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  1. Some context would be helpful. What is the size/market of your employer? I summered on Bay Street and believe we were offered articles in late June. The exact date is fuzzy but it was well before the deadline for the Toronto articling recruit. Smaller employers may have a less formal process for offering articles. I don’t think there is anything wrong with expressing an interest in returning for articles and gauging your employer’s reaction. It’s a valid concern to have as a student
  2. I’m confused. OP is a 2019 call. Assuming they have were called in June they have 1 year of experience, not including their year of articles. I have heard of NY firms granting Ontario hires an extra year of “experience” for articles since this is not an American requirement but that’s not what OP is referring to
  3. Can confirm, corporate students do a lot of PDF merging and fiddling. Also lots of doc review. This is why I love hearing students drone on and on about their passion for securities law. Good look reviewing those stupid corporate minute books 😆 I’m not knocking corporate law, I am a corporate lawyer but I’ll be the first to admit I did a lot of boring grunt work (along with some other cool and exciting things)
  4. All of my friends from BC refer to Toronto as the “east coast” and for them it makes total sense
  5. The random things that give law students anxiety NEVER ceases to amaze me. OP you’ll be fine.
  6. This is totally normally. I don’t think anyone walk in or out of the bar exam feeling adequately prepared. I did well in law school, didn’t have exam anxiety and still felt nervous about the bar. Review the materials once, do some mock exams to familiarize yourself with your materials and you’re very likely to pass (and remind yourself of that)
  7. What’s the alternative for the new hire who isn’t being given the option to begin earlier than January 2021
  8. What’s the alternative? The start dates are delayed because of a global pandemic that’s tearing up the economy.
  9. I was coming to roast you for mocking H&M (because everyone should wear what they can afford as long as they look professional) but then I read OP’s post and I get it. Not sure why OP assumes H&M would be superior to “the cheapest thing at Moore’s”. And to echo what someone else said, if the “attractive female” came in and made asinine assumptions like OPs they wouldn’t make it very far in the recruitment process. Law firms are looking for well rounded candidates and that excludes people who mock people’s hypothetical triple chins. Tolerance for such shit is non-existent
  10. The person I quoted talking about chewing up 130k to attend UofA. That’s what my entire post responded to (though I don’t actually sense that we disagree on anything)
  11. I’m just a humble stranger on the internet so feel free to ignore me, but 130k in debt is NOT reasonable for U of A. Your tuition is a fair bit cheaper, as is rent, gas etc (compared to Ontario). Try to live as frugally as you can. I’m speaking from experience here. Even with a biglaw job, 6 figures of debt is a bitch to pay back, even when paid aggressively. If I didn’t blow through anywhere near 130k in Toronto there is no way you should blow through 130k in Edmonton.
  12. To clarify I was referring to Canadian firms. The term “summer associate” is used by American firms and I have no idea what their process is. Canadian firms just call their students “summer law students/summer students”.
  13. Some internships only last a few months and law students still include them on their resumes. I wouldn’t worry too much about leaving your job (especially during a pandemic. I’m sure many people will have gaps on their resumes this summer). To answer your first question, they look at all of the above. I would say larger full-service firms place an emphasis on law school grades, followed by ECs and prior work/research/volunteer experience. I don’t remember how extensively they do “background” checks, it’s been a while. I think we had to submit contact info for 3 references but they were never called (again it’s been a few years so this part is fuzzy)
  14. Without substantial pre-law school savings, it’s hard to graduate debt free from an Ontario law school. Even if one worked throughout law school part-time and summered at a good paying firm, you still have to cover living expenses on top of tuition I think it’s possible from schools like UofA where they benefit from cheaper tuition and cheaper rent, gas (I think), etc.
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