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  1. After waiting about 3 months after my French interview I got rejected. They said I had many positives in my application but in the end they weren't convinced my French was good enough. They gave me the option to call back as I was in class, I could have read the forum to look for the questions and prepare myself. I also should have responded in French and not just English but I didn't. But it didn't matter I had already accepted a fully funded PhD offer at UVic at the beginning of February. Mcgill called at the end of February, if I had heard from McGill first I probably would have tried harder. But even if I was accepted I don't think I would have given up the opportunity at UVic. In the end I just wanted the acceptance letter. ....Good luck to the rest of you! I didn't write the LSAT so I only applied to McGill I had a 3.7/4.0 I'm not bi-lingual but did an exchange in France I had several scholarships throughout my BA and MA and awesome LORs. I'm happy I made it this far. I heard the interview is the last step for people they were seriously considering pending the language barrier. If I write the LSAT I'm sure I'll get in somewhere. But for now BC is calling my name.
  2. Has anyone heard of people getting refused after the French comprehension phone interview??!!?? Had my french interview last wednesday. I was in lecture, I initially hung up and they called back. The second time I ran out of the lecture and took the call. I'm a TA and sit in the front, it was kinda funny as the class of 300+ students saw me. Anyway, I was kind of familiar with some of the typical questions they would ask but didn't actually have time to prepare for them before hand. The call was so unexpected, they gave me the option to call back WHICH I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN! But I was done playing the waiting game and just wanted to take it! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I messed up a lot of the questions. I answered all in English. I should have spoke in French to show them I could. I did an exchange in Lyon, France and I also did the Explore program in Quebec. I'm not french immersion but studied all throughout high school and took courses during my BA. But I froze on the exam. I couldn't even speak proper English I was so nervous, let alone in a noisy building. They asked about the last book I read in French and I jokingly said "Le Petit Prince"...we both chuckled, then I said Discipline and Punish by Foucault. At least they know I have a good sense of humour! AHHHH I walked away with my head down. So many questions. I'm hyper-ventilating. ----- I graduated with Highest Honours at Carleton. Currently finishing my MA in Legal Studies of which I won an OGS for. CGPA 3.7 (at Carleton, not sure how McGill translates that); No LSAT Good softs - many scholarships, I was a parliamentary assistant, volunteer work with humanitarian groups Excellent LORs (I assume )
  3. Hey there, This is my first time posting and applying. I was looking over the application and have gotten a little confused.... what does 'contact type' mean under the referee part. I think I remember stating they were my professor and I believe it asked me how long I have known them. Cause upon reviewing my report I indicated the years. I could have done this wrong though. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks guys!
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