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  1. Accepted final on the website, saw this afternoon. 77.3% on Windsor website 162 LSAT Final year undergrad Related job experience, good ECs (in my opinion), and I imagine LORs were pretty good
  2. I've got similar stats - would be interested as well.
  3. Hey all, would anyone be so kind as to make a prediction for me? Some decent background - I worked full time in the criminal justice system (court clerk) and taught a community college class on courtroom admin in my last two years of undergrad (still finishing up and currently at a 4.0, am predicting it stays that way but may drop to 3.9) plus a good amount of community involvement including board of directors for the HIV/AIDS network where I live. That said, I've written the LSAT twice with not overly stellar results my first write was 162 and my second write was 156 (not sure what happened there). Thanks.
  4. No, I don't! Interested though, somewhat as a 'safety' school although I have heard good things. I'm just timid to go anywhere colder than Toronto haha.
  5. Hey all, cGPA: 3.35 b2/l2: 4.0 in third year and sitting similarly in fourth year which is still in process - might drop but not below 3.9 by april. lsalt: 162 (wrote twice but this is my highest - does it matter about my other one? I got 156 as well and unfortunately that was written after the 162) softs pretty good - work in criminal justice system w/ government currently and a fair amount of community involvement Looking at Osgoode, Queens, Windsor, Calgary, Alberta, anything BC, Sask, Dal, UNB. Is anyone able to help me out?
  6. First time poster but have been creeping this thread all day. Grey as well - good luck everybody.
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