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  1. Law students generally have the same breaks as other LU students. So there is a reading week in the Fall and another in the Spring (at least while I attended anyway 2015-18 - and the exact dates vary a bit each year). That said, you do not get a reading week in the 3L semester you choose to do practice placement.
  2. I did it, and so did others, so it's definitely doable. But, I wouldn't really recommend attempting it until after 1L and you've acclimated to the workload. Also, your class schedule doesn't really open up much until after then anyway.
  3. Yes, it’s been done every year so far, so I can’t see why your year would be any different. No clue who would be making it, or when, though. There is also a general page for all students past and present which you’ll be able to join as well. You could always ask there and one of the 3Ls will let you know about the 2022 page.
  4. As I am sure most of my cohort is doing, I will be purchasing a new laptop for my studies and I was wondering if there were any minimum requirements for Lakehead or anything specifically to avoid. My preference is to stay with a Windows based laptop as opposed to a MacBook (which I believe is the popular choice) now that Windows 10 is the default on most new laptops (as opposed to 8.1). Will our exams be computer based? If so, what programs are used for this? I would like to view their website for requirements as well.
  5. That is because it isn't listed there. The closest the LU website comes to answering your question is under the FAQ where they say you do not have to use the entire word limit. The actual process for admission, as well as the answer to your question, will be found in the OLSAS instruction booklet. You MUST apply through OLSAS (for Ontario schools anyway), so it is your best resource for completing your application.
  6. http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/olsas/b_olsas_e.pdf - page 14 left side near the bottom. I'd like to note that it is 8000 characters as the OLSAS website counts them. It was quite different than the word count I had in MS Word (spaces and punctuation count too!). My character count in Word was something like 6567 but on the OLSAS application it was like 7994. Additionally, proofread it several times if you cut and paste your PS into OLSAS. The website will usually mess up quite a bit of your punctuation (it did to me and it's really easy to miss) so read through specifically for missing commas, apostrophes etc. not just spelling errors. http://www.pleated-jeans.com/2012/08/16/20-images-that-prove-grammar-and-punctuation-are-important/
  7. Hi Queenspark, I'm not a current student (I'll be starting like you in Sept.) but I have lived here all my life. There are several grocery stores (Safeway, Renco and Maltese) and at least one (Gym on Park Ave. and I think maybe another) within 2km of the school. Downtown PA is also full of bars/pubs. They will all be well within walking distance if you find housing near the school. You will probably not need your car much until winter sets in but, once it does, you'll be glad to have it...even for those short trips.
  8. Everything will be in the PACI building. The only reason you would need to go to the main campus would be to get your textbooks. By car, the two are only about 10 min apart depending on traffic and you'll laugh when you see what we consider traffic in Thunder Bay.
  9. I will assume that you are wanting to rent an apt. (as opposed to buying a house). Find something closer to downtown Port Arthur if at all possible as It will be much closer to the PACI building where we will have all of our classes. I could mention a few street names but within the space of a 2-3 blocks there is usually a wide swing in the demographics of the neighbourhood. This site may help a bit in finding a property... http://www.homesweethomerentals.ca Once you find something you like feel free to send me a PM with the address and I can let you know more specifically how good a spot it actually is. Old vs. new will really depend on your budget. If you are looking to buy that will be an entirely different conversation, but I can help with that too. I've lived in Thunder Bay all my life so I'd be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Thunder Bay lifestyle as well.
  10. I came across this today... "Free LSAT Prep Course Starts Tuesday, May 12 The Bora Laskin Faculty of Law is pleased to offer a free, intensive LSAT Prep Course that uses an interactive hands-on learning approach. The course takes place at the Faculty of Law building (401 Red River Road) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:30 - 9:30 pm), from May 12 through June 4, 2015, and includes two Saturday practice test sessions (May 23 and 30, from 9:30 am – 1 pm). To register, please click here and follow the instructions. There are only 20 spots available. Those selected will be notified and sent an Enrolment Agreement. Priority will be given to students who have graduated, students graduating this spring, and students who have completed their third year and intend to apply to law school this fall. For more information, please call Sarah at (807) 346-7866." - There are only 20 spots available and you would have to live in/around Thunder Bay, but it looks to be a very nice resource being made available to those who are interested. https://www.lakeheadu.ca/academics/departments/law/events/node/24239
  11. I'll need to wait to join the FB group until after I give notice at work...don't wanna spill the beans too early!
  12. The consensus (and the short answer) is that you should go to school in the province/area closest to where you wish to practice.
  13. 1) Bora Laskin Faculty of Law (Lakehead Univeristy) 2) Nov. 13th 9:29 AM I received and email from LU acknowledging receipt of my application 3) Accepted Dec. 22nd 4) Received a phone call and then an email about 1.5 hrs later (I was at the movies when they called and I missed the last half of The Hobbit because I was too busy freaking out). I received an acceptance package in the mail Dec. 29th. I had until April 1st to accept and until June 1st to give a confirmation deposit...I only applied to LU so I did not wait that long to respond. 5) LU Student myinfo Admission Status Previous Admission Statuses 1 COD Confirmed With Deposit Thank you for submitting your Confirmation Deposit Payment Form. Once course registration opens, you will become eligible to register for your courses. 15/01/02 2 ACF Firm Accept (law) Thank you for accepting your Offer of Admission to the Juris Doctor program. Once course registration opens, you will become eligible to register for your courses. 15/01/01 3 LAW Admitted (law) Congratulations! You are admitted to the Juris Doctor program at Lakehead University. Please refer to your Offer of Admission package to review your conditions (if any), next steps and dates of importance. 14/12/22 4 APP Applied Your application has been received by Lakehead University. Once we receive all required documentation, an assessment will be made. Please refer to the "My Documents" section of your "myInfo" account for a list of required documentation. 14/11/10 Annet from Student Services has been very friendly and amazingly helpful with all of the questions I’ve had so far. I also received an invitation to the Welcome Day as well as an offer to pay for my flight and hotel (I assume it was a generic email for first round offers as I live in Thunder Bay). On that note though...5 bucks for gas wouldn't hurt.
  14. WOW...bang on comparison! So this is a great point...if someone does give two months notice and were then asked to leave immediately, is an Ontario employer obligated to pay that employee until the notice end date? This is what I found after a quick search. http://www.pivotalsolutions.com/hrblog/resigning-with-a-lot-of-notice-in-ontario/
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