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  1. The FB group isn't representative - there are quite a few upper years in the group. Look on the bright side, you haven't been rejected yet.
  2. Hi everyone, below are my grades for 1L at Osgoode - I realize these are relatively competitive for OCIs, but if anyone has experience with similar marks I'd love to hear their insight. Also, I was just wondering what I should be focusing on over the next two months with these grades; networking (firms tours), resume/cover letter, etc. Property (4) - A Torts (4) - B+ Ethics (3) - A State&Citizen (6) - B Contracts (4) - A+ Perspective (3) - A Legal Process (8) - B+ Criminal (4) - B+
  3. Received my acceptance on Tuesday - 3.3 162 MA. Filled out part B. Will definitely be accepting.
  4. I've given up my position for what it's worth. 39 of 257. Good luck!
  5. amazing! are you accepting? were you in elsewhere? Still deciding. I've been accepted to Western, wait listed at Ottawa and waiting on Osgoode. Received an email - I checked my SOLUS account prior to receiving it and it hadn't changed, so I assume they happen together?
  6. The email might be a general email, so program of study helps to organize the applicants?
  7. Just received my acceptance: 3.3 cgpa , 162 LSAT - M.A.
  8. Accepted at Western, waiting on Osgoode and Queens for anything.
  9. Thanks! I'm hoping I'll have an answer prior to July 2 so I can make a decision.
  10. Updated within the last hour - still no email.
  11. Updated: "Your standing is now 39 on a waiting list of 257."
  12. Likewise - UOttawa's administration is living up to their reputation.
  13. I've been accepted to Western - would that mean that on July 2 my spot at Osgoode (given I get waitlisted) would be removed?
  14. Sorry to hear . When did you receive your rejection? edit: just scrolled up.
  15. Waitlisted. CGPA 3.3, L2 3.58, 162 + MA
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