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  1. On the chart thing mellifluous linked some events specify "open to family members."
  2. Hi all, I am attending Uvic this fall and need to rent a place as well. I am wondering if any current law students prefer living closer to downtown or closer to the school? Thanks in advance.
  3. Rejected as well. Kind of expected and not too bummed because I already accepted my UVic offer. Good luck to all those waiting and congrats to those who got in! Index: 90.75
  4. Yeah, I think people who were accepted got calls today. I probably didn't make it either. Congrats to those who got in.
  5. Someone on this forum before said that everyone in 2015 made it off the waitlist.
  6. Damn that sucks, never heard of this happening before. Kind of weird for them to wait list you and then shrink the wait list in a week and take you off...
  7. Some work experience, and I was an athlete. Nothing too special.
  8. I was also just accepted. Never got the official wait list email. Good luck to everyone still waiting! 907.5 confirmed index. Mediocre softs. 169 LSAT, ~3.38 self calculated GPA w/ drops.
  9. Accepted today. 907.5 confirmed index. Mediocre softs. 169 LSAT, ~3.38 self calculated GPA w/ drops. Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  10. Congrats. Your softs must be super strong. I'm still so puzzled as to why I haven't received an acceptance yet since my index is higher than 905; my softs must be really weak.
  11. I'm sure the volume of applicants has not changed dramatically. It's probably that less people are reporting on the forums.
  12. Either the index calculation has changed or people have made mistakes in their own calculations. Even the slightest deviations in GPA calculations (transfer credits, dropped courses, pass/fail grading, 4 vs 4.33 vs percentage) could affect the index score significantly. Not UBC-related but I calculated my UVic index wrong. I calculated it around 903.5 and when I called they told me it was 907.5. So YMMV. But overall it does seem like it is less competitive this year than last year.
  13. Called in just now as well and since I applied discretionary all I was told was that decisions would be made late May. My index is 90.75 (self-calculated).
  14. Thanks for the info. Is that index self calculated or did they confirm it?
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