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  1. I know this is old, but I got in with a 4.18/155. I do have an MA though and Dal seems to care about academic things like that.
  2. I'm unsure who you talked to who framed an exchange as a positive in your situation. As a Dal grad I can that the advice I was given by a number of faculty members was NOT to go on exchange especially without articles. The exact words used by one professor were "no firm is going to care that you disappeared to some far flung location for 4 months and had a bunch of sex and did a bunch of drugs." I'm not saying that's how every exchange goes, but... I think he has a point.
  3. I'm not really sure to tell you the truth. I feel like solid Hamilton connection was the most important.
  4. I hope this week went well for everyone!
  5. I have heard from Agro Zaffiro, Pavoni Patton DiVincenzo, and George St Law Group
  6. Has anyone heard from any firms regarding interviews?
  7. As a TA this is what I always told my students: If I accidentally gave you a grade too low (maybe by missing a question, or overlooking part of an answer) please talk to me and we will raise your grade. If I accidentally gave you a grade that's too high... Please don't bother me. Accept my miscalculation as human error and run with it. You don't know how you performed on your final exam. Perhaps there was a curve in the end! Maybe everyone did terribly and so the prof added 10% to every test. I've seen that happen; you have no idea how the final grades were assigned. Take your grade and go with it.
  8. I wish the Facebook group would get started already.
  9. Well I suppose if we compare it to Western (with the values listed above) Kingston still comes out as the more expensive of the two options.
  10. If you think about what Kingston has to offer versus what Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver etc. have to offer it is ridiculous. Rent here is high, and you don't have the option to live further away from campus and take transit in (like you would in larger cities). 800 is also likely going to be a very basic apartment/attic/basement. If you really want to live where all the law/med students live, you're looking at 1k+ except you're in Kingston, not Toronto. It's a tough market here; they know it is mostly students and they jack the rent accordingly.
  11. Attending Queen's right now. Sections north of princess are unsafe, yes. The city, overall, is definitely not "quite unsafe." Rent costs are ridiculous though. If you want to live near campus on your own you're looking at ~800/month. You can live in Queen's community housing and pay less, but it is further away.
  12. Go to Bishop's. Easier to succeed in classes of 20.
  13. Hmm that is weird. I was admitted Jan 19 and given until March 31.
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