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  1. Definitely do the MA. It sounds like you're genuinely interested in the subject and law school will still be there in a year. Honestly, not at least applying for MA programs before law school is something I genuinely regret so I'm all for Team MA.
  2. Thanks. I know I'm probably overthinking this whole thing, but I would rather be safe than sorry!
  3. Does anyone have any guidance on shoe requirements for women? All I can find is that they must be all black. On a similar note - it says black or dark grey socks - is this required for women wearing a skirt as well or is hose appropriate?
  4. I am also thinking of doing this. Seems to be not all that uncommon. 🤣
  5. The real question is when they will get their own board in the School Forums area. 😮 That's when you really know you've made it.
  6. I have a shoe-related question. Is it acceptable for a woman to wear men's style dress shoes for work? I have a pair I love, but I can rarely find the style for women. I also have a friend who would prefer this style as it can provide more support than a flat or a heel. If it is fine does anyone have any suggestions for where to find such a thing? The only pair I have I bought when I was away on vacation.
  7. I'm a Queen's grad, but I did have a classmate who attended both law schools. I asked her to compare them and she said that she enjoyed both schools, but did find that the size of the UOttawa law made it a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare at times (not that any university administration/bureaucracy is perfect). Honestly, talk to people. Try and get a feel for the schools. I don't know enough about UOttawa to talk about what it might look like for business law and it wasn't my area of interest so I can't speak much about it at Queen's either, but I do know that my business inclined classmates often complained that the business courses often overlapped and if you couldn't get into Business Associations in the first semester of 2L it limited the upper year business courses you could take. Good luck with your decision!
  8. Rewrite the LSAT. You may not be able to get into Osgoode at all with that GPA, but the higher your LSAT, the better your shot. I will say that I got into schools with a similar GPA, but a 160+ LSAT (not Osgoode though). Good luck!
  9. Honestly, don't apply everywhere. Apply broadly if you feel you need to once you get to that point, but prioritize schools where you want to practice. Applications cost money and it's worth considering your actual odds before shelling out the money. That's not to say not to apply for schools you're unsure about because you can never be positive, but if you've got a decent GPA & LSAT (or if you don't) applying everywhere is a waste of time and money.
  10. So here's the thing. When people say go where you want to practice it's for a reason. Is it possible to article in a province other than the one you go to law school in, yes, but it's definitely harder. I would suspect this would be particularly true for more rural jobs which aren't going to be doing OCIs or anything. Also, keep in mind that the Ontario schools are basically priced for the Toronto market. If you can get into UVic or UBC where the tuition is, approximately half the price of the Ontario schools you will be way better off. Now, if you can't get into those schools the conversation is a bit different because the only other BC school, TRU, has a price tag similar to Ontario. But even then the location is way better for those BC jobs and especially the rural ones. For the record, I'm a BC person who went to an Ontario school. I'm articling in Toronto. Would I like to get back to BC at some point, yes, but that just didn't happen for me for articling. As I said, it's not impossible, but it is harder.
  11. I'm articling as well and I totally understand feeling incompetent. Yes, it's normal, but that doesn't make it feel any less depressing. Plus, depending on where your self-confidence levels are generally it can be kind of brutal if you're just feeling incompetent/not good enough 24/7. I would say first of all to just remind yourself that it is normal and all of your friends are feeling this way (some perhaps more than others but I guarantee you that even your most confident sounding friend is feeling shaken sometimes). The other thing I might suggest (which I will admit I have not found the time to take my own advice so I'm being a hypocrite here) is to try and work something that does make you feel competent into your life. Even if it's just like a couple hours volunteering or taking a class in a subject you love or anything like that. Even having just a couple hours a week where you don't feel incompetent might help.
  12. Speaking anecdotally, I only took the mandatory business class at my school and hadn't really taken any of the other main subjects on the solicitors and I passed the bar first try. You don't really need to take the courses that are on the bar. It's helpful to have the background going in as it makes the material more easily digestible, but definitely not necessary. And the bar, at least in Ontario, is more about having a good index/test strategy than actual knowledge anyway.
  13. Given the lovely weather here in Toronto I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for rain jackets for wearing a suit under.
  14. I'm not an expert on clerkships, but I'm fairly sure a B+ average would at least get you interviews as long as your writing sample and references were fine.
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