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  1. I don't think it's posted just yet but Osgoode always starts classes one week before the Labour Day Holiday. This year Labour day falls on Monday, September 2nd, so classes will likely start on August 26th. For any anxious incoming 1Ls reading this, your orientation will likely begin on August 22nd (let the fretting begin... kidding!)
  2. At most law schools your first year summer is yours to do whatever you want with (many students try to work in some capacity). I think Windsor dual is one of the few exceptions where you do actually have classes because it’s a condensed program. If you don’t get good responses try asking in one of the Dual threads
  3. I wouldn’t risk it for a little extra. When you submit your financial aid applications there are warnings about the ramifications for making misrepresentations. Plus they would be able to track discrepancies you accidentally report. Not worth it
  4. To be fair OP or his family could be from the Phillipines or somewhere close (he did mention Asia). It’s usually always very manageable and relatively affordable to visit one’s home country or one where you have accommodations. I wouldn’t draw any assumptions Im just jealous because the Phillipines is on my dream list
  5. “Yeah I’ll just be doing some casual island hopping in the Phillipines... super low key. Nothing major” OP if that is low key travel can we switch lives? 😂
  6. Because of the latter half of your sentence. It’s not a bad outcome by any means and it’s certaintly not a position to be looked down upon (didn’t mean for it to come off that way). But it’s obviously not what she wanted or worked extremely hard for
  7. Yeah I’m fairly certain much of what was promised to her didn’t make it into the four corners of her employment contract. I’m glad she pushed back - many in her position likely wouldn’t
  8. I sympathize with her as well (of course I also don’t know any of the details though I did look). I also curiously looked up what happened to her... depressing
  9. Perhaps hedgis was asking for context? The response you give a wide-eyed applicant with romanticized notions of working on Bay would be different from those given to someone with lived experience but yea. I thought your questions were valid and certainly an important discussion to have
  10. I think you have to provide more details about the practice area and structure of the firm. A small-to-midsized commercial real estate firm in the gta pays a lot more than a general practice with only a few lawyers and little/no support staff
  11. I just really want to know what this bad boy will cost students. Since it was premised on access to justice/affordability but they don’t have the funding. My guess: more than Queens/western but less than Osgoode
  12. This.... doesnt make a lick of sense the NCA process was never designed to be the back door for Canadians with shitty entrance stats that it has become. It was designed to recognize people with legitimate previous careers/qualifications - there’s no need to limit those who were intended to benefit
  13. I can agree re: family. I took it for my own interest. But I can almost guarantee that I'll never come across anything remotely related to family law in my practice unless I change areas. It depends on what practice area you end up in - but my point is that upper years should be able to determine this for themselves.
  14. Yeah the list of mandatory courses is oddly irritating to me. Like why make family, wills, immigrantion, etc. mandatory? Allow students to take courses they’re interested in! It’s not like taking immigration is going to make me competent to practice in that area or even give clients meaningful legal advice.
  15. It’s a 3L course. And it’s emotional and cultural intelligence which doesn’t sound like it will be focused on mental illness but who knows. I agree that mental illness is something we should talk about in our profession but not in a mandatory classes. I don’t think half of Ryerson’s classes should be mandatory but then again I would never go there so I’m not their target audience I guess
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