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  1. Lol at the idea that if you live at home you can't do your own laundry
  2. I don't know if the other provinces have a structure like this but the BC Gov has a "Constitutional and Administrative Law Branch" (http://dir.gov.bc.ca/gtds.cgi?show=Branch&organizationCode=AG&organizationalUnitCode=CONSTADMIN) which would probably be your best bet in getting a constitutional law related job that is not criminal and not for a firm. I hear these jobs are pretty competitive though. You could take a look at their linkedin accounts if you wanted an idea of what they practiced prior to moving into government.
  3. English Common Law Law Schools by Tuition (as of 2014, but appear to be fairly accurate still) Victoria $9,029 Manitoba $9,311 New Brunswick $9,837 Alberta $10,221 UBC $11,448 Saskatchewan $12,015 Calgary $12,315 Dalhousie $13,500 The solution is to not go to a school in Ontario. Going to UVIC, my tuition was very similar to what my undergrad degree cost. If you managed to pay your own way through undergrad then you can do law school too. There are benefits to commiseration but not if they lead to irrational despair.
  4. Its almost as endearing as the lawyers who think that being an asshole on a internet forum is an interesting personality trait
  5. I took all my notes by hand during my humanities undergrad (where everyone in my program took notes by hand) and took all my notes by hand in law school (where everyone took notes by computer). There was no added difficulty in law school. I guess I could draw the inference that I have superhuman note-taking abilities but I am much more inclined towards the idea that I am quite mediocre. You are probably going to take notes during client meetings when you are a lawyer so probably best to get used to it while still in law school. Not sure what you mean by "[applying] readings and legislative provisions".
  6. Very easy to hand-write all your notes unless you are trying to copy down what your prof is saying verbatim. Check with your school to see if they will loan out a laptop to you for the purpose of writing exams (I know UVIC does).
  7. I moved to Victoria and found a place 1 week before school began despite never having lived there and not having a car. It is pretty simple: stay in a hostel, call 20 people a day, and learn what the bus schedules are. Now, I left on short notice because I had to work to support my broke ass, not because I got a late admission so I sympathize with that psychological stress. Plan to get an acceptance even if you don't know. Give notice. Find storage for your fancy middle class person furniture. But jesus christ if this is the most stressful thing you have to experience in 2019 then I am envious of your life for sure.
  8. I did four co-ops. Three were fairly indistinguishable from my articling experience in terms of work done, responsibilities, etc (note that this does not exclude the possibility of some clerical work!). The fourth co-op was not a strictly legal position so it is harder to make the comparison, but I had the same responsibilities of any permanent staff in the workplace. There are lots of jobs in Victoria and others scattered throughout Canada (particularly in rural areas). A lot fewer in Vancouver than what you would expect for the population.
  9. Thank you for the comments! This discussion drives home the importance of me getting to know local practices. I know some people are remanded locally and that some are remanded in the correctional centre 8 hours away. I also know that local counsel do speak extensively with people remanded in the correctional centre by phone in a way that might be odd for a larger centre. But I don't know what is "normal" in any given situation, what clients expect, etc. But, as Artsydork says, I am envisioning impaired files and simple assaults. I have evidence that cash clients are looking for services here but who knows if they will rebuke me once they are informed of the lack of experience. I take all your points about having a mentor.
  10. How much of a pain in the ass would it be to be without a car if the only police station and court house are a 15 minute walk and the nearest prison was an 8 hour drive away? I am half dreaming about the possibility of asking my higher ups to allow me to take some criminal cases (occasionally get inquires despite not being part of the current practice) but lack of a car is (one of the) obvious issue(s).
  11. The UVIC supported session has a final report (https://assembly.nu.ca/library/Edocs/2007/001316-e.pdf) that I read a couple years ago. If I recall correctly it was pretty interesting read.
  12. Am I the only one who got through law school without making a excel sheet containing a list of my classmates and where I thought they fell on the grade curve?
  13. I don't know about you but I find the process of job hunting excruciating when I am unemployed. If you have a job while you are searching you are much more likely to search for a job you actually want rather than just trying to fill the void with another shitty one. Plus, you can use your current dissatisfaction as a motivator! Possibly exceptions: you are so fed up with your workplace that you are doing really poor work, your human rights are being violated, etc. Those things are more important than a gap in your resume.
  14. I dropped and subsequently retook a course to improve my gpa for applications and in retrospect it was a waste of time and money. Plug all your grades into a calculator so you can get a realistic view of how much your GPA will improve. Unless you got a C- the first time and can genuinely expect an A- or something on the second go around, the difference won't be noticeable. Much better to spend time and effort on the LSAT IMO.
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