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  1. check the admitted students profile. you already have a chance to get in late with your stats as-is, assuming your fall semester's grades don't tank. If you re-write, they will average the scores. 156+ average and you should be good.
  2. BigRigButters

    2019/2020 Toronto Articling Recruit (ITC Emails for Interviews)

    I felt the way you do right now after the 2L recruit + 2 articling recruits. Same thoughts about racism. Same thoughts about "why that person and not me?" I was offered a job late in 3L and I'm happy as a clam that a big firm didn't hire me. Stew in it now, like everyone did or does in your position, but your perspective will change over time, if you take the opportunity to do so.
  3. BigRigButters

    Ubc vs u of a

    How is what I said a critique? I also lived there for years and met lifelong friends, although it wasn't easy as a transplant. Someone asked for a comparison and I gave my opinion. Also, it's even in the quote: "you get what you put in".
  4. BigRigButters

    Ubc vs u of a

    Generally, yes. Vancouver is known as a cold city for a reason (although like everything else, you get what you put in I guess?). I'm much happier having left Vancouver, especially in its current state, as someone in their 20s looking to establish a comfortable life somewhere. I miss it sometimes and visit regularly, especially for food tours, but I can't see a balanced life there for myself for at least 5 years. I wouldn't say Edmonton completely hibernates in the winter,. You'll in all likelihood get sucked into the law school social vortex unless you make an active effort to expand your social circles. The LSA generally makes a good effort to organize social events, although participation varies wildly from year to year (my year love to go out, the year below ours didn't). Learning AB law at U of A might be better for you as a lawyer in Calgary. Again, won't get into your chances in Calgary or whatever because it's too hard to predict.
  5. BigRigButters

    Ubc vs u of a

    I went from Vancouver to U of A and am articling in Edmonton. If food is a big deal to you, I would say stick to UBC and don't come here. Most everything is regular Canadian fare, with some decent upscale restaurants that charge an arm and a leg. Ethnic restaurants are overpriced and significantly worse in quality (especially Chinese/Japanese). Plus, if you're bored in Vancouver, you will be as bored or more bored here. Personally, I prefer sunny days with snow and sub-zero temperatures over 200+ days of gloomy rain, but you'd have to decide which you prefer. I'll let the other regular posters debate over which school has better job prospects.
  6. Rod Wood's Irwin Law essential series book on Bankruptcy and Insolvency is really good and is often quoted in decisions all the way up to the SCC. I took his bankruptcy and insolvency courses at U of A and really enjoyed them as well.
  7. BigRigButters

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    they were similarly mysterious last year, at least for U of A students.
  8. BigRigButters

    Best GPA boosting tactic or U of A?

    I did pretty much exactly what you're proposing 4 years ago, except I graduated, then took the victory lap. I got in comfortably in January with a 3.6/162 (one write). The one thing you can't mess up is the LSAT.
  9. BigRigButters

    Tuition/Fee Inquiry

    the calculator takes into account the fee differential added on for law (JD is an undergraduate program). standard undergrad fees + law fees = $13,400 give or take.
  10. BigRigButters


    There are automatic, entrance stats based scholarships that go to people automatically with admission. There's an additional form that all years fill out (some scholarships/bursaries are limited to certain years) that will probably be circulated in July. For the past three years, I've received the funds somewhere between November-February.
  11. 1Ls are kind of partitioned off from the rest of the school because of the cohorts and 1L classes. BUT, the upper years make a very active effort to get to know the 1L class and to get them involved through EC's, sports, mentoring, parties, etc. If you put in enough face time with the upper years, you may get a lot more help (in more ways than one) than you'd anticipate!
  12. BigRigButters

    Dalhousie vs. TRU

    Also FWIW, pretty sure (anecdotally and looking at big firm websites) TRU has placed decently well in Vancouver, at least for the last year or two. There will be 2-3 more recruit cycles worth of grads in the market by the time your recruit cycles roll along. Just something to think about.
  13. @StudentLife I don't have much love for the faculty administration, but you're turning this thread into a negative one bashing the faculty as a whole, like you have with countless others. I get that you don't like the school, but there's no need to be so biased. Factually, you're probably correct on a bunch of points. It's your interpretation and your sanctimonious air of "I know best" that I'm cautioning against. People can take or leave it as they like, I don't give a shit.
  14. For future readers: do your due diligence and check this person's post history. Proceed with caution taking this person's word as gospel. he/she/zhe/whatever has an axe to grind with U of A Law.
  15. BigRigButters

    Vancouver 2018/2019 Articling Recruit

    I grapevine heard of one large firm offering seconds as of Monday evening/night. does anyone know if some of the smaller boutiques just don't do second interviews?