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  1. I felt this on a spiritual level. I can actually feel my life expectancy decreasing with every day of commuting
  2. People do ease up (at least a bit) after 1L so that might be what you're experiencing... but at no point is anyone ever "ruthlessly competing". People are competitive in that they want to do well but they don't go around undermining each other. Even if they wanted to there isnt much opportunity to sabotage your peers when law school is 90% self-studying All of this to say that you would have likely found it more stressful as a 1L, but you were very unlikely to have experienced a "cut throat" environment. To OP: I wouldn't try to game the system and I also wouldn't let the strength of UBC's class intimidate you either. You were admitted because the admissions committee felt that you could keep up with your peers so keep this in mind. You are capable. I empathize. I felt intimidated heading into 1L because my LSAT wasn't as high as I wanted it to be. I ended up doing very well. If anything I think my lack of confidence helped me because I was terrified of falling below the curve so it made me work my butt off. No one really ever knows how they'll do entering law school - regardless of stats
  3. You can certainly work in law school but perhaps not in the first semester of 1L. Give yourself time to figure things out without the added stress. You’ve also indicated “minimum of 20 hours” and I think that’s too much. If you had to keep a job I would keep one with maximum flexibility. There might be weeks where 20 hours will be too much. In upper years 20 hours will be more than manageable
  4. Don’t waste your time, energy and money getting a masters just because you don’t know what else to do with yourself. If you happen to not get in this year you can find a part time job, improve you LSAT and just relax. Having a year off can actually be beneficial there is no need to get into law school right away. Also.... it’s only March. Still very early so relax
  5. I would give someone a generally summary of what I spoke to in my application but I wouldn't share it. At least not with strangers on the internet. If you have a LinkedIn refer to them to that perhaps? I don't think you'd get in trouble but I just wouldn't feel comfortable sharing my my personal statement
  6. Yeah sorry I was talking about people who summered or at least interviewed. I know that some chose to clerk or article/not return to NY after graduation.
  7. Maybe I'm biased because a lot of my friends and I either summered in NY or had the opportunity to go, but I feel like the difficulty of landing a job in NY from UofT or Osgoode is being overblown. I wouldn't say its easy but the odds are also not "slim to none". Edited to add that Osgoode's career development office is also pretty knowledge and helpful with the NY recruit because they have more than a handful of students who go every year. They've gone so far as to organize panels and workshops specifically geared towards the NY recruit. I wont say more because I dont want to out myself 😂
  8. 14 and 8!? Oh wow! I've also noted that a few firms have recently resumed hiring 1Ls again (Torys comes to mind)
  9. Go to Windsor. It sounds like this is a logical decision for you, your supports are there and the cost savings will be huge. I suspect that you’re only hesitant because you view Windsor as a less impressive school when that’s not the case. You’ll get a good legal education regardless of where you go and if you kill it at Windsor (grades-wise) you’ll have an abundance of opportunities. I wouldn’t worry too much about the corporate focus vs social justice focus. Corporate doors won’t be closed to you for having attended Windsor should you want to go that route
  10. I can do a quick one for Osgoode: 1. The tuition is ridiculous - almost $30,000 for the privilege of studying law in Toronto? Seems a little excessive when compared to other reputable schools (your cost of living will also be higher than in say Kingston, London, Windsor, etc) 2. York/North York - I loved Osgoode, but York University isn't the most glamorous institution (there are a few gems - Osgoode being one of them). North York also isn't the sexiest part of the city and there isn't that much to do (though the new subway line certainly helps) 3. You'll likely have to suffer through a strike at some point - Overall it wasn't that bad but it's not ideal of course 4. Can feel like more of a commuter school than other alternatives - there is certainly a strong sense of community if you go looking for it. But I doubt the "community feel" is on par with a school in a university town (think Western or Queens - I obviously haven't attended either of those but that's the impression I'm left with after speaking to colleagues) 5. Being selected for some 1L opportunities can feel a bit arbitrary - I'm thinking of CLASP and PBSC. I think there are just so many qualified applicants that the selection process is a little arbitrary. But there are also TONS of opportunities so chances are you'll have more than enough ECs on your resume by the end of 1L *I honestly can't think of anything else. I loved my time at Osgoode and I would chose the school all over again if I could.
  11. Haha I did the same thing I am actually shocked that they hired this many! I wonder how many Blakes hired (they usually also hire an insane amount of 1Ls). Perhaps this is the new trend in Toronto, load up on 1Ls and decrease the 2L hiring. I almost hope this is not going to be a trend only because some students' first term grades aren't necessarily representative of how well they'll do by the end of 1L
  12. Which is fine. We all do it. Look how many times I’ve posted here! Everyone procrastinates but only the trolls do so then walk around wearing their 12 hour library sesh like a badge of honour (making their peers feel bad for not spending as much time ‘studying’)
  13. I was a keener and literally read every assigned reading (and some supplementals) in 1L. Made my own summaries. Still never had to camp out in the library. If these guys are camping out in the school in 2L/3L then I'm even more concerned. Then they're REALLY doing it wrong. LOL @FoG Keep in mind that many of the people you see "grinding away" in the library are actually scrolling through IG and Fb every 10 mins and are wasting time.
  14. My friends and I have never done this craziness and we all did extremely well. If you're in the library until 2am (outside of maybe the few weeks leading up to exams) you're doing something wrong
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