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  1. If you don't get any bites around here, maybe try TLS forums probably a lot more people in the know around there.
  2. What you're describing is not affirmative action. This is more akin to equal opportunity.
  3. Working on a large transaction I can put my timer on as soon as I get in and just click it off at the end of the day. Definitely find it easier to bill in solicitor work than litigation.
  4. Wealthy people stay wealthy by making deals with other wealthy people. Your network of individuals, whom I imagine wear a sweater over their shoulders and carry a tennis racket over their shoulder whenever they leave the house, will likely be valuable in your career. However, I wouldn't bet my career, happiness, or geography on it.
  5. This 9 year old is graduating from university with a degree in electrical engineering: https://interestingengineering.com/first-9-year-old-to-graduate-from-university Some people have talents others don't. As a side note, and your experience may be different, but the only A+ law students I've ever met had their sites set on academia and had no real desire to practice.
  6. I knew someone exactly like you who was a year junior to me in law school. This person nailed it a couple years later at the articling recruit and scored a fantastic job. I hope a lot of people realize from your post that this process isn't an exact science. I'd go so far as to say that alchemy plays a part in it... But this isn't the end. If anything, having lived through the summer recruit, you're now better prepared to dazzle recruiters during the articling recruit. For your friends who go calls, go out and celebrate with them. Buy them a beer. Buy yourself two.
  7. wrt government, I think OP may find a nice fit at the Ontario Securities Commission. Ticks a few of the boxes they are looking for. Again, I think you are too focused on one small subsect of the legal industry. Many firms don't reflect this. And as far as PhDs are concerned, that's more an issue with a saturated field than anything. The world just doesn't need that many philosophy academics with the size of classrooms these days.
  8. You sound kinda burnt-out. It happens. Many MBA programs require you to work for 2 years before starting and if you think ego and hierarchy are bad in law, finance is a whole different world. It also sounds like you have only been exposed to a small cross section of law. Many non-biglaw firms (and some biglaw firms, actually) are nothing like this. I suggest you poke around and see what the legal world has to offer.
  9. I'm no fan of condos but the "throwing away" thing bothers even me. I find it normally comes from the same group of people that say "No, you don't want a raise because you will just move into another tax bracket and end up paying more taxes!"
  10. A $15,000.00 special assessment is not out of the norm for a condo. If anything it's on the low side depending on the age of your condo. So you would still have the large repair bills in addition to the monthly maintenance fees. Some condos will manage their fees very well and the special assessment won't be so bad, but at the end of the day a huge bill is still on the table when you're living in a condo.
  11. Not really... People spend significantly less than this on maintaining a house unless you're condo is valued around 800-900k?
  12. I honestly have no idea how you get that impression. Can someone not reflect on what the purpose behind people's rebellion against the "privilege" conversation without projecting their beliefs onto the subject? Most people around here's entire career is to argue on behalf of others while distancing themselves from the subject matter. Look, you seem like the type of person that might actually enjoy getting offended because it gives you something to fight about. Looking for every angle and doing some mental gymnastics to find something offensive in what you read. But I can't be bothered arguing with you because, frankly, I agree with you. I even went so far as to reflect your "check yo privilege" line by saying the issue is when people walk around in life as if they aren't privileged. But go ahead, dissect my posts, interpret them as you please, jump to conclusions about how people in the conversation are sad men or faux-woke because that's maybe something you really want posters around here to be. It gives you are reason to fight- not help people understand - but fight. I was presenting you with why I think some people have a certain take on the issue and you respond with "get over it". The sad part is that it's very possible that those you confine into the box of sad men or faux-woke may actually be the ones dealing with the problems associated with privilege and obliviousness through rational discussion with others, helping them learn why they should be grateful for what they have. My final point: yeah. Undergrad really doesn't matter. I can't think of one undergrad that doesn't bring something to the table that is useful. Creativity from the Arts, outside the box thinking from Engineering, technical analysis and logic from maths and sciences, writing style and persuasiveness from English. The reality is, much like people, every undergrad provides a unique advantage to Law. [EDIT: I'm terribly aware that I'm just as at fault in this post for the things I'm accusing you of: assuming your intention and position and how you actually deal with the topic of privilege outside of the internet. The irony is not lost on me. ]
  13. Ok, and if that male had one leg, I’m sure he had to overcome less adversity than a male with no legs and more adversity than a male with three (I’m certain my math checks out on this). There is privilege associated with being a male. I get it and I’m not saying otherwise. The issue is how you present it and what your audience wants to hear. The fact that we are able to communicate on the internet with one another reflects an extraordinary amount of privilege that you and I experience on a day to day. I'm not sure either of us need to shoved in our faces unless we act in such a way as to deny it or proceed in life oblivious to it.
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