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  1. Where is this thread?! I was looking forward to checking it today and it's gone? Why?
  2. If you don't pass, it tells you what area you didn't do well on? Is there a breakdown of some sort?
  3. I'm actually curious to know. Do most people finish? Do you end up random guessing a couple, a bunch? For the Barristers, I think I pure random guessed about 10 each for each sitting, and today, 5 in the last section. From people who have wrote it before, did you finish? Is it bad that I pretty much never finished?
  4. Thought it was okay. Thank goodness for the ethics stuff, always save time there. Thought real estate was a real shit show. It just seemed like the questions had multiple parts to it! But the 2nd last case study seemed pretty good with it being primarily ethics stuff, so that was nice to see. It's just so hard to know what to think without knowing the standards. If I had to guess, probably between 25-35 wrong for each sitting. 5 random guesses with 40 50/50's = 25 wrong + probably got another 1, wrong because I circled over confidently/ misread the question. It feel like if you need 70% to pass, then maybe I did. If you need 80%, probably not or cutting it real close. Just for context, I read approximately 50% of the materials (didn't read 2nd half of corporate or real estate). So, I definitely didn't feel secure with some answers, but knew enough of my table of contents and index to get to an answer. Anyways, if I have to write it again, I'd probably make sure to read everything
  5. This unnecessarily freaked me the f*** out. I am writing the solicitor's exam tomorrow, JUNE 21 and when I read June 20, I NEARLY EXPLODED...i thought i missed my exam or smth. I am anxiety ridden and paranoid to the max right now
  6. bump? I get the point about not wanting to bash firms, but you're anonymous and just state what you know in a matter of fact way. It's about helping others explore work in an environment they seek whether it's pay, prestige, hours, practice interest etc. Thanks!
  7. ^I knew that was going to come up. I should have preempted this to avoid thread derailment.
  8. Hi Forum, I have heard that there are mid-small size firms that cater towards a culture of working from 9-5ish/ more regular hours. If you know of (or work at) such firms, I would like to compile a list for myself and for future job seekers. Thanks!
  9. From Queens: ITC's: Blake, Norton Rose, Stikeman
  10. Thanks. I heard (Queens): ITC: Cassels, Torys PFO: Bennett Jones
  11. If anyone could shed light on the numbers from a firm's perspective. Roughly how many interviewees do they look during the in-firms. Would it be fair to say 50 students interviewed for 15 spots?
  12. Queen's had OCI's Mon, Oct 6: From some people (@ Queen's) I've heard: ITC - Fasken, Osler, Gowlings, McMillan Anything else? Also, for those interested: http://www.osler.com/Students/Programs/Toronto/HowToApply/ McGill - Sept 19 Dal OCI's - Sept 23 Ottawa OCI's- Oct 7 Osgoode OCI's - Oct 8,9 Western OCI's - Oct 14 Windsor OCI's - Oct 15 UofT OCI's - Oct 16, 17
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