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  1. Accepted this afternoon! Stats are all over the site.
  2. Based on last years thread, apparently c. 160.
  3. Haha yes, that does help - thanks !
  4. Waitlisted as well. 3.35, 161 Received the evaluation email at the end of January (nice to finally hear something, lol.)
  5. Just out of curiosity, how does one calculate the index score?
  6. cGPA: 3.35 (OLSAS) L2 - 3.65 LSAT - 161 Regular applicant. Lots of EC's, good work experience/references, imo. Put into queue Feb 19th.
  7. Lol, I think we all win - we probably should have never entered this rather torturous contest in the first place
  8. Anyone else from the January 18th evaluation email wave still waiting? This is driving me crazy.
  9. There's been a bit of movement in the Dal thread. However, I wouldn't put too much stock in what happens on LS - I'd just use it as a rough approximation. Don't get too worried about it (I know that's easier said than done).
  10. I don't think it has any real significance. I have a few friends who got in to Ottawa recently without ever having received the email. I got mine on January 18th and haven't heard anything.
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