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  1. Yeah I'm dumb, What I meant to type before running away was that starting June 2017 it was changing every few months so the stability for the last almost year and a half is something to be optimistic about? I dunno, money is confusing https://ycharts.com/indicators/canada_prime_rate_monthly
  2. I have been going through a long harrowing thing for the past couple years and one of the most powerful things pushing me forward has been thinking and talking with others about the world can be better in the future. I think it is a pretty universal response for people facing oppression. Hope, I think they call it? Even though I am through the worst of it now, I still dream about how I can help the people who will have the same experience as I did in the future. And while I'm not President of the Law Society or living in some shitty Clarence Darrow movie, I am affecting small changes towards that dream now and it makes me so fucking happy. I would have killed myself if I had to follow Diplock's advice. (also: my thing heavily intersects with law/my career as a lawyer but I would never post in public here because this forum is very bad at empathy. I hope you have some people you can talk to in your personal life!)
  3. I am a family lawyer who was in UVIC's co-op program. When I was in school the co-op program had three regular family law co-ops. One was with the private firm Brown, Henderson, and Melbye, which is filled with smart and awesome ladies and I'm sure they treat their co-op students well (and, I hear, occasionally hire them for articling). The other two positions are for the Ministry of Child and Family Development, which is a little bit more of a niche experience but if you are interested in the government side I don't think you could find a better opportunity and at the very least it would demonstrate interest in family law to private firms. During my studies Hamilton Fabbro also hired someone through co-op but I don't know if they do so regularly. There are also a number of smaller general practices that hire through co-op which have family law as part of their practice. Honestly though, you can probably find a summer family law job without co-op. You just need to be brave and do the work yourself. Cold call 100 firms that do family law, convince them you are interested in summering with them and eventually you will get a hit.
  4. A decent number of the natural resource lawyers working for the Territories do actually live there (both those working for the Indigenous Govt's and corporations), as do the all the territorial/federal natural resource government lawyers (obviously).
  5. My experience is roughly analogous to Quincy's. I am aggressively paying off my student debt (was 80k coming out of law school, currently paying roughly 3k a month) but I still have a greater disposable income than my mom when she was raising me so I don't find it too objectionable.
  6. Closed book Conflicts of Law exam worth 100% of the grade. It was one of my favourite courses but gosh I wish it had a paper in it or something haha.
  7. I respect the fact that this advice is based on your particular experience but I want to make clear to anyone who is reading this that there is enough time to diligently answer all the questions. I don't think the exam is supposed to be a massive time crunch. I had enough time to look up the answer for nearly every question on both the barrister and solicitor exam. I also had time to go back and ponder for 5-10 minutes the few questions I still wasn't sure about. I do agree that diligently answering the questions is important for success--I completely fucked up the practice exams because I was too brief in my answers. Also: I hand-wrote both exams and was a bit anxious about it slowing me down but it turned out to be a non-issue, so I don't think people should be dissuaded from that if they are more comfortable with hand-writing.
  8. During my articles I was in the position of frequently being physically isolated from most of the people giving me work and everything turned out hunky-dory. I also know a few articling students who worked a flex schedule in government where they got a Friday off every three weeks, so at least some departments are already built with the absence in mind. I would not worry about one day a week.
  9. I know two recent graduates who switched from civil litigation to prosecution within a few months of being called, so it can't be that rare.
  10. How did this thread end up being more privileged than the "there is no reason for white men to acknowledge their privilege" thread?
  11. Is this really a problem? If someone were to, for example, wholesale use (steal?!) their former firm's retainer agreement, would that be, I dunno, a copyright violation?
  12. Very interested in learning how you knew the firm was shady and unpleasant before starting to work there. Disciplinary complaints? Rumours from third-parties?
  13. are you kidding me? It sounds like he is one pregnancy away from a human rights complaint.
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