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  1. SECTION B! small group 3... who else?!
  2. I joined the group late, so I can't see the invite list... how many ppl are going?
  3. I also just opened up a spot at Western... I've firmly accepted Oz... good luck to everyone still waiting!
  4. Hey everyone... thanks!! Yes, I've firmly accepted at OZ! Can't wait for Sept... ! Anyone going to the get togehter on Friday?
  5. Hey everyone! I was away last week on holiday.. and I"M IN FINALLY!... blended of 3.71! got my package yesterday!
  6. trankel... thanks for the nice words I will keep everyone posted!
  7. robh.... I called today and they hadn't received my marks yet, but I told Louise that my blended should go up to 3.71 and she said that was a def. admit . Maybe they just updated your four year cgpa and didn't do your best 3 yr review yet... I'm sure they will but call them and ask for sure.. and then we're both in !!
  8. My grades have not yet been updated.. but my new blended will be 3.71...so I guess I will be in soon... but what if they are no more spots by the time they update?!
  9. Reserved is just a way they code the lot types... students can def. apply... there are unreserved lots, and then reserved lots.. reserved ones are usually smaller and cost more because they are really close to main buildings
  10. robh.... Nice! You haven't been updated though have you?
  11. With my updated marks and the best 3 yrs review my blended is going to go from 3.61 to 3.71! UPDATEEEEEEEE soon!
  12. I just sent my TRF in on Monday and mine aren't updated. The lady at OUAC said it takes a week or so from when they receive your TRF
  13. Why did they update you so late? What is your situation? Because they updated you after the rest of the fall semester updates maybe they are lumping you in with the "new batch" of people that will be updated when those final marks come in. But even so, with the 3.63 you still have a good chance. Try calling Louise or Vicky at their direct extensions, I've gotten through to them easily before!
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