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  1. I agree. don’t talk to the 2Ls just yet. They’re balls of job-seeking stress. Talk to the 3Ls
  2. Why would you need to convert the PSLOC into a personal loan? I’ve never seen a personal loan with interest rates as low as we have on the PSLOC (which is often prime/ prime + 0.5%). Rolling your OSAP into the private loan is the best play and is what most people do.
  3. Not a bad idea. I moved around a lot in law school and just kept my parents’ address as my address. Easier than keeping track of which mailing addresses I used for different purposes. The only issue I ran into was picking up packages from the post office. Sometimes they wanted my DL address to match my packages
  4. You’re going to get your book and then do what? Do you even have your class syllabi? Honestly there is no advantage to getting book early. The best thing to do would be to enjoy your last week of relaxation, run all your errands, catch up with friends, learn how to cook a few dishes
  5. You should ask before you name drop because the recruiter may reach out to that person. The recruiter at my firm called the partner I name dropped and asked about his impression of me. I’m sure practices vary by firm but you don’t want to drop someone’s name only to have the recruiter follow up and them not remember you It can be as simple as “I really enjoyed learning about X LLP during our conversation. Would you mind if I mentioned that I spoke to you in my cover letter?”
  6. Best answer. They’ll want to see relevant previous work experience (ie. you worked in HR or a unionized environment prior to law school), upper year courses and L&E intensives, leadership position in your school’s L&E student association, moots, etc. These are experiences you can accumulate by 2L. Edit: I recognize apps are closed for Toronto ocis. This is more so for future applicants
  7. You can tell by the responses in this thread that lawyers (and those drawn to the study of law) are a risk adverse bunch. Is this not a job you can return to if all else fails? I’m sure the door wouldn’t be closed forever if you studied law and hated it. If law school is your dream then go for it. I gave up a well-paying job (good salary, stable, but terribly boring) and I’m already out-earning my former self. Within a few years of practice my law degree will have paid for itself. YMMV but I have no regrets i do agree with others in that you should evaluate your reasons for going to law school. It’s a stressful gig and the grass ain’t always greener
  8. I also highly recommend looking at the Fasken oci stuff. I found it so helpful when I went through the recruit and they seem to update it regularly.
  9. This sounds exactly like how I formatted mine. My friends also used this format. Not sure why you would need to avoid 5 paragraphs- that’s probably too strong of a word but your layout seems pretty standard. Again, absent something truly bizarre, it’s the content that matters.
  10. I think as long as it’s on one page, used 11/12 font and has a bit of white space it’s probably fine. Don’t over think it
  11. I don’t think I used a single pen in school lol. Exaggeration, but I remember not having a pen/paper the rare time I did need to draw out a diagram. What are people writing by hand (assuming you also use a laptop)?
  12. Noise canceling headphones were my best friends (and seemed to be popular amongst students at my law school) i also endorse the book stand recommendation. Look on amazon
  13. It’s because cases might be missing and it will be harder to follow along. A new case can make old cases irrelevant so it’s not that you can’t use an old casebook, it just might make it harder to follow along (depending on how many changes there were)
  14. 1L was a while ago but I remember everything new costing me around $1000. I would also suggest buying used when you can, but as a 1L I wouldn’t suggest you buy old editions of books (as an upper year you can get away with it because you know what you’re doing)
  15. Summer plans, vacation plans, have they been relatively busy... anything that makes them talk about themselves (which lawyers love) while you nosh on the delicious free food 😄
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