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  1. So I go to Queen’s but a similar thing happens at our school with the business associations exam. For whatever reason, the business associations exam is always too long to finish. Everyone comes out of it feeling terrible, and the majority of people get Bs.
  2. Has anyone who interviewed with Grillo this week heard back from them about second round interviews?
  3. Admittedly I am not sure. However, when I was offered an interview there were limited time slots left so my gut tells me that all offers have gone out.
  4. Don’t be surprised if a lot of firms ask about the interest section of your resume. Some interviewers ask more about it than others but questions about your interests consistently come up.
  5. AMR LLP is scheduling interviews for the week of February 15th.
  6. Does anyone know if Kostyniuk & Greenside has sent out interview invitations.
  7. OP, did you opt for your final 1L grades, or did you make them pass fail?
  8. Does anyone know if Economical Insurance has hired their articling student yet?
  9. 3L here. I would not focus so much on the quantity of studying so much as making sure you: grasp the material, have an outline you have designed with the specific intention of answering questions quickly, and trying your hand at some past exams. When doing the practice exams, I would focus on two things: 1) see if your outline needs tweaks to make it more navigable; and, 2) see if there are concepts you are having trouble understanding. Feel free to send me a private message if you need to rant about the process! I remember how daunting 1L exams were. You guys got this!
  10. Anyone heard from Toronto hydro, region of Durham, or noohi law?
  11. Got an email from Separy Law today. They said that they are going to read the applications by the new year and assess their need for a student by January 2021.
  12. Does anyone have information on where to send you application to Noohi Law, or what the application should consist of? Their website does not make this clear.
  13. I agree with everything everyone above has said and I will add this: I loathed public in 1L, as did most of my friends. In my experience, feeling lost in Public is a bit of a 1L tradition. I remember going to my tutor after finishing my public classes every week in 1L and having him re-explain everything that we went through that week.
  14. To my knowledge a decent amount of firms that normally do this recruit did not participate. What I think will happen is most of them will hire, they will just do so next semester.
  15. As someone who is almost certainly not getting a job tonight, I just want to say a couple of words to try and cheer everyone up. For many of us, this is not the first recruit we went through and came out empty handed. I think as much as this sucks, we should all focus on the improvements we made between this recruit and previous recruits. Whether you got more interviews off the bat or did better in securing additional interviews, I think we can all take pride in any and all of the improvements we made. Now if you will all excuse me, my dairy queen order is almost here
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