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  1. I thought they were above grid for summer and articling students only but not associates. That was my understanding but I could be wrong
  2. Due to the curve, most law students will have some variation of a B+/B/B- average. Straight As do occur but they are rare. Even people with A averages in law school have the odd B here and there. I think the general consensus is that you need a B+ average or better. Depending on your school’s grade distribution, a B+ average would put you in the top 25-30 percentile of your class. And of course this is just a general rule. Students do land positions with lower averages but there is usually something else that makes them attractive to the firm (they might interview really well, have niche or cool life experiences, great work experience, etc). I don’t fault you for being big law or bust. I was the same way but you have to really think about whether you would be dissatisfied if you weren’t able to land a big law job. Recognizing that only 30~% of osgoode students land the type of position that you’re after, you really need to think about what you would do if you dont end up in big law (and whether law school is only way to meet your ultimate career goals)
  3. I should have ended my rant with some advice: If you’re interested in law school, the best course of action is to apply just to the JD and apply to the MBA in the winter semester of 1L once you get your first term grades back. If you kill first semester you might decide to forego the MBA. I wouldn’t give everyone the same advice but it seems like your primary (sole?) reason for pursuing the MBA is big law hiring. In that case, see how you do in law school and go from there. The waived GMAT and blah blah will still be there in a year from now. Schulich seems thirsty for MBA students and waived the requirements for all of my friends who did the joint program
  4. I’m sorry this person is full of shit. Do JD/MBAs do well in the job market? Sure. In fact a couple firms recruit exclusively for JD/MBAs during the 1L recruit. But an MBA is not going to make up for otherwise mediocre law school marks. I promise you a firm will take a regular track law student with multiple As over a JD/MBA with average law school grades. While I think that most JD/MBAs do well and land big law jobs there are a handful who don’t land anything at all (big law or otherwise). Having good 1L grades is the most important factor. Firms will sort candidates by grades before they start to consider other factors such as an MBA, work experience, specialized knowledge, etc. tldr: the program is not a magic pill for mediocre law school marks and may not give you an edge over other competitive candidates
  5. Bennett Jones posted a starting salary of $120,000 (on NALP). The other Toronto firms still say $110,000. Perhaps the bump will be an additional $10,000k on each step of the currently scale. I didn’t think anyone would match Davies and I was right.
  6. You were told this by someone at the firm? Summer student classes aren’t even that big. And if I didn’t already have doubts that this was true, the fact that you referred to students at a seven sister firm as “summer associates” makes this post really suspect. Sure firms have cultures but don’t spread stupid rumours
  7. Many many people I know took a vacation before studying, including myself. You can do it. I started studying about May 5th and it was totally fine. I don’t think you need to feel pressured to start immediately but you should be reviewing your material by the beginning of May (and be prepared to put full days into reviewing).
  8. I’m not discounting this person’s experience or frustrations but I’m pretty sure there are steps one can take before drafting up a claims form
  9. One firm gave out black shoe polish. Thought it was useful. NY firms tend to give out much better stuff in general. Some TO firms give nice gifts once you’re hired: concert tickets (Goodman’s), Patagonia jackets, fitbits, swell bottle (of the authentic variety lol)
  10. If you understand a class well enough to explain concepts to others then you’ll do well because you have a true grasp of the subject matter. You don’t lose this edge by explaining concepts to others. I promise that’s the case. Don’t be selfish in a study group. Chances are that if you think you have this magical understanding no one else does, you’re probably wrong. It’s better to discuss this amongst your peers than to put that secret recipe on an exam paper and learn the hard way that you actually had it wrong. Worst case scenario, you did have an amazing understanding and you share- it just benefits you by reinforcing what you already know. I wouldn’t worry about giving your secret sauce to others.
  11. Don’t do this. 25-30% of the material is professional responsibility which is repeated. 6 weeks was enough to prep and write both (4 weeks before the first exam and then the two weeks after it). Honestly, there is no need to prolong the suffering.
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