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  1. I’m only familiar with ON and federal clerkships but these grades would be too low in Ont. I doubt the west coast is less competitive
  2. I wasn’t advocating for people to slack off, I certainly never did. I was responding to the idea that it’s somehow wrong to treat law school as merely a means to an end. I continued to do well because there are no guarantees after articling and it’s certainly easier to navigate the job market with a good transcript than a bad one. But I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t have put in significantly less effort if I didn’t feel like my grades mattered. The effort it takes to earn an A/A+ is not the same as that needed to learn the class material well enough for it to benefit you in practice. I wouldn’t have “slacked off” but I certainly wouldn’t have gone the extra mile
  3. Oh no I completely agree with you and did keep my grades up for the reasons you’ve cited. There is no guarantee of anything past articles and employers will ask for a transcript in the earlier years of practice. I don’t think people should stop caring once they land a 2L summer, and I honestly don’t think people do. Like sure, law students love to brag about how little they’re studying or how little they now care. But make no mistake, they still care lol
  4. I don’t know why people get so offended when law students treat law school as a means to an end (not you in particular but this type of reaction is evoked quite often) Many people, including myself, went to law school to get a job; even a specific type of job. Of course I wanted to learn the law. But the most important objective for me, and possibly OP, was landing a job. At $20k+ per year I don’t think there is anything wrong with focusing on the job aspect of it
  5. Even if your profs are absolute ghoulish devils you can’t swap classes as a 1L. You and everyone else in your section will take the classes assigned to you, by the profs assigned to teach your section. I don’t even think you can change sections without extenuating circumstances
  6. IMO You can give the name. It’s fine. A summer student literally has no pull or influence so you can name drop them all you want to lol. It just helps to demonstrate that you went one step further and actually took time to speak with a specific person rather than pulling stuff off the website
  7. Student salaries have never been secrete. I’m sure your CDO will produce a list in the fall that lists all the OCI firms and the weekly salary they pay
  8. Or the likely reason is because student salaries have been stagnant forever and firms want to remain competitive with NY/other industries
  9. Agreed. I was horrified when I saw the new oven-less condos. I use my oven at least 2-3 times a week for meal prep and some of the items you’ve mentioned.
  10. I agree. I who runs to the media about a law school colleague 10 years after the fact?
  11. You have to take between 14-17 credits per term. Depending on the credit load of each course that’s 4-5 courses. I agree with zinez. If you’re super worried you can take Trial Ad or Lawyer as Negotiator in the fall for 4 credits which is pass/fail. But ocis are not so intense that you need to manipulate your schedule to accommodate interviews. The bulk of the work is creating the applications and that’s done over summer. The actual in firm interviews are done over reading week. It’s not some insane process that you need to prepare all term for
  12. You’ll get an email notifying you if you’ve won. Last year the emails came out at this time. The average award is like $125 but there were a few that were in the $400-500 ballpark (I want to saw one of tax ones were higher) its possible to have gotten an A+ but not have gotten the course prize. It happened to me multiple times lol
  13. This was so unhelpful. Perhaps @providence can add some guidance. I know she was able to manage quite successfully
  14. Not sure which sister, but if she has an office in Calgary you can request a transfer. I know people who have done this (But my friends did it the other way, 1L in Calgary and 2L in Toronto) a few did have to re-interview during 2L OCIs but I understand it was more of a formality than anything else
  15. Yeah I applied to like 7 schools out of anxiety of not getting in. 2 schools weren’t even in the province that I wished to work in. It was a huge waste of money. If you have relatively good stats there is no need to apply country wide
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