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  1. Lol at moving to St. John (no offence New Brunswickers). From what I hear from friends, the big three out here (Stewart McKelvey, Cox & Palmer and Mccinis Cooper) start at around 65k and go up between 5-7k a year after that. For us plebs not at the big three, it’s less. How much less depends on the firm. There’s a few boutiques where people are probably making similar money, but the rest are up in the air.
  2. I don’t work there but I hear it’s great. Maybe check Yelp for more details.
  3. I can’t see a firm offering 20k - 30k for a variety of reasons but mainly based on how insulting that is to the applicant. What a way to start off a working relationship. I mean at that point why wouldn’t they just offer a fee split. At 20k - 30k, they are literally telling you you’re worth less than an assistant (not meant to be a shot at assistants).
  4. Lol relax big guy. Take the one that feels right.
  5. Strongly agree. I work primarily out of an area in my province where certificates are abundant and legal aid actively searches out defence lawyers to take certificates. At the same time, I would partly out of a another area in my provinces where, without referrals, I’d have no files. Getting on the certificate list essentially did nothing because some of the defence lawyers accepting work are so established that they effectively get it all.
  6. My bosses never really discussed dress code with me or the other associates apart from telling us not to look sloppy. I usually rock a dress shirt and dress pants most days with the occasional tie and suit when I’m in court that day. Do many people have explicit dress codes that are enforced? Seems lame.
  7. I know this has already been discussed here, but with the votes in and the NDP keeping control of B.C., what are peoples thoughts on this drastic and what now seems inevitable change? If you’re a PI lawyer in B.C. who’s income depends on MVA claims, what’s the game plan here? Are we likely to see a exodus of lawyers from B.C. to the jurisdictions where money can still be made? You’d think it would also affect summer jobs and articling positions in B.C. (and by extension there will be more people applying for the jobs that remain and jobs in other provinces). Oh boy. I don’t like this. No I don’t like this at all.
  8. I don’t have a good story but remember that it was the first weekend after starting articling. While at the bar, I got an email from a partner around 10:30 pm on a Saturday night asking if I could look into a evidentiary issue for a motion he had coming up in two weeks time. Got it done in about an hour and a half Sunday morning while watching soccer. Always left me feeling bad for the partner though - and a tad concerned about his social life. Now that it’s a been a few years since I try to ask if he’s up for a few beers whenever we work on a file together. I gotta get that guy out and about.
  9. Due to Covid my hearings have been few and far in between from May until August (other than contested bails). I have a number of hearings in September and just finished the first of the bunch last Friday. While doing my submissions, I couldn’t help wondering and questioning things the judge was doing and whether or not it was a tell of their position. This may be a dumb question, but I’m curious if any of the more seasoned litigation vets here have any tips or just general comments on how to know (or guess) how a judge is going to decide based on their conduct during a hearing?
  10. Did they atleast get reduced work hours?
  11. You must have some experience you can sell to employers. What area of law is your ideal job in? No one has experience (or at least usable experience) in all areas of law. I’d try and narrow down what type of area of law you want to potentially work in in the future and try your best at gaining related or transferable experience in that area which you can sell and talk up to potential employers.
  12. Any idea what most 1 - 3 year associates are billing per month in hours and $$? I find there’s a big variance when I talk about this with friends from other firms.
  13. For some reason I read this at “.5” and really emphasized with you. Gotta get those billable hours!!!
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