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  1. Not too old from a law school perspective (plenty of people around your age range). Not too old from a law firm perspective (it's difficult to get an engineering degree, a PhD, a post doc, and experience in law without being around your age). If it's something you want to do/try, they go for it. Sure, there's opportunity costs and tuition, but life is short (so long as you aren't leaving any dependents hanging). And if it doesn't workout, it doesn't work out. Few people can fall back on the statement: "Ah shucks, I shouldn't have gone to law school. Well, at least I have this undergrad and PhD in a highly sought after field as well as patent prosecution experience to fall back on."
  2. My writing is garbage. I did well in law school but avoided paper courses. During articles, a partner recently asked me if English is my first language (...it is). There's a thread around this board discussing improving your writing skills - it doesn't hurt.
  3. I think it depends what you enjoy. I don't really go for the finer things in life (other than restaurants), don't plan on having kids, and prefer to invest in the market rather than real estate. So living like a student is a pretty great lifestyle for me. But then again, I'm articling at a national's branch in Edmonton where the salary to cost of living is pretty amazing - so it's not really comparable to Toronto.
  4. How far did you move? From Montreal to Edmonton. Quite the culture shock... What were your thoughts of how you would fare in your move/re-settlement in your new city? I was nervous at first. I thought I would never live in my home town ever again. But sometimes you need to seek greener pastures and explore a bit. It's not like you're changing countries - you settle down pretty quickly, especially as you jump into the legal world. Did these anticipatory thoughts match the reality of the process? There was no need to be nervous or fear that I would never be home again. The law is strange and can open up opportunities all over the world. Maybe someday Ill settle closer to home (though I can't practice in Quebec...) How did you manage to maintain your focus succeeding in law school while worrying about integrating in your social environment where you didn't know anyone? You WILL meet people in law school. It's inevitable. Almost annoying. There are SO MANY social opportunities to jump into. Integration will inevitably happen. Were there any techniques or advice you applied to help make your transition easier? Get out there. Go to law school functions, for study groups, chat with people near you. You are NOT the only transplant in law school. This is an exciting time in your life and you should look at it through that lens
  5. 1. Accept Osgoode and withdraw from Queens. 2. Forfeit your deposit and learn why next September while you're taking 1L contracts at Osgoode.
  6. 100k would be as an associate, no? There would be at least one year around the 75k mark. So 4960 after tax, 1960 after payments. The first year you will basically have to get by on paying interest.
  7. Someone in my year had no issues with a surface pro and the U of A software (which I think is the same for many other schools - Exam4). You can always call the IT people at the faculty. They are super helpful with questions like this AND don't forget to keep them in mind for repairs.
  8. You should have posted something less controversial like "Israel vs Palestine". I liked my Mac during lawschool. No particular reason and gave no discernable advantage considering the Exam4 software at U of A worked on both. When I started articling, I couldn't use my personal computer for security reasons. So maybe consider that if you are going to break the bank on a laptop - some firms will provide you with one and your lawschool setup will turn into a Netflix station for the bathtub.
  9. If you live anywhere along the LRT line, getting to school is really painless. It's a quick, comfortable and reliable system and your tuition includes a pass.
  10. Every week is a bit much. I know I said in another thread that you can afford to go every week vs going to Windsor dual, but it will be very taxing and you may have to end up doing readings/assignments while you are with your family. On the bright side, it's very doable once a month and with Skype and Facetime you will be able to chat with them every night! Plus, if you land a summer job in Toronto, you can hang with them all summer long (actually, you can do this if you don't score a summer job anywhere as well. Silver lining!)
  11. U of A is around 13k now and I doubt it's going to move much. Going to law school in Ontario is borderline cost-prohibitive. The people that attend school out west and end up in markets like Vancouver, Calgary (and to some extent Edmonton) aren't having nearly as much difficulty paying off their student loans. I can only imagine the difference in lifestyle of someone who went to UVic and works on Bay vs someone who went to U of T in the same position.
  12. Can you expand on this a bit? (examples, links etc.) I've always been curious as Montreal is my home town and some day I'd like to move back.
  13. U of A is ~13k/yr. You're looking at a difference of ~35k/yr (at current exchange rate). A total difference of over 6 figures for an education that has a curriculum you won't be using.
  14. U of A. The money you save on tuition can be used for flights (if you want to go back and forth which, as Providence said, is very draining). Jetlag is negligible and you can study/work during the flight/at the airport. Shit, the money you save on tuition can be used to meet your family at an all inclusive in Cuba a few times a year... Good reputation in Canada in general. People place in Toronto (if they want to) and you wouldn't have any issue establishing a connection in TO and being a flight risk. In the event that you want to work in AB, you're in a less saturated market.
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