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  1. Some work experience, and I was an athlete. Nothing too special.
  2. I was also just accepted. Never got the official wait list email. Good luck to everyone still waiting! 907.5 confirmed index. Mediocre softs. 169 LSAT, ~3.38 self calculated GPA w/ drops.
  3. Accepted today. 907.5 confirmed index. Mediocre softs. 169 LSAT, ~3.38 self calculated GPA w/ drops. Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  4. Congrats. Your softs must be super strong. I'm still so puzzled as to why I haven't received an acceptance yet since my index is higher than 905; my softs must be really weak.
  5. I'm sure the volume of applicants has not changed dramatically. It's probably that less people are reporting on the forums.
  6. Either the index calculation has changed or people have made mistakes in their own calculations. Even the slightest deviations in GPA calculations (transfer credits, dropped courses, pass/fail grading, 4 vs 4.33 vs percentage) could affect the index score significantly. Not UBC-related but I calculated my UVic index wrong. I calculated it around 903.5 and when I called they told me it was 907.5. So YMMV. But overall it does seem like it is less competitive this year than last year.
  7. Called in just now as well and since I applied discretionary all I was told was that decisions would be made late May. My index is 90.75 (self-calculated).
  8. Thanks for the info. Is that index self calculated or did they confirm it?
  9. Looks like a few of you guys have received offers from the regular category. I'm guessing discretionary will not get movement until May like previous years? I applied discretionary and my file still says "Complete - Awaiting Evaluation."
  10. Based on what I read from previous years' threads, the index obviously factors into it but is not the only thing considered. A lot of people had very similar indexes near the top of the waitlist last year. Although being at the top of the waitlist is not a guarantee: While in 2017 and 2018 numerous people received offers from the waitlist, in 2016 no one did. Apparently in 2016 UVic was "oversubscribed" -- I'm guessing this means that they sent out 30 offers expecting 20 people to accept but all 30 did. Good luck all.
  11. Waitlisted as well - index 907.5 confirmed by Dailene. Guess the auto admit is not 905.
  12. Hi all, I have gathered the below information from this forum & admissions regarding credits drop for GPA Calculation at UVic Law. My question is - I have attempted 135 credits total, so 24 should be dropped. However, I failed 3 classes, or 9 credits. So I guess the actual number of "accumulated credits" should be 126 for me? In that case, will UVic only drop 18 credits for me? But the failed classes obviously still count towards GPA? My question is - will I get 18 credits dropped or 24? Any insight will be appreciated. Thank you. Accumulated Credits Credits Discounted ------ For 120 credit degrees 96 - 103.9 6 104 - 115.9 12 116 - 127.9 18 128 - 139.9 24 140 or more 30 Accumulated Units Units Discounted ------ For 60 unit degrees 48 – 51.9 3 52 – 57.9 6 58 – 63.9 9 64-69.9 12 70 or more 15
  13. sorry to hear that, what is your gpa on a 4.3 scale? 3.7/4 and 160 seems like a pretty competitive mark for waitlist? surprised you got rejected this early.
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