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  1. are you kidding me? It sounds like he is one pregnancy away from a human rights complaint.
  2. Perhaps the only disadvantage of UVIC's small cohort size is that there are limited course offerings in some niche areas. Depending on what area you are interested in, this issue is probably the only genuine reason I would ever recommend anyone not attend UVIC. Criminal Law is not a niche area though. I sincerely doubt that UVIC is any worse off than Dalhousie in that regard.
  3. Lots of people at UVIC join Co-op just to have access to those 1L summer jobs and then drop out to do whatever in their second year summer. It is discouraged but I think it is acknowledged that this happens quite a bit. My salaries for co-op were between $20-35 an hour.
  4. If only there were some way to determine what motivates people to join big firms....
  5. One of our offices frequently sounds like an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. It has a very high turnover of associate lawyers.
  6. Not because you will get better terms but rather because you will have a larger PSLOC to work with. I actually don't know how it works if you obtain a PSLOC part way through law school but I suspect you might have a smaller loan ceiling if you apply in 3l since the loan would only need to cover 1 year instead of 3.
  7. Be sure to confirm the interest rate will be lower on the PSLOC. E.G. BC just eliminated provincial student loan interest so keeping your government loans is the right choice. But who knows what will happen in three years. Probably best to get a PSLOC no matter what the situation is right now just in case it gets worse when you graduate.
  8. All profession where junior people are encouraged to be extremely subservient to their seniors has a sexual harassment problem. Law is no exception.
  9. Lol at the idea that if you live at home you can't do your own laundry
  10. I don't know if the other provinces have a structure like this but the BC Gov has a "Constitutional and Administrative Law Branch" (http://dir.gov.bc.ca/gtds.cgi?show=Branch&organizationCode=AG&organizationalUnitCode=CONSTADMIN) which would probably be your best bet in getting a constitutional law related job that is not criminal and not for a firm. I hear these jobs are pretty competitive though. You could take a look at their linkedin accounts if you wanted an idea of what they practiced prior to moving into government.
  11. English Common Law Law Schools by Tuition (as of 2014, but appear to be fairly accurate still) Victoria $9,029 Manitoba $9,311 New Brunswick $9,837 Alberta $10,221 UBC $11,448 Saskatchewan $12,015 Calgary $12,315 Dalhousie $13,500 The solution is to not go to a school in Ontario. Going to UVIC, my tuition was very similar to what my undergrad degree cost. If you managed to pay your own way through undergrad then you can do law school too. There are benefits to commiseration but not if they lead to irrational despair.
  12. Its almost as endearing as the lawyers who think that being an asshole on a internet forum is an interesting personality trait
  13. I took all my notes by hand during my humanities undergrad (where everyone in my program took notes by hand) and took all my notes by hand in law school (where everyone took notes by computer). There was no added difficulty in law school. I guess I could draw the inference that I have superhuman note-taking abilities but I am much more inclined towards the idea that I am quite mediocre. You are probably going to take notes during client meetings when you are a lawyer so probably best to get used to it while still in law school. Not sure what you mean by "[applying] readings and legislative provisions".
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