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  1. setto

    Summer Student Salaries?

    Looking at about 50-55k pro rated over the summer in Edmonton
  2. setto

    We're Starting Articles Soon. Give us advice!

    Supersets and circuits! And keep the workout within 30 min. It's not exactly a great workout compared to if I were to have no time limit, but it beats sitting in a desk. I just have very small splits: push/pull/legs/cardio and within each are only about 4 exercises of 3x8 with low amounts of rest. The gym is about 5 minute walk. So that certainly helps too. It's certainly doable. Also, I'm a man if that makes any difference for showering/hair stuff.
  3. setto

    Business Card Etiquette

    Maybe the post was satire? I've never seen someone look at a thread filled with brief posts giving straight-up advice, claim that they are needlessly complicated, and then write a 5 paragraph post starting with the analysis of business cards in the western context. Maybe it wasn't satire but I got a good chuckle.
  4. setto

    We're Starting Articles Soon. Give us advice!

    I go to the gym. Over the last few months I've found that I would rather stay an extra hour at work to account for the time I spent in the gym than skip the gym. Something about working out and showering mid-day gets my brain restarted.
  5. setto

    Professional Corporations

    I'm by no means and expert, but it depends on what you're using the PC for and how you are tax planning. This article gives a good example of how income splitting with family is much tougher now with a PC: https://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/taxes/what-the-proposed-new-income-sprinkling-rules-mean-for-you-and-your-business
  6. setto

    Professional Corporations

    The actual value of a PC in terms of tax deferral and splitting/sprinkling is constantly in flux. Not always an advantage.
  7. setto

    Privilege is...

    “There’s always a less privileged fish” - Qui Gon Jinn
  8. setto

    Privilege is...

    Ok, I’ll try to get back on track. I feel privileged being able to wake up and think all day. Even though articling is rough, this sure as shit beats working in a factory getting splashed by flash off of moulds filled with moulten metal. im consistently surrounded by people smarter than me who teach me something new everyday. I’ve worked some pretty dogshit jobs and I’ve yet to dread coming into this one.
  9. setto

    Privilege is...

    The difficulty is that the two portions of text I quoted appeared to be at odds with one another. If you feel that you've now cleared that up, there's no more difficulty
  10. setto

    Privilege is...

  11. setto

    Privilege is...

    I gotta say, this is an amazing post that almost completely outlines my thoughts on the subject. Honestly, sometimes this site is perfect for having people who are far better communicators than me expressing what I can't. Kudos.
  12. setto

    Privilege is...

    You're right. Just looking at the Goodmans roster, they have more than 51% women and more than 27.3% visible minority. Gotcha. I think distilling this down completely to demographics doesn't really help the conversation. Especially cherry picking firms. Though I have to admit I just cherry picked out of your cherry picking....
  13. setto

    Privilege is...

    It doesn't. But it will likely reflect the demographics of the applicant pool.
  14. I think it's more that it's socially acceptable to go after them. Much like how any prejudice/racism against Caucasians is acceptable. But I wouldn't really say that Caucasians have the short end of the stick (and I know that's not what you're saying)
  15. I think the problem is how general your statement is. Short end of every stick is kind of a crazy statement for Christians in Canada.