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  1. Only B+ average courses are contracts and ILS if that helps at all.
  2. Hey guys, I just finished 1L at Queens and got my final grades this morning. They are as follows: Constitutional (4 credits): B Public (4 credits): B Criminal (6 credits): B Property (6 credits): B ILS (4 credits): B + Contracts (6 credits): B + Torts (6 credits): A Overall GPA: 3.25 How do my grades look for OCI's? I should note that I do not have a bay street or bust attitude, and want to apply to both bay street and non bay street jobs for my 2L summer.
  3. Just accepted my offer! Super excited to see you guys in the fall 😊
  4. Bart

    Open House

    I went yesterday. I was leaning towards Osgoode but Queen's is certainly not making my decision easy.
  5. Admitted today as well. OLSAS CGPA: 3.79 LSAT: 160 Will likely be declining.
  6. Just got the email. 3.79 cgpa and 3.81 l2/b2. 160 lsat. I was hoping I would be quick enough to create this acceptance board but you guys beat me to it
  7. I just checked the student centre and I am in! OLSAS GPA 3.79, OLSAS L2 3.81. LSAT 160. Strong personal statement in my opinion. What a nice early Christmas gift
  8. Killer stats man! A very well earned acceptance!
  9. Why do I feel that both of our applications are stronger than we make them out to be 😋
  10. In! Oasis said I got in on December 6th, but I got the email this morning at around 9:15AM. Was queued on November 15th. Stats: 3.84 undergraduate GPA (3.79 if you calculate on OLSAS). 160 LSAT. Decent softs, strong personal statement in my opinion. Completely shocked to hear back this early considering my LSAT score. Hopefully this gives hope to those of you with a similar LSAT score to mine. Last name B
  11. Congratulations! And amazing gpa by the way.
  12. Thanks for the kind words JDee21! The last piece of my application was received by Dalhousie on November 2nd. Good luck with your applications!
  13. Thanks for the kind words. Good luck to you buddy. Also, I applied to all those schools you listed, lol.
  14. Depends how they calculate it. For personal reasons I normally took four courses at a time. So if they just look at my last two years it is a 3.88. If, however, they look to my final 3 to get enough credits to calculate enough credits for an l2 it becomes 3.87.
  15. 3.84 is on the 4.0 scale and is my cumulative. I am an Ontario resident. When I called Rose I told her I was surprised because my lsat is a little low. She said while that is true my application was overall strong. She also said my referees had very nice things to say about me.
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