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  1. For jurisdictions where clerking doesn't fully complete the articling this is not a problem. Typically you would secure the clerkship first during 2L winter and then continue with articling applications as usual that 2L summer, with the benefit of having secured the clerkship already. Then you would proceed to your clerkship after 3L then do a shortened article with the firm to complete the articling requirement and you were in no worse position (and probably better) than other articling students. I guess you are in a jurisdiction like Ontario where you can be called to the bar just with the clerkship? I would have thought can still apply as you described above in 2L summer for a counsel position after clerkship instead of an articling position. I would think government positions would typically be fine with that. Perhaps it varies for private firms as suggested in the other posts.
  2. If you are in 3rd year now, you are not behind. Any position you got this summer would line up well for after your clerkship, so you basically get a second shot at it now and can apply more broadly than the first time. If you don't get a position by the start of your clerkship, you will keep looking during your clerkship. If you do well during your clerkship the judges may be able to help you as many of them are former partners and a reference letter from them will carry weight. It is not unusual as I know one or two clerks who did not secure a position until during their clerkship and they benefited from that networking.
  3. When I went to law school I thought I would prefer academic options or solicitor work. Now I probably enjoy litigation the most and being in Court. I enjoy working as a government lawyer because I can focus on the law rather than having to have part of my mind dedicated to the business side of praticing law, including accumulating clients. U of A is a good law school with good professors and a solid choice if you want to work in Alberta.
  4. Graduate residence is also good if it is available but again you have to rent through the summer, I think.
  5. Downtown is not worth living at, particularly during law school. If I was a woman I would certainly not feel safe living downtown. Something close to campus and/or Whyte will certainly suit you better. Arena district is a fun place to visit but you do not want to live there.
  6. Is there not already a thread made for this? Seems like there isn't. Did anyone get an interview call for Federal Court or FCA yet?
  7. I ended up renting an apartment at Macdonald Estates. I'll be finishing up my articles downtown (clerked first).
  8. I heard mainstreet (downtown) has a serious bed bug problem. Looking for feedback on the other options.
  9. Is anyone here a member? How have your experiences been with it? Is it worth joining?
  10. Anyone hear from FCA yet?
  11. Thanks! I've been reading that it often comes out via email, rather than phone?
  12. Does anyone know when SCC interview calls tend to go out? Is it done by phone or via email?
  13. What is the scale for listing proficiency in French? If you don't think you can handle a French interview, do you just list 'basic' or is there some number scale?
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