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  1. wow they're starting pretty early. When did you send in your app?
  2. On the viRecruitPortal it says the Toronto Articling session wont open until May 28, so I don't think we'll know who is participating until then.
  3. Hi does anyone have answers to a past civ pro exam (ideally for the practitioners but not picky) and willing to share? Can't seem to track one down, and I have no idea how to approach writing an answer. On a side note, any tips for preparing for civ pro? Everything seems like a blur atm. Should I be aiming to memorize as much as I can, or getting comfortable with the summary to refer back to? Thanks
  4. In my experience, once you firm accept, you can email your school addmissions contact and they should be able to send you a letter of enrolment
  5. Quick question regarding summaries: Do we leave them after the exam or do we take it with us? Also, I've seen some upper years with binded summaries, is this necessary? Where does one get binding done? Would stapling or putting it in a binder do the trick?
  6. Is it normal not to get a bank card for the line of credit with Scotia? I was told I have to purchase on my credit card and then transfer the money from my loc.
  7. Hey any advice on laptops? I'm leaning towards a macbook air but I was wondering if this would cause any issues in terms of the the exam software or sharing cans (in case they are Microsoft word docs). Any advice would be appreciated. Also are we going to get any sort of welcome email before school starts about orientation and what not?
  8. Hi I was wondering how important it is to live close to downtown? The place I'm looking at now is amazing and about a 6 minute bus ride to masonville mall. I'm concerned with missing out on social gatherings because I will we further from dt and from what I've read most law students live there. However, I have a friend at another law school who said that she really didn't have that much time to go out more than 2 or 3 times a month once school started. Am I over thinking this?
  9. Congratulionson your acceptance!! You can hold your spot by provisionally accepting and paying the deposit. When I accepted my offer I only did so through olsas and then my portal was updated a few days later.
  10. I had the same issue. I voiced my concern and ultimately had my advisor send in a request for an increase which was granted. He said he would apply for the increase each year so it shouldn't be a problem in the future. I also showed him my acceptance package that showed the estimated yearly tuition.
  11. Are those with a business degree given preference?
  12. Perhaps apply to finish your degree at another university? I had a friend complete the final year of her degree in another province because her family had moved.
  13. I asked my advisor about this yesterday and he said I was eligible for the bonus points, just have to spend $500 within the first 3 months.
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