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  1. On the topic of food, I like cooking decent meals for lunches/dinners. For lawyers that bring lunches do they usually bring them in a briefcase (if so, how?) or is the norm to come to work with a backpack? Maybe a silly question but thought I'd ask.
  2. Did you do the measurements yourself? Sort of worried that I'd mess it up.
  3. This is a new policy that I think just started today, and only because of this new bug. Yup...$35 a year or something like that. And I swear that program does some shit to my computer. Last year it changed my background and wouldn't let me change it back without reinstalling windows.
  4. At Queen's you get an office 365 subscription which covers everything. You also have to buy ExamSoft if you want to write your exams on a computer. Funnily, the new Mac update has some compatibility issues with ExamSoft and we've been told that for exams starting tomorrow if the program crashes you have to restart your computer and start using a word processor (you don't get extra time) or you can hand write.
  5. Navy 100%. Check out Spier & Mackay, Suit Supply, and Indochino
  6. To be fair that happened at Queen's last year as well. Not every student in the class though.
  7. Just checked what I owe from 1L. I got a 12.4k loan, 2k grant, and then 5k debt reduction through the OSOG. So I got 14.3k given to me, of which I will only have to pay back $7400.
  8. Did you live in one of the shared units or in the private ones? Just comparing costs and seeing if the extra 1k is worth it (which I know is subjective)
  9. Last year Queen's did not make one so I ended up making the Class of 2018 facebook group. While there is a Queen's Law general facebook group it is for current students and I think you need a valid Queen's email. Go ahead and make a group for the incoming class and people will find it. Make sure to advertise it here too.
  10. Concerning #1. I think it is near unanimous that you should have at least 1 suit for 1L. Go with charcoal or navy if it's your first.
  11. I asked and was told that the Toronto event is business casual and because there is something at McCarthy's first that basically translates into a suit. That being said, I have gone to some firm events that they said was business casual and people ranged from a button up and dress pants to full blown suits.
  12. All good points, and the sampling bias is definitely true. I just wanted to add my thoughts on how I felt studying philosophy may have affected me. I was trying to let OP know that there may be some things that your program of study may help you with; whether that be content in law school or the steps getting into law school depends. However that isn't to say that these things guarantee any specific outcome.
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