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  1. 100% yes. Do not miss. So fun, you get to know your classmates, it's awesome. (Grain of salt though because this year admin is taking it on so no idea if they'll be able to preserve the craziness of orientation)
  2. Okay. You're not in the situation. They issue calls for applications far after the initial application deadline - there is not actually enough demand for the number of spaces available, and there are usually not that many people who apply and attend from other schools (I assume because of how expensive it is - and this is only in the last few years, which also makes sense if you look at the job market for young lawyers now vs a few years ago). It's also not empathy to tell someone else to miss out on an opportunity entirely because they're going to miss a few days of it. If you're going to start getting worked up about every law student who takes a spot in a law school class and then skips class, for example, you're going to have an extremely long three years. Relax. The only question for OP though is if there's mandatory attendance - because of how intensive classes at the Castle are, there might be, in which case you might not be able to attend. But it's also very far in advance - you can plan on going to the Castle but who knows, maybe you'll get a 1L job or change your mind or whatever - don't limit yourself at this point because of something that may or may not be an issue.
  3. Yeah don't worry about this. There are plenty of seats, almost everyone who wants to go gets to go. And, a decent number of people will miss this amount of class anyway just because of travelling/being sick/whatever so if you want to go for it, go for it.
  4. My advice is actually the opposite - the large firms the initial post was aimed at all have Word Processing departments that specialize in just these weird formatting issues - so get to know them well and know when it's going to be more efficient for you to send it to them and spend a few more hours working on lawyer stuff rather than struggling with word on your own (at midnight...). I was always told the firm would rather you send stuff out because they're better at it and it saves them from having to fix a completely wonky doc at the very end if they're involved in it throughout. (obviously, only relevant if you have the resource) That's also a piece of advice - learn how to use your support staff well. If you have an assistant in the summer, have an initial conversation about their workload and get to know who they work for and what kind of capacity they may have, and then don't be afraid to use it. Sometimes that means dictating due diligence and getting it typed up if you have too much to handle and your assistant can handle it, and it honestly saves a ton of time at crunch times if you use it wisely.
  5. Are all of Martin's offers done? If those are done then it's over, right? At least as long as it's done according to seniority?
  6. Today? I know yesterday but if offers for sure are still going out today the dream is alive!
  7. Has anyone heard from the SCC today?
  8. Has anyone gotten a confirmation of receipt of the writing sample from the SCC yet?
  9. a few years ago, fasken pulled out of the recruit last minute and didn't tell anyone. might be happening again if no one has heard this late?
  10. Crossing my fingers for you! Anyone have any tips for prepping for the committee?
  11. Also, who’s using the committee and who’s doing their own interviews?
  12. Does it seem like people or bots/a mail merge? Aka is it over?
  13. From a specific justice, or the panel? (If you can say!)
  14. shoot, yes you're right. I missed interviews are a week earlier this year!
  15. I think last year the first mention of interview offers was closer to family day - like feb 15-17 onwards. but i second legalqueen - please post if/when you get one!
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