiation? Thanks.
  8. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-37727387 i wanted to know what you thought it the article above. do you think machines capable of predicting the outcomes of cases could significantly aid in the realm of criminal law or hurt you as a CD attorney? how do you think clients, who represent themselves in criminal and equipped with such technology, would fare in criminal court?
  9. i do not have a practice. i will be entering my first year of law next sept. And yes, i was referring to legal research for the most part. i do not imagine the AI technology to be a competent, persuasive, and empathetic negotiator. i guess this leaves me with the question of if the mundane tasks that entry level associates usually do are now being replaced with automated machines, what will the entry level associates be doing instead?
  10. with AI technology being able to emulate many parts of the job that lawyers do, is it even worth it to pursue law school? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3589795/Your-AI-lawyer-IBM-s-ROSS-world-s-artificially-intelligent-attorney.html Also, if such technology is so efficient and easy to use, why use a lawyer? why would client turn to lawyers to help them when technology such as ROSS can be used by client themselves?
  11. LawyerBryant

    Accepted to Alberta 2017

    is this your last two years (60 credits)
  12. LawyerBryant

    Accepted to Alberta 2017

    congrats. Was your acceptance conditional?
  13. LawyerBryant

    Accepted to Manitoba 2017

    Are any of you aware of the index cutoff this year? Also, congrats!
  14. LawyerBryant

    Early Admission? 76.67

    76.6Is enough for early admission I would think.