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  1. Anyone heard anything from Singleton Reynolds?
  2. Also applied to Blaney's and have heard nothing. Sent my application in on Monday.
  3. Next week, I plan on completely avoiding everyone I possibly can. I am just not ready to be happy for people who got jobs with how shitty I feel right now.
  4. However, I don't think there is one perfect way to schedule interview week. I think as long as your prepare, things will be fine
  5. In my admittedly limited knowledge you have not hurt your chances. My career development office told us that it can actually be a good idea to schedule your top choice after a few interviews on Monday so you get extra practice
  6. Got a call from McCague. They sent me an itc on Monday.
  7. Any word yet from Beard and Winter as well as Stieber Berlach?
  8. I know Bogoroch only sends PFOs. Has anyone received one yet?
  9. I got the e-mail today a little before 4. I was surprised. Our career development office gave us an employer survey where McCague said they were not sending out ITCs.
  10. Anyone hear anything from Beard Winter, McLeish Orlando, Stieber Berlach or Polley Faith?
  11. Only B+ average courses are contracts and ILS if that helps at all.
  12. Hey guys, I just finished 1L at Queens and got my final grades this morning. They are as follows: Constitutional (4 credits): B Public (4 credits): B Criminal (6 credits): B Property (6 credits): B ILS (4 credits): B + Contracts (6 credits): B + Torts (6 credits): A Overall GPA: 3.25 How do my grades look for OCI's? I should note that I do not have a bay street or bust attitude, and want to apply to both bay street and non bay street jobs for my 2L summer.
  13. Just accepted my offer! Super excited to see you guys in the fall 😊
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