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  1. neymarsr

    Halifax LSAT

  2. neymarsr

    What type of Law is each school known for?

    I agree with the above. If you're not 100 percent orientated towards insurance defence and therefore set on Dalhousie, then I don't think you can really go wrong with any other school.
  3. neymarsr

    What type of Law is each school known for?

    No clue why. One of their recruiters told me at my interview that Dal students just had "that look". Whatever the hell that means.
  4. neymarsr

    What type of Law is each school known for?

    Dalhousie is pretty well known for insurance defence. Apparently TD and Intact are now recruiting straight out of 1L.
  5. neymarsr

    The Law School Show Callout for Hosts

  6. neymarsr

    Imposter Syndrome

    How so?
  7. neymarsr

    Office Romance

    Not sure how to delete a post but I'm bowing out on this one. Taking erin's advice and walking away
  8. neymarsr

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    Often they are two in the same.
  9. neymarsr

    Reference letters from other students

    I wouldn't give it much weight but I might just be cynical. If the students are the heads of the organizations you were volunteering for it makes sense though. If I were you I'd try to find some better references if you can before resorting to using students.
  10. neymarsr

    Multiple employment offers

    I'm a few months into articles and I'm sick of setting dates (note none of mine have ever been contested). I'm begging my principal to throw me a bone. A parking ticket or a even a joint sentencing, anything will do!!!!!!!
  11. neymarsr

    Multiple employment offers

    I can tell you're not from my neck of the woods cause 70k is far and above anything their paying on the east coast for 1st years. I have no advice to offer but I'm curious what kind of court experience you got during articling that sets you apart from the pack? Am I wrong to assume that the majority of articling students get atleast some small claims and summary offence experience?
  12. neymarsr

    Do Law Schools check social media??

    Ahahaha. You sound like a modern day George Costanza. Work history and volunteer work is essentially all a LinkedIn profile is too. You might aswell change your name to something cool and adopt an alternative personality.
  13. neymarsr

    Student Average Hours/Week

    Hmmmm you guys aren't leaving at 5 pm? What time do you crazies generally go home?
  14. neymarsr

    Advice for finding articling before/during 3L

    To give you an idea of your situation if you're planning on continuing to look for work in NS, based on this year's postings (September - now) for artilcing jobs: - one regional firm routinely recruits 1-2 3Ls. These positions are pretty competitive however. - using this year as an estimate, about 2-3 in-house positions may come up (think insurance companies and large Atlantic corporations). - from what ive heard and seen, about 4-5 postings for articling positions with smaller firms came up (think 1 - 8 lawyer firms). These jobs were scattered throughout the province however. Adding that up, you can likely expect at least 8 postings for NS articling positions to come up during your 3L year. I think your main issue is that a fair amount of these positions will be posted and filled during the September term (while you're away). You can always be proactive though and keep up with the job postings while you're away. Also, these are just the actual postings. There's likely a fair bit more of available jobs that can only be found by networking throughout the province. Anyway, those are just the numbers (albeit based on anecdotal experience), if you're planning on continuing to look in NS. Given the current economic climate in our humble province, the potential job numbers likely improve the more you move west.
  15. neymarsr

    Advice for finding articling before/during 3L

    Why no criminal? That's the fun stuff