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  1. healthlaw

    1st Semester Grade Anxiety

    No that’s not how they work. As Block mentioned, profs can give out a few A+ but the course prize is awarded for the single highest grade for a course or section of a course. Obviously the prof will use the raw scores to determine which of the A+’s earned the course prize. OP you did well. Keep it up and you’ll be in good shape for the 2L recruit which is the one that really matters. Also, your grades don’t matter for clinics so don’t fret about that
  2. healthlaw

    How much do 3L grades matter

    Lmao. No idea. Your friend might want to ask someone so he doesn’t have to do a victory lap 😂 also, the fact that they grant permission likely means it’s fine
  3. healthlaw

    How much do 3L grades matter

    I don’t really think so.. at Osgoode seminars have a higher curve than lecture based courses (B+ vs B) but you can only take two per term unless you get special permission. Most of our clinics have a large pass / fail component. So it’s not like you can do 1L then take Basket Weaving seminars for the remaining 2 years
  4. healthlaw

    Honest Opinion of the Dual JD at Windsor

    I think people have repeatedly acknowledged that it’s not an inferior program. You’re going to receive a pretty standard education at any of the Canadian law schools. I think the snobbery is due to the lower admission requirements of the dual program. People like having something to look down on because it makes them feel better. The price is insane and I don’t think it offers an advantage over a regular JD program but it’s not objectively bad or inferior
  5. healthlaw

    Summer Student to Articling Student

    Everyone lacks knowledge and no one knows anything. You’re fine lol
  6. healthlaw

    How much do 3L grades matter

    I’ve been told that they don’t matter for hirebacks but you’re still expected to maintain your grades. I think a C will be overlooked but a C+ average? That’s a lot more noticeable
  7. Even with little money down your mortgage payments wouldn’t cross the $3000 threshold (including property taxes which tend to be lower in Toronto than the rest of the GTA)
  8. healthlaw

    Summer Student to Articling Student

    You would have to do something pretty egregious to not receive an articling offer.
  9. healthlaw

    Law school "success" guide

    I treated law school like a means to an end... spent 98% of my energy pursing my end goal and I did well, as did many of my friends... I will agree that I would have been quite devastated if things hadn’t worked out given my attitude towards law school
  10. healthlaw

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    I was deciding between Osgoode and Queens and ultimately went with Osgoode because I didn't want to live in a smaller city and wanted to remain close to my friends and family. I loved my time at Osgoode and I think you would too, but I also don't think one school is superior to the other. It sounds like you really want to attend Queens and just want reassurance. I say go for it. The campus is much more beautiful than York's (not even debatable lol) and rent may be more affordable (not sure) but the tuition is certainly lower. I know and work with many Queens grads and none of them have had anything but positive things to say about their experiences. Also, if you get into a BC school take that ticket to lower tuition and RUN WITH IT. LOL. I would never dream of paying Ontario's ridiculous tuition if I was from BC and got into a BC school.
  11. healthlaw

    Can Law Schools Rescind Offers?

    You’ll be required to disclose your conviction for admission to the bar. For what it’s worth, a friend of mine had a rough time as a youth/young adult and had a few criminal convictions. He made full disclosure to the law society and was admitted without issue. Obviously each case will vary, seek legal advice, blah blah, but people do get admitted to law school and the bar with convictions.
  12. healthlaw

    CHANCES 3.74 cGPA and 147 LSAT

    Very poor. Your GPA is solid but you have an LSAT in the 33rd percentile. Obviously you need to rewrite.
  13. It’s actually the basement of the TD Centre but you were close!
  14. healthlaw

    Online Law Certificates in Canada

    I can’t see how this certificate - or a certificate in anything really - would strengthen a law school app. Graduate studies? Yes. Professional designation? Yes. Certificate that’s tangentially related? Nope.