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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded to my question -- seems pretty mixed. I did some research and confirmed that if I pay my own bar fees, I can use those as a personal tax deduction. (but if the firm paid, they could use it as a tax deduction -- so, as someone said in the comments above, whoever pays gets the tax benefit) I'm certainly not thrilled to have to pay for my bar fees but sounds like it is often par for the course when working with a SP. That said, it will certainly factor into the negotiation. Again, thank you everyone for your feedback!
  2. Curious if anyone at a SMALL FIRM (SP up to let's say 10 lawyers?) can comment on whether or not their firm pays their bar fees. I'm being told that it is the norm at small firms for lawyers to pay their own bar fees... but this is the first I've heard of it. Since I haven't heard anyone complaining about this, I'm curious if it's not actually the norm, or if those of us who opted out of Bay street are already bummed about having our salaries cut in half, and are too conscious of our non-baller status to publicly gripe/admit we have to pay our own bar fees, too. BACKGROUND: I'm a first-year call and am currently negotiating my salary with a solo practitioner. Previous to starting his own firm, he worked for a big Bay Street firm, a West Coast firm of about 40 lawyers, and a small boutique, so he has a wide range of experience. My offer is $5k below the bottom range of what ZSA says a small private practice should pay a first year in my region, but a bonus structure that kicks in after my billables recoup my full salary, so hopefully that will eventually make up for the low base. (But probably not for my first year or so while I'm building my practice). Because of the nature of the work, I'll have to pay fees in two jurisdictions, which will add up to $7k/yr -- dragging my after-tax take-home pay even lower. (I have to ask my accountant if my bar fees are tax deductible if I'm an employee...) Hence my concern.
  3. Can any of you comment on your success or failure when it comes to changing courses/blocks? My registration was a total catastrophe and I'm stuck in a crumby block and so far haven't had any luck with my "course modification" request form. Tomorrow is the last day for changing blocks, so I'm hoping my request will go through before all is said and done, but I'm not that optimistic after all that has happened. Is there any other time -- say, the first week or two of classes? -- that they let you switch entire blocks if students fail to show up for classes, pay their tuition, or ??? and a spot opens up? I've read the policies and procedures but am curious if anyone has actually done this -- or if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks everyone.
  4. Apparently you can set up some sort of space notification alert in Rabaska, but good luck finding it. (I've been trying to figure it out for the past hour or so.) I've also found "modification request" forms, but those won't be accepted 'til late August. Meanwhile, all calls to the academic affairs team support line are going straight to voicemail -- which is full (!). If you find the answer, please post here. I'll do the same...
  5. My registration was a complete disaster, I'm so disgusted. No one answering the phones to help was the icing on the cake. I echo the other frustrations -- what a crumby way to kick off the UO experience. Sounds like we can't make any changes until August -- so if you made a mistake (like I did), you're stuck with it. Brutal.
  6. Can someone fill me in as to what happens during the Friday "Conferences"? Are there mandatory activities/lectures/conferences every Friday from 3:30-10 p.m.?!
  7. Curious if any successful transfer students can weigh in on this... Where did you transfer from? What was the process was like? How many did they accept this past year? (I understand it's anywhere from 2 - 8). I want to live/practice in Calgary, but I got into U of M and Ottawa, so I'm probably going to go to Ottawa next year and apply for a transfer to Calgary for upper years. (Ottawa's deferral was on the condition that I don't apply elsewhere; I'm not sure they'd be able to tell if I reapplied to Calgary for 2015, but I'm not sure I'm willing to run that risk). ANYWAY, any perspective/insights would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I have accepted and deferred 'til next year, and I'm curious if there is anything you'd recommend I do/read/research/follow in the interim to help prepare or possibly give me a leg up next fall. I anticipate being very busy, so if there is anything I can do ahead of time -- or become really familiar with -- I'd love to know. Thanks!
  9. (Oops, I didn't mean to post the same question twice. Apologies!)
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