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  1. What was the Osler bump for other years?
  2. I made the move from Alberta to Ontario as a litigation associate. I would argue litigation is one of the more challenging areas to move jurisdictions, but it's still doable. I'd be happy to give you some insight on my experiences so PM me if you want to chat further.
  3. In Calgary this is the system. In Ontario a lawyer called in June 2018 would be a first year until January 2020 based on my understanding. I don't get why the provinces don't standardize years of call. I imagine we'll get a national securities commission before then... 🙃
  4. Well yea. I've been considering moving from Calgary to Toronto and wanted to figure out the salary differences. I had (naively) thought that given the much higher cost of living in Toronto, that the salaries would be proportionately higher.
  5. There's a chart that goes around Calgary and as of 2018, salaries are roughly as follows: 1st year - $82,000 2nd year - $98,000 3rd year - $120,000 4th year - $140,000 5th year - $160,000 6th year - $180,000 From another thread, it seems like the Toronto salaries are as follows: 1st Year - $100,000 2nd Year - $120,000 3rd Year - $150,000 4th Year - $165,000 5th Year - $175,000 6th Year - $190,000 So based on my understanding of the differences between year of call in Alberta and Ontario, a 2017 call would currently be getting paid $98k in Calgary and $100k in Toronto. Come 2019, that same 2017 call will be getting paid $120k in both cities.
  6. I genuinely tried searching for this but couldn't find any information anywhere. I'm trying to figure out the salary differences between Alberta and Ontario. I was called in 2017 in Alberta. This means that as of January 2019, I will be a third year associate in Alberta (in Alberta our first year only consists of the remainder of the calendar year after articling). To my understanding, a 2017 call in Ontario would be a second year associate as of January 2019, although I'm not sure on this so please correct me if I'm wrong. The national firms in Alberta pay $120,000 for a third year associate whereas the national firms in Ontario pay $120,000 for a second year associate. This means that a 2017 call would get paid the same in Ontario and Alberta. Is my understanding of this correct?
  7. Has anyone participated in the Young Lawyers International Program offered by the CBA? For those who don't know, this is what I'm talking about: https://www.cba.org/CBA-International-Initiatives/Young-Lawyers-International-Program/Internship-Opportunities?lang=en-CA I'm curious to learn more about this program. These are some questions I have: What made you decide to apply for it? What was the experience like? What were your opportunities were upon completing the internship? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  8. That's true, but a lot of us browsing these salary threads are neck deep in debt. Investments are kind of a moot point if we're spending every spare penny on paying off law school loans. For someone just starting off in my career, a good salary is incredibly important as I don't have the luxury of making money work for me yet.
  9. I'll add even more to the list of fun events. Just this week, we're having a scotch tasting at a restaurant downtown, and a ping pong tournament as well.
  10. Yes, there's pretty much a social event going on every day during the first week. They continue on for most of September with two events each week or so, so there's lots of opportunities to meet your classmates.
  11. We have a halloween mixer with the medicine faculty that's very well attended. We also have a law show that happens at the end of the semester. There's lots of fun mixers that don't involve networking if that's what you're looking for.
  12. To add to this comment, I think minority students have to break certain stereotypes that white students are free from. For example, if there's a stereotype that a race is quieter and more deferential, then that person will have to show that they don't fall into that stereotype. I've heard far too many people say (even in law school), "Wow! You're quite outgoing for an _____"
  13. In my class, about 60% have secured articles as well. I think 3 out of 14 or 15 asian students managed to secure articles. What's even more interesting is several of these students had excellent grades in 1L and 2L and secured lots of interviews for summer positions, but received no offers. Edit: I should actually caveat my post and state that I'm referring specifically to East Asians (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Korean...etc)
  14. Assuming you start articles in June, you'd end the following June and be a first year associate from July to December.
  15. i know of a few small firms paying their students anywhere from $55,000 to $60,000.
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