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  1. I truly appreciate the casual use of bequeath. Made me chuckle
  2. I remember having the same line of thinking as OP. I had killed myself in undergrad and couldn’t wait to get to law school so I could chill and just pass. Boy was I in for a surprise. 1L grades are extremely important, and I think it’s better to know that than to take your foot off the gas and find out the hard way when certain doors are closed to you.
  3. They ask for undergrad transcripts as well but I don’t know how important these are.
  4. For full service firms, It’s perfectly fine to take diverse courses. I think the problem is when you take a bunch of courses that make it glaringly obvious that you have no interest in what the firm actually does. I.e if you took securities, business organizations and tax in 2L, no one is going to flinch if you also take family, immigration and estates (for example). A lot of students will take non-business courses to help with the bar (or because they honestly happened to be less dry). However, if you are a 2L that is signed up to take Immigration I and II, you’re doing the immigration law intensive clinic, and your previous work experience was working as an immigration consultant, it’s going to be harder for you to convince a full service firm that you’re interested in M&A.
  5. You can also lateral into big law after a few years of practice
  6. No need to be snarky, sometimes we second guess things when we’re overwhelmed. OP when I was a 3L my school offered appointments to notarize our LSO apps. Reach out to your CDO to see if they are doing this. I know lectures are online but there might be select in-person services.
  7. To echo what everyone else has said, I found the first semester of law school to be the most overwhelming and hated almost every moment of it. I felt so confused and insecure and I was pretty confident I was going to fail. I felt like I was trying so hard but nothing was coming together. I didn’t appreciate that I was slowly learning and laying the groundwork for a deeper understanding of the concepts. Rest assured that many people feel the same way. Keep working at it. eventually something will click and these murky concepts will make sense. Don’t panic if it’s not all coming together neatly at first. It will eventually because it always does.
  8. I think it’s actually common in the Calgary market (but I’m not from Alberta so someone else clarify). A few of my friends did a 1L summer at a large firm in Calgary, took the 2L summer off and then returned to their firms for articles. They were offered articles after their 1L summer.
  9. At Osgoode, the general consensus was that 2 As and a handful of B+s was enough to get plenty of OCIs. Some of my friends had full slates with those grades and some only had a handful. There are other factors that determine how competitive a student is. Students with professional designations, solid prior employment histories, etc tended to do well without having to rely exclusively on grades.
  10. It’s fine to mention a political party. Many law schools have a Conservative Law Student Association, Liberal Law Student Association, etc. I can’t imagine a firm passing on a candidate because of their political view. You’ll find all walks of life within a firm.
  11. I would generically describe myself as an “associate at a multi-national firm in Canada” and I’m a lawyer so I would say yes the description is misleading. What term does your firm use? If you’re referred to as a law clerk at work then just use that title.
  12. This is so normal and mimics the experience I had in the first few weeks of 1L. The imposter syndrome and intimidation was real. Osgoode gives a mandatory 20% of the class Cs (or something like that), and I remember being CONVINCED that I would receive them in every class because all of my peers just seemed to get it while I struggled. But here’s the thing about 1L: NOBODY knows what they are doing in the first few weeks of 1L and NO ONE has an advantage. I don’t care what your undergrad was. Your peer’s question sounded intelligent and on point but you have no idea if it was. Just focus on figuring out how to learn the material and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. By graduation, I noticed that most of the outspoken keeners didn’t do too hot and the quiet, unassuming students ended up clerking or in NY lol. I also got rejected from every single EC I applied to first semester. Still landed my dream OCI gig... Rejection hurts because you likely haven’t experienced much of it up until this point. Be prepared to experience a whole bunch more rejection but rest assured that you’ll bounce back
  13. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. If you can bear it, I would also be inclined to encourage you to stay unless it really is unbearable. Only you know what you can tolerate and if your mental health is truly taking a hit and you find yourself getting depressed then leave. No position is worth your health and no one should work in an environment where they are put down on a regular basis. Are you in Ontario? If so you’ll benefit from a shortened articling term as I think this year the requirement has been reduced from 10 months to 8 months. Do your 5 remaining months, get called and then figure it out from there.
  14. Some context would be helpful. What is the size/market of your employer? I summered on Bay Street and believe we were offered articles in late June. The exact date is fuzzy but it was well before the deadline for the Toronto articling recruit. Smaller employers may have a less formal process for offering articles. I don’t think there is anything wrong with expressing an interest in returning for articles and gauging your employer’s reaction. It’s a valid concern to have as a student
  15. I’m confused. OP is a 2019 call. Assuming they have were called in June they have 1 year of experience, not including their year of articles. I have heard of NY firms granting Ontario hires an extra year of “experience” for articles since this is not an American requirement but that’s not what OP is referring to
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